Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bird brained Poultry

Once again the bird brained Duck continues to accuse me of sentiments that are at times comedic. According to the Duck I am the planets first Khanist with Hindu family. The Duck as a Communist has selective morality depending on who the victim is.

We seldom write about race because in the view of the author of the blog it should be a non factor in life. I really do not think in terms that divide my nation according to race or class like the Duck. As a moderate I think of a nation of shared values and respect for the wisdoms of  our founding fathers.  In fact the Duck spends much time ranting about me being an Israel firster in cliche Marxist Antisemitism. Does the Duck express similar complaints about Greeks, Turks or Muslims be whatever firster.

You can look at this blog and we are usually content to let investigative bodies do their jobs. We did not write posts on the Duke Lacross rape mess. We did comment on the rape charge of a morally depraved egomaniacal French Socialist abusing a unionized Hotel maid as this was a local story. The Duck who lectures us about poor working class minorities and a flawed justice system sided with the wealthy Socialist degenerate before any facts were known. Where was the Duck's concern for minorities then?

Over time many things have become known about that case. The media abroad published the name and face of the rape victim. This barbaric practice is an abomination that the sanctimonious far left media elite should be ahamed of. The media and NYPD apparently leaked information from an asylum case to the public. Testimony in asylum cases is a sacred trust and should never be disseminatedin the press. Nobody has ever conveyed a rationale for why NYPD was allowed to look at this information that is supposed to remain private. Release of this information is on an as needs to know basis and why this information was leaked to the far left press in direct violation of the law is abundantly clear.

Unsurprisingly, the woman turned out to have many unsavory details in her bio. The fact that she lied about having AIDS and her income to get subsidized housing is a concern. Relevations about prostitution, money laundering, pyramid scams made the woman a less than credible victim. This does not infer that the Socialist moral degenerate predator did not rape the victim merely that prosecuting a case with such a victim with credibility issues would be a waste of time.

Where was the Duck's concern for the African working class maid assaulted by wealthy socialist French moral degenerate? This story unlike the claims against Herman Cain or Clarence Thomas were reported at the time.

The Duck is bird brained.


Ducky's here said...

We seldom write about race because in the view of the author of the blog it should be a non factor in life.

It should be a non factor therefore it is?

Not your best rant, Beak.

Is religion a non factor, Officer Strutter?

beakerkin said...


I do not divide Americans by race, class or religion. This is Marxism 1001 and is why you are not American in spirit. If one wants to create a theocracy or caliphate
they are also not American in spirit.

Do you offer any explanation for your support of Socialist Sexual Predator DSK? Sorry, but unlike the imagined rape at Duke something happened.

Ducky's here said...

False rape accusations should receive severe punishment. The bitch was working another con.

Little Miss Dope Dealer should be put on the next boat out of the country.

beakerkin said...

Really Duncy your kind is the type that allowed her into the country in the first place. The immigration
advocates who have made a mockery of the asylum laws created the mess.

A sexual encounter did take place between the maid and DSK. What we have on your part is conjecture
that a serial sexual predator claims the encounter was consentual. The fact that the victim has issues does not make her story bogus. In fact you were signing the opposite tune when a lunatic who lived in the same building with an Obama opperative accused Herman Cain. There was zero evidence against Cain and his accusers had checkered pasts.

DSK thought he was having first nights rights ala Figaro. Your comments reveal you to be a fraud.

FYI There is no excuse for the publicity of the accounts in her asylum hearing.

Z said...

man, there just seem to be no facts person says one thing's true, the other screeches it's not, yes it is, no it isn't.
How the hell can no facts exist in our world anymore? It's everywhere...

beak, why do you care so much what ducky says?

beakerkin said...


The DSK case tells us all you need to know about communists.

1) The Duck will bring up any case with a racial angle. In his warped mind anyone to the right of Col Bernie Sanders is a rascist.

My position has always been the same let investigators do their job and don't rush to judgement.

2) When the perpetrator is a Socialist Predator the Duck does a
180 and hurls abuse at a working class victim. Unlike the Cain accusers the DSK victim is clearly more credible.

3) The Duck is a communist and by picking him a part you can gain insight in to the Deathcult lunacy
that seeks to destroy everything.

4) Demolishing the bird brain is fun.

Ducky's here said...

Beak is upset to the fact that I'm on to Officer Strutter as a jive government hack who can't cut it in the private sector an has to suck on the public teat.

beakerkin said...


Your comments are a clear case of projection. At this juncture you are a hack teacher of videography.
On the other hand I am a widely hailed officer known in the legal community for my commitment to justice.