Monday, March 05, 2012

Rare Post on Race

I don't write about race because it is not part of my thought process. I believe in an America where all rights are granted to individuals not groups. We do not live in a perftect society and discrimination does exist. However, I am not in favor for lowering standards strictly to achieve diversity. My America seeks equality of opportunity and grasps that opportunity and outcomes are two different things.

I am quite amused to find the cartoon Recidivist who used to write on Shakespeares Sister has now become kookier than Yeagley. The former imbecile of the left has reinvented himself as a white power/ Brittish Nationalist. A Brittish Nationalist who is not Brittish is loopier than a 1/2 white, white supremacist. Yeagley has some bad ideas, but Holocaust Denial and mindless Jooo Mania are not amongst them. The only constant in the wacky world of 167 is the all consuming Jooo obsession. The truth is those obsessed with Palestine are really just Anti0semites who are mosty Commies with a few Nazis mixed in.

I read about the idiotic rantings of racial power loons and am thankful that my Americanism is based on a common set of shared ideals open to all regardless of race. Communists, Nazis, Theocrats and Anarchists do not share these ideals and are never American in any definition.

God Bless America and the wisdom of our founding fathers.
Read the Crank Files and pass the beer and amo.

Beamish in 12


Ducky's here said...

Bea, tracking internet lunies is not much of a hobby.

Why not take up photography, fishing, running, cooking or sports. You know, something that improves your health and mind.

beakerkin said...

Actually, it is quite fascinating
and amusing. For what it is worth Yeagley is a decent guy that gets what it means to be an American wrong. How does one clsim the mantle of Patriotism or for that matter define themselves as a Christian and miss thst both at their core are egalitarian? The message of Christ and being an American are open to all that share those values regardless of skin coloration. His personal hangups make him miss a very basic
element of our core values. In his case makes him a comedic figure.

The case of 167 is something far more sinister in that his feigned Palestinian obsession was basically hard core antisemitism.
He wrote at Shakespeare's sister and pretended he was a man on the left for a long time. He posted quite a bit about rationalizing the killings under communism and American leftists having to flee to London.

Watching so called Brittish Nationalists who in his case are not Briitish veer into Hitler worship and Holocaust Denial are
more bizzare than anything else.
How does a so called Brittish Nationalist miss that Hitler did target civilians long before Dresden. Only the English Channel saved the nation from being over run.

As the people of the UK have been altered by invasion and to a large extent colonialism this racial arson classic. A non Brittish so called Brittish Nationalist is somehow more Brittish than the Jews he rants about who have frequently been in the country for generations is a classic.

This was almost as amusing as the so called Italian White Power loon
at Bad Eagle who in all probability was less white than the Jews he ranted about. Skin color is basically a variable like
height except in the minds of the deranged.

Now you need to follow your own advice and take up a more suitable hobby like folk dancing. The Chassic Community has plenty of events where you as a professional
Jew hater can relive the classic dance scene from the classic French
film the Mad Adventures of Rabbi
Jacob. At least you would get some excercize and a decent meal. Hanging out with Chasidim would be a vast improvement from your Communist cell meetings.

Always On Watch said...

Most Americans are way too obsessed with race.

We do not live in post-racial America. That said, the opportunities are available -- although not in a perfect state.

Anonymous said...

Shalom Beak seems something is in the winds, I had a desire of seeing what a Old friend was up to. And to think your also apache like me and have enough sense to enjoy the Al Sherman and Lenny Bruce school of humor and satire OK. Of course You knew I be here to remark on a excellent post on way out tin foiled helmet keepers of the flame of AZZININE. Yet seems some need to insure that only the right folks, get to the promise land HEH. Well anyone degreed in dogma yet runs a scam of 'ole shock jock' MO to get attention, since some cant hold a JOB much less a rational thought persay. We both know the duo of lunacy needs ego stroke to maintain their position on mt azzinine up there with the lords of logic of the bizzare, stupid, bigotry and other valued aspect of being well lets just say soldiers of the royal order of LUNACY. Or these types shout the loudest and most likey will be the first to GO. I myself am only a po ole jew/apache and such. Oh well keep being apache and SHALOM The shadow LOL