Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Obama Fraud Factor

The media has done a terrible job reporting the real facts of who Barak Obama is and have allowed him to misrepresent his actual life, family and friends. He gets on the high horse lecturing people about Limbaughs comments and talks sanctimoniously about reasonable people.

What does Obama know about reasonable people seriously.

We will not attack Obama's kids or his wife. This would be in bad taste and unlike Chelsea Clinton the Obama kids are not trotted about like campaign props.

Any comparison between Obama's biological family and the Addams family is an insult to Uncle Fester who despite his lack of education probably had more common sense than Barak Obama family.

Barak Obama campaign describes his solid midwestern family roots. His mother was actually a red diaper baby who could be best described as a hippie chick or at worst a third world style Communist. Most of us lead actual lives and do actual work. This quaint notion eluded the spaced out Stanley Dunham who floated between foreign husbands in a self deluded stupor.

The Obama family does come from the midwest, but for that matter so does Jerry Springer and plenty of his guests. Obama's mother would have been an excellent guest. My daughter married an alcoholic abusive womanizing foreign student only to find he was a practicing polygamist.

Obama's grandparents were communists who chose a card carying mentor for Barak. In addition to being an exponent of genocidal ideas this mentor had criminal issues.

Much is said about Obama's academic past. The truth is his transcripts are sealed tighter than the secret of Coca Cola. . How does someone with grades that are charitably described as average get into Columbia and then Harvard Law? This is quite curious for a person who frequently talks down to the American people
and whose supporters slavishly swear about his brilliance. Given this secrecy talk of Obama being the beneficiary of afirmative action or the Old Bolshevik network is reasonable.

Reasonable people grasp that being a member of a racist anti semitic church for two decades is a lousy idea.
Describing a pastor whose Church you have been in for that time as a nutty beloved relative is a sophomoric
pass the buck bit we wouldn't accept from any other politician. Just how long would the media take to cover a Republican candidate whose pastor made racist comments about Blacks and palled around with David Duke in a manner similar to the Pastor Wright/ Farakhan relationship.

Reasonable people grasp that a person who rants about the US Government creating AIDS has likely done something far more serious than call a person a slut. Did Obama ever deign to say a thing about his media henchmen who have made more inflamitory comments about Condi Rice, Sarah Pallin, Michelle Malkin and so forth.

Reasonable people do not call Keystone Communist Terrorists educators and guys from the neighborhood. No doubt a politician who had been hanging out with noted porn star Ron Jeremy would be skewred for describing him as an educator who is just Ron from up the block. Reasonable persons grasp that incompetant Little Lord Fauntleroy terrorist who have commited actual crimes are pariahs. Any comparison of Ron Jeremy to Bill Ayers is an insult to Ron Jeremy who has performed actual work and has not broken  any law that goes anywhere near attempted murder or treason. Ron Jeremy may also have a higher IQ than Ayers or any member of the Obama family.

Obama does look smart when standing next to Joe Biden. Anyone sober, not named Bernie Sanders, looks intelligent standing next to Joe Biden. If Joe Biden had a concussion would it improve his IQ.

What does Obama know about reasonable people? He has likely never met a normal person in his life? He has never worked a real job and has been given a free pass in life via the Old Bolsheviks Club?

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Always On Watch said...

Obama is so far out of touch with the realities on the ground that his lack of connection defies description.