Sunday, March 25, 2012


I want to point out that the left wing politicians have been waging a merciless jihad against law enforcement. The old days of FBI informants keeping tabs on dangerous political extreemists are long gone to our detriment.

We live in an era where political extreemists acting in concert with shadowy groups seek to kill Americans. We live in an era where dangerous political extreemists seek to damage property and hide behind crowds. We live in an era where narco terrorist governments subsize the tourism of useful idiots to spread their message.

I made many trips to the OWS camps. There was a plan by some of the organizers to storm the couthouses in Foley Square. This is the mother of all bad ideas as the guards are armed and the area may contain the largest amount of armed law enforcement and security guards in NYC. The plan would have led to probable deaths and numerous injuries. Before the vermin could act NYPD placed a ring of barriers with officers in riot gear between the barriers. The proactive precautions saved lives before OWS got out of hand. There were zero attempts to storm the courts and had any been made nobody would have gotten close.

Now there are some ranting and raving about police spying on left wing groups. In this case the information likely gleaned from informants saved lives. These left wing groups contain many prone to violence with lengthy criminal records. This does not mean that NYPD is going to catch every instance of Black Clad anarchists but their chances are better than others. The mere presence of NYPD informmants itself is a detterent and leads to more paranoia within the group.

There has been a spat between the FBI and NYPD over the latters intelligence efforts in the Muslim community. The prospect of NYC getting targeted for terror attacks increases daily. The lessons of 9-11 show that local law enforcement can not relly on the FBI or the CIA to get the job done. One of the secondary goals of the post election congress should be to undo the damage from the post Nixon era restrictions on spying on political extreemists, it should be named the Bill Ayers Act. People traveling abroad to terror camps and behaving like Lori Bernson should be subjected to scrutiny for public safety.

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