Monday, March 12, 2012

Defining Deviancy Downward in the Age of Obama

The economy is now such a mess thieves are now stealing Tide detergeng from stores.  What is the world comming towhen thieves steal my favorite detergent. What is next thieves stealing my beloved Mountain Dew or KFC. God help the man who tries to pry my Dew from my hands.

I have gotten used to thieves stealing copper. Copper is a valuable comodity that has scores of uses. Stealing a car makes sense as the cost of parts are expensive.  I even grasp why the diner doesn't have real Vermont Maple Syrup as it costs a fortune and to be truthful I like Ms. Butterworth and Log Cabin better.

Stealing soap, albeit high quality detergent, just seems like another sign of a society headed to the wood pile.



Ducky's here said...

How much of that Mountain Dew crap do you drink and why should I pay for your diabetes treatment?

beakerkin said...

First of all I drink only Diet Mountain Dew. You should pay for my diabetes medicine because adult onset diabetes has genetic links unlike the politically correct diseases with much more expensive drugs you advocate sympathy for. Sexual activity, often high risk and untropected, unlike eating is not an essential activity.

I have never adviocated that the government shirk its responsability
to Aids patients. However, I do note your hypocrisy in this area.

Has anyone seen my Tide? Hey my Prell is gone? What is it about P&G
products that are so good people need to steal them.

Apparently, some of these thefts are fed by drug use. Stealing laundry detergent is trully sick.

Always On Watch said...

Lots of trouble with those bronze cemetery markers and vases too.

Locally here, somebody is stealing those Eastern Star memorials off graves.