Wednesday, March 07, 2012

My Issues With Romney

Most of you know I am not a Conservative. Thus I am more apt to vote for a more centerist candidate like Romney. However, Romney is a disturbing candidate whose sole campaign seems to be I am electable.

1) Romney needs to spell out that there will be no Paulists in his administration. In fact while the other candidates have been vocal on denouncing Pauls insane views Romney has said zero. Mark Levin has even pointed out in debates it appears that Romney and Paul are working to tag team opponents.

2) What is the Romney program? His program seems to be little more than I am not Obama.

3) He seems as wooden as Al Gore.

4) No clue about his foreign policy ideas. I am not Obama is a great start but not enough.


Always On Watch said...

He seems as wooden as Al Gore.

That will be a significant factor for many voters -- whether or not it SHOULD be a factor.

Do any of the GOP candidates really have a program to offer?

Ducky's here said...

He promised to bomb Iran. What more do you want?

As an aside, why does a moderated site need the code word entry. Unmoderated sites are getting rid of that pain in the ass with no issue.

Ducky's here said...

Hey Beak, I forgot to ask if you believe the CIA used the heart attack gun on Breitbart to keep the latest tapes from being released.

beakerkin said...

Yeah Duncy

A person who runs around talking about Jewish cabals should not ask other people about conspiracy theories. Hopefully cancer finnishes off Hugo slowly and he suffers every living moment for his crimes against his people and violations of international law.

Favorite themes on the left Jewish cospiracies on 9-11, Jews control DC, Jews control the media and 1% Jewish blood makes lefties sound like Nazis calling their opponents Jews.

beamish said...

If Romney gets the nomination, particularly on the wings of sell-outs calling him "conservative," I'm done with the Republican Party.