Monday, March 12, 2012

Moron and Traitor Hanoi Jane Casts Stones at Rush

In the most ironic development traitor Hanoi Jane whose hits include calling tortured POWs liars and aiding and abeting a criminal element whose human rights abuses were well known wants Rush Limbaugh taken off the air.

The purpose of the Limbaugh show is entertainment and the Fluke comments were likely a regretable excercize in bad taste in the attempt to elicit a punch line. Fluke is also a law student recieving likely recieving public subsidized student loans. Her college, has the right to decide what type of coverage it wants to offer. The government need not intervene in the afairs of religious or private institutions and create a never ending list of entitlements. Similarly, there are those who advocate aromatherapy, accupunture and shamans with dead animal parts also be covered under insurance plans. Like Obamas claims about Conservatives who nobody has ever met, seeking extreeme positions that nobody can recall, I made up the last part and lifted it from the academic Marxist playbook seems to use every time he wants to increase the size of government and look moderate.

Limbaugh readily apologized for his actions and the sanctimonious law student can go to hell. Unlike Limbaugh Fonda slandered our POW's who were tortured by her Communist friends in a criminal attempt to undermine US foreign policy. If President Nixon were truly tyranical he would have tried Fonda and many others who aided and abeted a foreign enemy, killing and torturing US soldiers. The real Nixon was a patient man who did attempt to have a rational dialouge with Vietnam protesters who in fact were communist led. While the Constitution does allow peaceful protests many of these protests were by design not peaceful. Lost in the lefty claims about Kent State were the vandalism, arson and pelting National Guardsmen with stones. Unfortunately, the people shot were far away and unlikely involved in biating armed troops. Baiting cops who then respond with force is an old lefty tactic. Left unsaid in the last over the top example at OWS were the people Pepper sprayed did not listen to NYPD instructions multiple times. Of course the part of the cops telling people to stop illegally blocking traffic did not make the video. If anything NYPD was way too restrained given the constaant provokation of the OWS folks.

Lost in the discussion about Shamar Thomas and Captain Lewis is abusing your uniform in violation of the law. I do not get to wear my work logo at a parade or protest because to do so violates the Hatch act. In the case of Thomas and Lewis they are both no longer associated with the organizations and have not been so for four years. Just where was Thomas when some of these same Communists were calling his fellow Marines war criminals. Did he say a peep to the folks at Code Pinko for giving money and medical aid to the folks shooting at his fellow Marines in Falujah. Lewis and Thomas have the right to protest, just not in uniforms they haven't worn in years. Supposedly, it is propper to wear one's uniform at a military or police funeral or wedding.  In the case of the deranged Thomas he has parlayed his 15 minutes of fame and needs take some meds. The NYPD were remarkably restrained given his ranting and clearly psychotic behavior. The videos show zero actual or imagined abuse of OWS protesters who bait NYPD officers and then film the reactions of the police. Thomas is a John Kerry wannabe without the fake accent and the ability to take a decent shave.

No doubt the Duck would not be as charitable to people abusing their uniforms in KKK protests. Let us not pretend that OWS is not Communist and Anarchist organized and led. Moreover, unlike the Tea Party real Nazis and KKK types have endorsed OWS.

Calling a publicity hound imbecile pretentious law student a slut in a failed attempt at humor is not as serious as treason or betraying your uniform.


Ducky's here said...

That may be your most incoherent post ever and that covers some real mindless rants.

Can hardly believe you didn't work the Pseudostinians into your latest fever dream.

You must be on a sugar high from drinking all that Mountain Dew crap.

beakerkin said...

Actually, I wish I had a Dew about right now. The Kosher Chicken soup from the box is bland.

Did Jane Fonda call the POWs who claimed they were tortured liars?
Is this more serious than calling a person a slut?

Jeapordy music

Still waiting for OWS fraud Thomas
to lecture his Code Pinko clowns
for aiding the people shooting at him in Falujah and to put his uniform away as required under law.

Always On Watch said...

Fonda should stick to making exercise DVD's. Honestly, her workouts are the best of anyone's!