Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lets Worry About Pam Geller

The Duck is obsessed with my friend Pam Geller. I met Pam a few times in NYC at protests and introduced myself and exchanged pleasantries. That is about the exent of my friendship with Geller that the Duck obsesses over.

I do not need to defend Pam Geller as she defends herself quite well. Can she be shrill? Then again when has anyone who is a Communist, Anarchist or Green ever been acused of rational thought. Sorry, but if you have those political views you are little more than a circus freak show act with no moral standing to judge anyone else's morality or foibles.

Jewish civilians get deliberately targeted by Muslims and Commies but the Duck is so worried about Geller. The Duck who describes Condi Rice as Aunt Jemimah, called me an "inbred Lubavitcher" and a Khananist. The Duck has apologized for the Lubavitcher quip. What type of Torah State advocate has Hindu family? Unlike Commies actual Kahanists are quite open about who they are. Khananists are soft on so called Jewish Communists like Renegade Eye  or Prof Tarzan. Contrastingly, I point out that as Communists they are not Jews or Americans and are members of a treasonus Death Cult that seeks the destruction of the Jewish People and the USA.

The antisemitic and criminal OWS was evicted from Union Square. Kudos to NYPD for their restraint with this viscious crowd that deserves whatever NYPD dishes out. I have personally witnessed OWS vermin bait NYPD. OWS is KKK and Obama endorsed but the Duck is unconcerned about the KKK endorsement of OWS. For the record I have also met the idiot Graeber who has also stated he wishes the crap about Jewish Bankers would stop. Graeber might be a lunatic with bad ideas but he does not feign ignorance at a serious problem that anyone remotely familiar with OWS does not notice in a very short visit to OWS.

I still have my own slogans that OWS does not care for

$99.00 a month for cable and no premium channels
Create a TV Land NYC only shows set in NYC like Kojak and the Classic Odd Couple.
Bring Back the McRib and Mountain Dew Pitch Black
Ban Tofu
Fry Mumia


Ducky's here said...

Beak, when were you married?

beakerkin said...


I never talk about that part of my life. A while back, but you have known about my Hindu family for a while.

Always On Watch said...

Pamela CAN be shrill. So what?

I've sat down at table with her. I've spoken with her via videophone (Skype). Let me tell you that she has a tender heart and is not stuck up (as some people have said).

Her blogging style isn't my style. But Pamela is passionate and cares about humanity.