Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Crazed Muslim shoots Jews in France lets blame Geller

The media speculation about Neonazis shooting up a school in France was amusing. Actual Neonazis are far more apt to run around in their Waffen SS underoos and are too busy playing with their Leggo Concentration Camp kids to be commiting crimes. Mostly they run about in varrying states of intoxification denying the Holocaust on the Web and live in a reality somewhere between the Producers and Dungeons and Dragons. Crimes by actual Nazis in recent memory may be the shooting at the Holocaust museum. Brevik was not a Nazi and more about mental illness than coherent thought.

Large scale terrorist mayhem is almost always done by Muslims or leftists. This does not mean or infer every Muslim is guilty of yet another sick crime against huanity. Muslims toss an American senior citizen off a cruise ship and lefties rationalize the act as having some connection to Israel. No doubt these crimes damage the reputation of Muslims far more than Geller or Spenser and many Muslims grasp this, the far left does not.

Of course now that we know who the deranged killer is lets look at every website the person went to ala Brevik. Did the killer watch Scooby Doo or get their news from CNN? Maybe this killer once listened to MSNBC.....who watches that channel anyway. Maybe this person  read Atlas shrugged or saw Pam on TV
or drank milk.


Z said...

"let's blame Geller" made me laugh, Beak; fabulous title.
But, to the left, you're wrong about muslims. If we say ONE is a terrorist, we apparently hate ALL MUSLIMS. Man, the Alinsky rules are at it again. And working.

Always On Watch said...

The Left's obsession with Pamela Geller is itself insane.

Ducky's here said...

Crazed U.S. Army gun loon kills 16 in Afghanistan including stabbing children and trying to burn the bodies. Let's ignore it.

Crazed bigot Zimmerman shoots down unarmed kid half his size trying to flee. Not even brought in for questioning.

Evil all over the world and while I'd like to agree with Jack Kerouac that the universe disposes of it's own evil, it isn't true.
You have to be in a protected class.

In the next life you get justice. In this one you get politics.

Always On Watch said...

I just read that Mohammed Merah posted on the web the video that he made of this vile slaying of one of the little Jewish children. I feel ill!

Patrick Kelley said...

You know its kins of funny, but after that soldier went all Rambo and killed about sixteen ragheads, they all seemed to calm down somewhat.

Just sayin'.

beamish said...

I'm still wondering how they determined that civilians were killed when they were all wearing Taliban uniforms.