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Paging Danniel Flynn or Houston we have a dumbasses

Those of you who have read Daniel Flynns intellectual morons are familiar with the magic bullet theory. The notion that any one philosophy is the magic bullet that explains everything in life creates warped thinking.

Communists start with the warped infantile premises of dividing the world into opressors and opressed. Communism needs the other in order to justify its existence. The other in mostly the USA and or Israel. The other serves to divert all attention from a system that is repressive, authoritarian and brutal. However, in the mind of the faithful it is their right as believers to lord over the unwashed masses. They can steal property, send people to gulags and justify any crime as long as Utopia is possible. Utopia is not possible so the other serves as a scapegoat.

"History is made by classes and not individuals".

Communists like G seem to have some basic facts about the American Revolution wrong. England was a Colonial power that employed merceneries including Native Americans. The Native Americans who fought on the side of England were compensated . Moreover, historians still debate if the tactics of the Indians caused people sitting on the fence to join the colonists cause, especially in Westen NY. The Jane McRae rape is still debated by historians today. However, the classic view of Indians as oppressed people leads many Commies to miss this key fact.

Moreover, Ren seems to have a misguided notion that class accounts for everything. Lets see the American Revolution has Washington, Jefferson and Adams and led to the creation of a Republic with Checks and balances. The Russian Revolution instigated by a foreign power at war and the convivance of the Commies produced Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin and created gulags or neoslavery in penal institutions, class genocide and repressive totalitarian one party hegemony. planned starvation and ethnic deportations. Lets see an acolyte of a system that placed Muslims o cattle cars to Siberia and Khazakhistan wants to pass judgement on Israel ooooops. This is more amusing comming from a person who sees the butcher of Kulaks as a political guru. We shall liberate the masses by starving them on purpose for their own good.

Communism is at its heart a theft based system. Those that have their land stolen often end up dead or if they are lucky in exile. Communist claim to perpetuate this theft in thename of the poor with the goal of creating equality. A concentration camp has equality, but is hardly optimal.
Then Commies create fictional myths about the people that were killed. John Brown calls the Kulaks "Nazis" and Ren has justified the killing of the Kulaks. This is amusing coming from a man who condems Pinochet who did not want to end up like the folks at Katyn or have his country turned into Cuba. The people that flee are dehumanized much like the commie slobs odd claim that Cuban Americans are all Batista wealthy types. We have seen this repeated on Ren's site with similar comments about Venezuelans leaving and the slurs on actual missionaries
who have devoted their lives to helping the poor.

"Missionaries are the worst people in the world because they tell people how to think". These comments would be funny if they were not said by a person who advocates herding people onto collective farms mostly by force. Moreover, this person claims to speak on behalf of Native Americans. Oddly, actual Indians do not seem to share this illogical blinding hatred of Christianity. Many Native Americans are deeply religious and are drawn into the inclusive religion that has from its inception venerated life. "Many people incuding Native Americans view gays as the chosen people who are made Shamans...." communist anti Semite Simon Jones
of crank dot net Jewish Tribal Review. This is news to the Indians at Bad Eagle including one who claims never to have met a gay shaman or priest in decades. It seems that Jones has taken
an example of one tribe likely studied in an Antropology class likely taught by a Commie and has drawn a conclusion on a series of distinct cultures.

Lets see the mental pathologies of Hitler, Mao and Stalin had nothing to do with the disasters they created. History is made by classes...... It seems that classes of people influenced by Marx
have this odd propensity to needlessly butcher people in the name of Utopia. Jim Jones preached Communalism and liked to share Koolaide and in a Communist precedent practiced self inflicted class genocide ooooops. It seems that those who claim that classes not individuals create history seem to pull a Linda Blair excorsist act and blame individuals for Communist attrocities. Lets see Stalinism was a deformation of Communism except that butchery, gulags all
precede Stalin ooops. Pol Pot isn't a Communist because he was Nationalist. All you eyewitnesses returning from Cambodia are liars based upon reports I found in Australian Communist magazines whose writers never set foot in Cambodia. It is Mao's faul and Tito's fault
and comming soon it will be Rebee and Latoya's fault next.

"Cuba has problems..." coming from a havez apologist who visits the Marxist gulag. One might be amused by to learn that this self flagelating American has still not deduced that prisoners in Gitmo have a better standard of living than Cubans. The average Cuban does not have AC and fresh Baklava. Heck, I can't find Baklava in Northern VT. Moreover, GITMO inmates have almost unrestricted acsess to libraries and better health care than Cubans. Sign me up for GITMO if they are throwing in cable. Who knows maybe when they build a Madea Benjamin wing they might add a pool or miniture golf. Many Communists like John Brown seem to be participants in a lifestyle that places people in gulag lite when they get AIDS. The vaunted Cuban health care system often placed homosexuals in mental health facilities ooops. Brown is the author of the Muhlah Beak blog and seems to feel an urgent need to post pictures of himself at Abu Gharib role playing night. He apparently enjoys playing the Lyndie England role. It seems that Maoists and the Jihadis all have great disdain for people with Brown's propensities.
Leave it to commies to rail about Falwell's comments while praising a health care system that places gays in mental health facilities that may still offer labotomies. One may wonder how many "Revolutionary Tourist types" are there on the sexual explotation/capatalism or labotomy health care plan. I supose T-shirts with Che's image saying I went to Cuba for some under paid hookers and a labotomy would sell big, but that would be capatalistic.

Lets blame the US boycott for Cuba's problems and blame Batista forty years after he isn't there. Then lets turn around and demand boycotts of Israel and Jewish faculty unless they are outspoken talentless commies who agree with us. It seems Israel has far better health care and educational facilities than Cuba. Arabs seem to enjoy these facilities with a free press and foreign
subsidized Communist subversives seem to run free.However, lets all hail a man who has threatened to expell anyone who says a bad word about Chavez. How the normally sane Beatroot claims Chavez reminds him of Peron is amusing. However despite the rabid anti-semitism and penchant for thievery that is simialar to Peron he still sees Castro as a role model.
What point of all of Chavez's praise and oil subsidies for Cuba did Beatroot over look.

The obtuse venerator of the butcher of Kulak must have missed this dandy " One group of Capitalist countries, where the techniques of mass production are highly developed, hoped to destroy the socialist economy by establishing an exchange of goods with the kulaks through the medium of the White Guard co-opretives. The other group whichrelies more on heavy industry
and on war industries (Haliburton and Cheney must be behind this one), seeks to gain its ends by military action and direct seizure of Russia's riches. Individual governments and individuals within each government fluctuate between these two views in accordance with their capitalist connexions and their estimate of the military situation. Tie the Kulaks to your imagined foes for free trade so they are ripe for slaughter. "White Guard Poland has no independent policy, but is driven by greed and cowardice. The attack on the Ukrainemay be seen as an an attempt to satisfy the Entente's raw materials at Russia's expense whilst conserving Poland's resources.
No war for cheap timber ooops. There is no independent policy except one that is designed to steal resources, maybe this was the inspiration for whose on first. The war will be fought in a strained and viscious attmopsphere. ( Genocide and planned starvation are viscious but lets rail at the israelis while hailing a genocidal nut) The Polish government, which is in hand with the old foxes of social patriotism, is whipping up against us not only the brutal hatred of the great middle and lesser kulak bourgeoisie and the haughtiness of the Polish gentry, but also the nationalist prejudices of the masses...This does not affect our commitment to the independence of Poland." The last part must reffer to a communist plan of setting up a satelite slave state.
It was against this genocidal maniacs fulminations that led Polish patriots like my granfather to pick up the gun and fight for his life. My gradfather's skill as a lmarksman sent a few bug eyed Bolshevik invaders home in HEAD COFFINS. It was do or die and my granfather was a doer.

Those who look to Trotsky as a moral compass are dumbasses. Moreover, the followers of a mad raving genocidal lunatic who is directly responsible for the slaughter of Kulaks are not fit to pronounce judgement on the USA, Zionism or anyone else.

Houston there is an army of bug eyed dumbasses. As Daniel Flynn notes there are no magic bullets and one size fits all of life questions.

Beamish in 08

In work

I am going to try to get Sonia and the Duck to do a joint interview on film and Art. This would be a change of pace from the usual fare. I also promise to throw in a few questions that will get laughs or two.

So Ducky what do you think of Mr Rodgers?

The questions will be about Genres and specific films. No obscure films will be trotted out, but part of me wants to know if Sonia is familar with John Guitar and the dreadful writing.

An Official Job For The Duck

There has been some controvery on this site over what term should be used to describe the followers of Trotsky.

As the official troll and critic of this blog the Duck will decide if the correct term is Trotskite or Trotskyist.

The Duck has been known to accept bribes of all types and accepts credit cards. Those who wish to influence the Duck should know he preffers cast to Beakerambo products.

Taged by A Meme

I do not tag other bloggers but in the spirit of the meme I will write about five favorite bloggers with appologies to those left off and I will add my five top foils.

1 Everyone knows that Warren is my best friend in the blogosphere, many of us make this claim. We are all blessed by his human qualities and wisdom.

2 AOW I consier myself fortunate to have AOW as a friend. Who else but Rob or Justin would allow me on the radio.

3 Justin Justin personifies the nobelest aspects of humanity

4 Mr Beamish whose wit and amazing humor are loved by all except the Pagan temple

5 TMW, Junglemom, Nanc who embody the noblest words of Christianity. Though I am not a Christian I respect the heart felt sentiment and grace that Christians embody each and every day.

Favorite Foils

1 Ducky Always original has his own sense of honor and never cries, except when watching Mission to Moscow.

2 167 The gay Dane was insane and sadly come down with AIDS. His comments were mostly
funny except he wasn't trying.

3 Robert Lindsay Any nut that claims Stalin saved lives deserves to be ranked.

4 Uptown Steve in moderation his paranoid poor mans Cornel West without the reading material is quite funny. The problem is he drones on and doesn't know a thing.

5 Weazie " This moron magnet is still open...."Stop calling me the Ass in the assylum. 1001 health professionals can't be wrong.

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The final post on the Clearing the Decks

Many of you think that I have gone soft on anti-communism. I still find the views of commies of all brands to be laothsome. Anarchists are more clownish and ignorant and regulary form alliances with Commies who kill them later.

Some of the claims by Ren are seriously funny and show a naive streak. Ren apparently thought I was the author of Muhlah Beak DHS Pedophile Speaks. Why anyone would write a blog calling themselves a pedophile is beyond belief. Ren was disgusted by the gay porn photos of Mummia Jammal. However, we do have proof that John Brown is the administrator of the site. Obviously Brown feels a need to broadcast his proclivities. How anyone can seriously think that blog is my creation is seriously stupid. I did laugh at the picture of John Brown playing Lyndie England at Abu Gharib for hours.

The point is Ren values his freedom as we value our own. He should have talked to Brown a long time ago. Moreover LWB is another of Brown's many pen names and only Ren is fooled by such poor writing. I have my own community to serve and we will concentrate on the hard hitting
posts all of you expect as well as some satire posts.

Any of his comwads who think they can stand the heat are welcome. This blog will not post the comments of John Brown or his alias LWB. Anytime Marxist From Lebanon or any other incoherent collectivist fool wants to air their points they are free to do so. I have allready proven I will hold my own ground in the most hostile forums. Moreover, the truth is that Commies are all offense and freak out when their own tactics are used on them.

The reality is that Commies start with an infantile notion of oppressed and opressors. They also have the infantile notion that equality is optimal. A concentration camp has equality, but is not optimal. Moreover as people have differences in talents and drive they should be compensated accordingly. The key is equality of opportunity does not infer equality of results.

Commies and the more idiotic Anarchists think the mere presence of poor people justifies their
theft based theology. Commies steal in the name of the poor but line their own pockets and excacerbate poverty by creating more poor. In reality commies want to set themselves up as fuedal lords who will dictate the lives of the unwashed masses.

The most amusing lies are those said by commies against Christians and missionaries. Commies
claim that Christians tell people what to think. This is quite amusing from people who herd people onto collective farms at gunpoint. Moreover Christians like Junglemom, TMW actually serve the poor unlike the empty words of Marxist. Christians like Junglemom build schools, hospitals and orphanages. Communists fill cemetaries, build gulags and create misery wherever
they go. Comunist create collective prisons and build walls to keep people in. Most nations build walls for defensive purposes.

Communists treat history and Economics like a Mad Magazine satire. Trotsky said ...... In reality the butcher of Kulaks said many things mostly depending on if he were in power or dodging ice picks. His words after he lost a power struggle do not speak as loudly as his brutal actions while in power. Moreover, this sickening branding of an idea that has failed is warped thinking. For example Daniel Ortega (a real pedophile) is hailed by the usual suspects who seem to neglect his authorizing the slaughter of Indians. Chomsky and the Commies at AIM called Indians who defended themselves terrorists. Even Ward Churchill and Russel Means took up arms against the Sandinazis and means was expelled from AIM for acting on behalf of Indians. AIM is a classic Commie front group that preffers advancement of Communism even if it means dead Indians.

Wherever Commies set up shop a shortage of consumer goods follows. The normally sane Beatroot seems to miss this point readilly noted by anyone who has lived under Communism is well aware of. The price subsidies create a situation where production is done at a loss. Farmers opt to not produce rather than produce at a loss and the results are empty shelves. The empty shelves create panic buying where people buy items they do not need for barter or because of unpredicability of when it will be on the market. Wherever communism goes a Black market follows. This black market is often another source of income for commies. Moreover, governmental corruption under communism is an accepted norm. The few show trials are politically motivates theatre that are used to justify purges.

Commies do not like to talk about their own history because it is filled with failure, repression, death and misery. They do want to talk about American, Israeli and Western Civ in a Mickey Mouse indict a civilization by its history manner. However, any discussion of actual Commie history is called McCarthyite,building strawmen or hate speech. The difference between Commies like Ren, Stalin, Pol Pot, Jim Jones (class genocide on yourself), Ayers, the Black Panthers (Noted Communist Drug Pushing Steet Gang) is methodology and power. All of the above share a common philosophy with entirely predictable results.

Commies have a cynical game where each new Communisim is the one that will get it right.
Communists like Ren are well aware in advance of the results and these talking points are for public consumption.

1 Deny the despot is a Communist. How the mostly sane Beatroot sees Chavez as Peron is a mystery. Perhaps Beatroot is getting this impression from the Anti-semitism of Chavez or his theft.
2 Repeat the talking points of Communist government no matter how insane.
3 Dehumanize the people who flee the Marxist tyranny
4 Call eyewitnesses to this savagery liars
5 Make pilgramges and take the government sponsored and subsidized Theresenstadt tour
6 When the evidence is overwhelming feign noble motives
7 Blame the United States
8 Deny that you were a supporter and claim that the failed regime is another brand of communism or not Communist at all
9 Repeat the process.

Bat Yeor talks of Palestinianism as a religion she leaves out that its adherents are almost entirely Communists with a few Nazis like LWB thrown in. Commies like the Duck have justified the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Egypt (like Yeor) based on spying and some alleged terror.
They then turn around and call people like MZ Nazis for wanting to do the same with exponentially more provocations and undisputed terrorism. Indigenous people have rights except when those indigenous people are Jews or are in the path of Marxist advancement, the latter reffers to Miskito Indians or troublesome minorities commies kill, deport. Ethnicities with no basis in reality shall be proclaimed as the worlds official victims. What the basis for this alleged Palestinian ethnicity remains a mystery. The fact is that the PLO charter itself has the words Arab unity and Palestinian Arab all over it. The reality is that the entire context of the Arab Israeli wars has been eliminationist drive the Joooos into the sea. Moreover, Palestinian ethnicity was contrived by Commie stooge Nasser at the behest of his Soviet masters, It seems that Greater Arabia or Judenfrie Middle East doesn't market well even with Commies so a mythical ethnicity with no basis in fact was created. So far we have heard Pseudostinians have
a distinctive accent. So does Justin Morris in Texas and the residents of Brooklyn. We have had the low IQ Elizabeth point to folk dancing, so this means that we should create a state on the basis of the Hokey Pokey or Square Dancing.She has pointed to basket weaving and some contrived attempts at pottery, logically a unique crack pipe style on an individual block would be
the basis for a future state. MFL swears there are plenty of Non Arabs in the middle east. Maybe he is refering to the Blacks being butchered by Arabs who never seem to have enough land. Maybe he is refering to the Kurds and Berbers who live under Arab hegemony and unlike the Pseudostinians have a genuine basis for a claim to ethnicity. Maybe MFL means the JOOOOs who were ethnically cleansed after living under Jim Crow shariah law. Maybe MFL means the Assyrians or Copts both of whom have languages and history that predate Islamo colonialism. Maybe he means the Maronites who consider themselves Phonecians who MFL's thugs at Fatah along with their traitorous Commie allies butchered by the score in many long forgotten genocides in the Lebanese Civil War. History doesn't begin in 1948 because bug eyed
Communists say so. If anything Communist co-optation of these outrageous claims to more real estate when Arabs posses it in abundance has excacerbated the problem that probably would have been solved long ago without fairy tale myths and fake ethnicities.

Communists are deceptive by nature and are no better than Nazis, Jihadis and KKK types. In fact the Duck or Renegade car ditch Marx for the Koran and not miss a beat. Communists will side with any enemy of the United States in the well known tactic of Revolutionary Defeatism.
Trotstyists were instructed by their master to work towards the defeat of the USA and the UK which the all idiotic Trotsky saw as no different from Nazi Germany.

We will now let Ducky pick the correct term for followers of Trotsky.

My positions on the inherent evils of Communism remains unchanged. Moreover, history provides many examples of Communists concealing their identities. In this spirit people like Chomsky, Kovell and Norman Finkelstein use other labels in a vain attempt to deflect the stench of Marx. In reality the Greens are Commies who have traded one utopian scam for another. In the case of Greens this is the creation of a Green Eden which in reality is Paradise Never Was.
Like all Utopian scams it is a means to power via a fable that is less real than Spongebob.

While Commies, Jihadis and Greens are evil there is one group that excells in stupidity Anarchists are far and away the dumbest people on the planet. They can be counted upon by commies as allies who will be slaughtered later. The words of a commie to an Anarchist "Even a dog pack has a leader."No doubt the world will be a better place without roads, schools, hospitals
all created by a tax base. Anarchist live in a fantasy world where such notions are created out of thin air. Anarcholiberians are the dumbest most incoherent people on the planet. Reading interviews of Murray Rothbard should be considered a form of torture.

My philosophies and ideals have remained unchanged. Denying people like Ren the freedom of their own space would be a denial of a right I enjoy myself. Ren does provide sanctuary for John Brown who is a cyber criminal well known by many. Contrary to Ren's paranoia there are no squads of conservatives trying to silence him. However, Ren has until now ignored his friend John Brown's spam attacks, smears and knowing criminal libel. Moreover, there is no cause ever to threaten children with molestation. John Brown threatened Elmer's Brothers children with molestation. Junglemom has a different spammer harassing her and her daughter. Yet these Commie blogs opperate without moderation while Brown spams away with 300 comments a day.

My American patriotism remains unchanged. Free speech is still granted to those with odious views like Ren and John Brown/ LWB. However, I do not deny reality of what free speech does not include sedition or treason. If a commie like Ward Churchill advocating killing officers this is not free speech but exhortation to a criminal act. In such a case Churchill should be tried and offered 20 years in prison or deportation to North Korea. I also recognize that terrorism in the USA has three main sources Jihadism, Communism and racial power kooks. People who fall into those categories should be under governmental scrutiny and tried when they break the law.
Keep your dissent peaceful and legal or face deportation. Ren has distanced himself from the comments of LWB ( an alias of John Brown) whose comments are identical to Timothy McVeigh.

There are those on the left like Jams who are sincere about wanting to fix social problems without collectivization. One can and should talk with respect to Jams as his dissent is not revolutionary defeatism. His dissent recognizes there are problems and there are better ways to handle the situation. One can genuinely discuss ideas with Jams as we share a common desire to see problems solved. This is absent in Commies and Jihadis who are practicing revolutionary defeatism and any discussion with those of different philosophies.

Beamish in 08

Pagan Temple you will have to get your own publicity gimmick. Team Beamish is protective of our PR devices. We even have our own Web expert. Have we come up with our second commercial yet.

John Edwards says "The War on Terror is a bumper sticker slogan"

Shots of 9-11 and Beslan and a re-enactment of pushing a Wheelchair Bound senoir citizen off a cruise liner.

Mr Beamish and Beakerambo demonstrate the correct use of Bumperstickers by placing Beamish in 08 bumper stickers on John Edwards Hair

Vote Beamish in 08. Now invading a country near you.

I will do the meme tonight.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tell your John Brown Story

Renegade Eye seems to think that the scores of people who have problems with John Brown are all lying. Moreover, Renegade is well aware of the antics of Brown, but I will tell my story.

I encoutered the Rabid Dog John Brown on Rocco Dipipio's site. He was harassing Prof Plaut and the posters on that site. Rocco like myself is opposed to censorship and put up with his antics for months before banning him. Prof Plaut had to shut two blogs because of Brown's spam attacks.
His new blog does not accept comments or has a email address largely because of Brown.

Has Renegade Eye said a word about John Brown's harassment of Prof Plaut and Rocco? No Ren is a totalitarian Communist who ignores Brown's antics while giving a silent nod of consent.

After being banned from Rocco's site he then target Mr Beamish. Mr Beamish offered to let him post if he placed a disclaimer the comments were the thoughts of a moron. He then targeted Longrange with similar results. He then moved his profanity to AOW's a site that children read
posting racial slurs and profanity. He then targeted my blog with non-stop spam. I was very patient and wanted to ban him. My terms at the time were the removal of my friends names from the Klanwatch section. He was banned and created a blog depicting me as a pedophile in full knowledge that this is a lie with malicious intent.

To the best of my knowledge he has been banned from every blog in the Klanwatch section, the Autonomist, LGF, For Zion's sake where he also posts as the Gay Baron von Bornstein. The total is around thirty blogs all with the same story.

Brown is so insane a blog honestly took a poll to see if this is satire. Renegade Eye seems to enjoy his site and we are happy for him. However, he seems o think the antics of Brown/LWB
are funny when done on those he disagrees with.

I encourage Renegade Eye to come here and explain his relationship with John Brown.Let him say once and for all what he thinks of spam, racial epithets, placing people in a Klan watch section falsely and threatening to molest children. How do so many people have a problem with the same person tell identical stories?

Communist Randoids

Now joining the ranks of Capitalist and private property owners is the brain impaired Trostkyite
with a soft spot for terrorists and Nazis is Renegade Eye. Ren agrees that people who publish their blogs should be free from unwanted comments and harassment. In fact the person who advocates stealing farms and forcing people onto collectives now claims blog ownership.

Ren and I agree that we OWN our blogs. However, he seems to think it is funny when his good friend John Brown/LWB place 300 plus comments on this blog and those of others. He also seems to think it is amusing when Brown threatens to molest children and knowingly place Native Americans, Jews and others in a Klanwatch section. The creation of the Mullah Beak satire speaks more to Brown's need to broadcast personal details about his sex life. Did we really need to know Brown plays Abu Gharib with the guys over at the Emma Lazurus Commune?

Ren seems to have a funny view of what is hate speech. Lets see my claim that there is no Palestinian ethnicity is considered hate speech. LWB calling Jews Khazars or John Brown making a similar claim about AshkeNAZI (Brown's spelling) is peachy. Why does the PLO charter have the terms Arab unity and Palestinian Arab all over the place if they are not in fact generic Arabs.

Lets go into what is and what is not hate speech. Ren has endorsed the scholarship and tactics of Norman Finkelstein who frequently makes Israel/Nazi in routine discourse. However, Ren goes haywire when he is compared to Jim Jones, Ayers, Dorn, Pol Pot, Stalin and Castro who all share a common philosophy. Moreover, Ren does not object when Brown calls Jews Nazis, Native Americans Samboes and all of the above Klansmen. Nor does Ren object when Brown/LWB post and call American Jews who support Israel traitors. The truth is he does share a philosophy with Pol Pot, but they merely disagree on implementation.

MFL complains that there are plenty of Non Arabs in the middle east. We agree with the incoherent MFL that there are plenty of non-Arabs JOOOS, Koooords, Berboooors, Coooopts, Asyriooooons and those troublesome Bloooocks in Sudan who have the nerve to get in the way of class genocide. Moreover, these Nonmuslims non-Arabs are forced to live under Sharia in Jim Crow like conditions today. Kurds and Berbers have been under Arab Hegemony for quite a while and are Mooooooslim. Yet all logic is tossed in the wind when Arabs with no claim to an ethnicity decide they are indigenous on lands they have invaded when they have ample land in abundance. Repeating the great lie endlessly does not create a Psuedostinian ethnicity.

Arabs as oppressed people really is a comedic prospect given their history of colonialism. Jews were ethnically cleansed from Jordan in 1920 and in the rest of the region after 1948. Jewish refugees were settled and Arabs used theirs as human hockey pucks. Having created one ethnically cleansed state in 1920 Arabs sought a Judenfrei middle east and the rallying cry in 1948 up until after 1967 a war Communist Stooge Nasser provoked was elimination of a Joooish state. There was no talk of Psuedostinians or Pseudostine until after 1967.

Palestine was a mere region on the map with less of a claim to an ethnicity than Brooklyn. There are Brooklynites but they have no connection to the Canarsie indians. So far we have heard the theory the basis for this Psuedostinian ethnicity is a local dialect. Brooklyn and the residents of Boston have regional accents. Elizabeth claims that Psuedostinians have a unique pottery style
and folk dancing. The Bronx is believed to be the home of Brakedancing and nor would a unique style of pottery that does not exist be the basis of an ethnicity anymore than a unique type of crack pipe would create one in a crack house.

The bottom line is if Palestinians are in fact ordinary Arabs there is zero case for Pseodostine.
Arabs should settle their own refugees like everyone else on the planet. MFL is kept in a refugee camp by a myth concocted by Commies and raised to a religion by greedy Arabs who posses an abundance of land allready. As a self described Marxist that would be a prison of his own creation.

One of the interesting facets of who was given this imaginary ethnicity is that it applied to people who had resided in Israel for a mere two years. The majority of those in Gaza were Egyptian in origin. Moreover, most of those who were in Israel were moved from other regions
In the same manner that Jews came from Poland. Arabs and other Mulisms often moved into the region by Ottoman fiat (Not Arab). Thus MFL clings to a myth of a stable Pseudostinian people have been there from Time Immemorial. Funny when one reads the work of Josephus there is no mention of Palestinians as a contemporary people. This ethnicity also does not appear in the New Testament. In fact why Arabs would use a Roman word to designate themselves is a mystery.

Islam was spead by the sword and it is the theolgical justification of predatory behavior by nomadic people. Arabs invaded in the seventh century and are not indigenous to Israel. The indigenous people were subjected to Jimcrow, enslaved and had their children confiscated to form the Janisarry corps. Moreover, unlike Western Colonialism, Islamocolonialism is still oppressing indigenous people today on lands they are not indigenous upon.

Moreover, a typical donkey comment comes from G. "Missionaries are the worst people in the world because they force their views on others". This comes from a person who endorses theft of property often by violence and forces people onto collectives. G also ignores Islamocolonialism
and IslamoJim Crow and forcing their theological laws on others. G and Ren are not unique with the Western Civ eeeeevil and feigning ignorance of their Islamic counterparts.

Moreover, this denial is quite odd and lets look at American history. Do I as an American Patriot deny the wrongs commited to Indians and those enslaved? Of course I do not deny those wrongs as they are part of my history. Moreover, as an American I consider Indians and Blacks to be equal members of my American family. Indians and Blacks proudly serve in our nations Armed forces. Moreover, I welcome those who join of their free will as equals. I salute the men from the Philipinnes,Sierra Leone and Guyana who serve in our Armed forces. The Editrix is a German and wouldn't think of denying the Holocaust or the use of poison gas in WW I. I seriously doubt Jams would deny any of the more odious abuses in the history of the UK. Thus the denial or mitigation of the genuine crimes of Islamic and Communist history are quite odd.

Communists like to hold Israel, the USA and Western Civ under a microscope. However, they start to go insane when even basic scrutiny of Communist regimes or the party line is questioned. The first part of the game is to deny the despot in question is communist. The second part is to blame the USA for the repression. The third part is to call exiles liars. Part four is to dehumanize the exiles and those who were slaughtered. Part five is to do backflips and pretend the regime wasn't communist. Pol Pot wasn't a communist because he was nationalist. The Baath or Arab Socialist party has nothing to do with socialism. All the problems in Cuba are because of the boycott. but Boycott Israel for exisiting as a democracy with great health care and litteracy ( this only seems to matter in Cuba) for being on Arab soil.

Now Ren and I both agree that we have the right to post as we please. Ren 100% has the right to place flat earth economics, mad magazine history and Neonazi commentary from LWB.
However, just as Ren values his space we value our own. If Ren wants peace he must do turn to John Brown who denies the freedoms he seeks on others. For the record Ren was never spammed by me and all comments by me were original.This is much different than Brown dumping 300 plus identical comments on my site. Moreover, Ren has never made a coherent point. The best he can come up with is cries of racist to people who are non-racial. Moreover, every single comment on his site was on topic. He also does not object when John Brown brings Israel into posts on Venezuela.

A word to Brown your behavior will cause misery anywhere you post. I would you to consider the annoyance it has caused your friend and comwads ( combination commie dickwads). If Ren is a friend of yours you should consider the consequences of your behavior.

I am very proud of my grandfather who was a Polish calvaryman and a patriot. He served proudly and with honor in a nation that considered him a second class citizen. He was very good at shooting Commies in the head, but it was in combat. Moreover Bolshevik savages led by Renegade's hero noted Communist dumbass Trotsky invaded his homeland. A soldier defending his home from Communist agression is a hero. Commies like Ren who idolize the assassination of Kulaks and others who resist collectivization are Nazi like. Ren has also defended the Soviet- Nazi alliance to divide Europe. My Grandfather was a skilled marksman in a cavalry unit who was locally famous for shooting Commies in the head at long distances. The Bolsheviks invaded his country and he did his best to send them home in HEAD COFFINS. It seemed the mighty commie army believed its own BS. There was no mass of Polish peasants waiting to join the revolution. Those few who expressed sympathy for Communism were considered traitors.

My Grandfather loved America where he was proud to say this is my home. He also was proud of the Jewish state and visiting it was one of the highlights of his life. He viewed Communism as both a mental and moral defect. Communists in his view were loathsome insane people who were capable of any unimaginable evil in the name of their insane pipe dream fantasies. He saw Nazism as a mere variation of the same evil you endorse.

History points exactly to what happened to those who do not defend themselves. The Katyn forrest contains a crime commies like Ren knowingly blammed on the Nazis. Many of the people who were assassinated at Katyn were Polish patriots and military men. Commies executed these defenseless people with a bullet in the neck.

Your kind is only brave with starving defenseless people. People who still praise the slaughter of Kulaks should not lecture anyone.

Beamish in 08

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lies of Renegade Eye

Renegade Eye is upset with my well proven point that there is no such thing as Palestinian ethnicity. In fact this phantom ethnicity was created by Communist stooge Nasser at the behest of his Soviet masters. All the Arab Israeli wars have been fought with the elimination of the Jewish state as pretext.

The fact is there was no Palestine and there are no Palestinians. There are Arabs who posess an abundance of land, have a colonial history of abuses exceeding anything in the Western context Commies rail about and humans who have been used as hockey pucks by their fellow Arabs with collusion of Commies. The real story is yet another example of the never ending Arab land lust and refusal to settle their own refugees. Moreover, few of the so called "refugees" have roots in the land longer than the Jews. Many of the Pseudostinians are Egyptian, Bosnian, Sudanese, Yemenites and others moved around by the Ottomans. Moreover, Jews have been recognized as a nation for 4000 years and are indigenous to Israel. Even Renegade Eye's beloved Soviet Union places the word JOOOO under nationality on all their documents. They do not place Russian orthodox, Hare Krishna or Aethist on their doccuments.

Communists start with an infantile premise of exploiters and opressed. The notion of Muslims or Arabs as oppressed given their history is comedic. Ren, G and so forth will rail about American history. John Brown still talks incoherently about Vanilla Sam and Klansmen. However, when the colonialists are Muslims and the Jim Crow is placed on Jooos, Christooooon, Zoooooroastrians, Hindooooos, Bhooooodists and even non Arab Mooooooooslims (equal oportunity excessive ooooooos to denote Communist stupidity) they feign ignorance of this history and try to rationalize these abuses or deem any comments along these lines as hate speech. Moreover, any examination of how Communists handle troublesome Muslims usually via deportation, ethnocide is deemed hate speech. Ren has not claimed the points are in accurate as he can not refute them.

Lets start off with the claim that Ren doesn't permit Hate speech on his site. This is an amusing claim for someone who allows a poster who posts of Vanilla Sam, Klansman and 9-11 as an inside job on his site. This same person also permits a NEO NAZI that is a pen name for John Brown to post on his site. Those of you who think this is an exageration are encourage to look at the themes of LWB and compare them to those found on Neo Nazi sites. Moreover, Ren was asked if he agreed with the themes and refused to answer.

Themes of NEO NAZI LWB posted many times with no comments by Renegade. Moreover, LWB is not a casual aquaintance of Ren's either.

1 American Jews who support Israel are traitors. This is quite amusing in that Greeks support Greece with no comment, African Americans with no ties to South Africa objected to aparthied along with many others, Indian support India with no comment. However, Jews who support a Jewish state are traitors. This is amusing from a person who has advanced the preposterous claim that the Rosenbergs were killed because of their heriatage. The same person also claims to know more about Argentina than Orthodox Jews who lived there with no problem until their house of worship was blown up by Brown's friends in Hezbollah and the Iranians. Pretending that Jacabo Timmerman was an apolitical Jew persecuted for his ethnicity is fantasy.

2 Israel had prior warning of 9-11 and let it happen. This is the mindless fantasy spun at Antiwar.com and Counterpunch as well as Neonazi site. LWB when writing as John Brown claims it was an inside job. To his credit G has denounced this as stupid. Ren has refused to respond to this.

3 A Cabal of Jooooos run America. A classic theme of this is that Jews ru America via AIPAC. This is amusing for a person who does not see a plethora of Communist front groups funded largely by Soros,Theresa Heinz Gomer Kerry and other idiots advancing their agenda or the mostly foreign funded CAIR. Only Jewish groups expressing their interests in a country where the first amendment is our birth right is critiqued. This same First Amendment is invoked by Ren when his advocacy of a political philosophy that seeks the violent overthrow of the Ameican government is addressed. Ren will claim that he has never endorsed such actions. However, one can glean anything from Trotsky's writings that are like Nostradumbass's and all over the place depending on if he was in power or exile at the time.

4 Jews run the media and Hollywood to promote their own intrests. This is odd comming from
appolists for Stalinists as victims in the 50's. Seperate the art from the artist commies are fond of lecturing us. Thus the ethnicity of a studio head more interested in $$$$ becomes more relevant than the blatherings of Commies expressly placing their Utiopian death cult peans into
the culture. I look at Arthur Miller as a Communist appologist who produced two above average plays. The Crucible is highly over rated and should begin a class room discussion of Communism and the lies and crimes of their supporters maintained for five decades.

5 The Holocaust Museum and Holocaust ciriculum is used to indoctrinaite Americans into pro-Israeli points of view. The Holocaust Museum deals with the time period and serves as a reminder to the Holocaust deniers that it was a real event. Moreover, the actal museum does go out of its way to include gypsies and others. I would like to see a victims of Communism museum Museum next door to the Holocaust Museum. It would be great to read the comments of Noam Chomsky while walking past a replica of piles of skulls found in Cambodia. We could visit a model gulag and read Robeson's, Duranty and other apologists. We should also have a whole room dedicated to Cuba and the actual life of the imbecille Che. The Holocaust is usually described in one lecture on a single day. The victims of Communism and the lives of minorities under Islamic hegemony are not covered at all.

6 A cabal of Jooooos tricked the USA into invading Iraq. G has pointed out this is folly. Ren has remained silent by design.

If Ren wanted to remove hate speech the above Neonazi comments are clear examplesof it. He has not proved there is a basis for Palestinian ethnicity. Moreover, if no such ethnicty exists than the rationale reverts to insatiatable Arab land greed and Islamic agression.

Moreover. Ren and his incoherent communist dolts have never been able to refute a single point.

Thus Ren advances that the examination of Communist, Arab and Islamic history is hate speech. This is amazing for someone who places American, Israeli and to a lesser degree Western Civ under a microscope. How is it that a similar examination of those histories is "racist and hateful."

The reality is that Justin Morris as a Texan has a greater claim to a nation status and an ethnicity than Pseudostinians. Dr Yeagley and any other Native American has a greater claim to a nation thaan Pseudostinians. The residents of Brooklyn have a greater claim to a nation than Pseudostinians. In fact the claim that Pseudostians are an indigenous people is an insult to real indigenous people everyehere.

I was born in Brooklyn so therefore I am a Canarsie indian. I have no biological connection to the Canarsie. I do not speak the canarsie language, religion or culture. In fact I am no different from the residents of Queens and adjacent areas. Lets extend this logic to the obvious ethnicity. As a member of this Nation of Brooklyn we nominate Spike Lee as our leader. Spike Lee wasn't born in Brooklyn much like a midget in a Kafiyeh who was born in Cairo and Prof mediocre Said were born in Cairo and transmogrify themselves into Pseudostinians.Lets see Jason Pappas had relatives who were born in Turkey so therefore he is a Turk. Pappas is still an American whise Greek ancestors were ethnically cleansed from Turkey.

The obvious question is how much land do Arabs need. Obviously this is a point Blacks in the Sudan and elsewhere are very familiar with. Only G could write a post on Darfur blame America, not mention the word Arab or Muslims. How many ethnically cleansed states do Muslims need?

The incoherent Marxist from Lebanon talks of the non Arab people in the Middle East. They are certainly not Psuedostinians. The great Zionist fraud the PLO charter has Arab unity and Palestinian Arab all over the charter. I suppose Ren will claim some Neocon dropped those words in there by accident. Who are the non-Arabs? These are the JOOOOs, Christians, Berbers, Kurds, Turkomen, Assyrians and Copts who live under Arab hegemony. Contrary to deluded Communists idiocy Copts have their own language and predate the religion by the same name. They were in Egypt long before Arab invaders arrived and harassed the indigenous people. Assyrian Christians also have their own language and predate the Islamic invasions. Maybe MFL means the Blacks being slaughtered by Arabs. Maybe MFL means the Maronites slaughtered by Fattah with Communist henchman who will tell you they are not Arabs. Whoever these non-Arabs are they are not Pseudostinians. Why would the Pseudostine Liberation Organization write in their Charter the words Arab Unity and Pseudostinian Arab several times if they were in fact not Arabs.

Speaking of Apartheid is is interesting how a non-Muslim Alawite clique with 11% of the population oppress the rest of the country. However, the Baath party is commonly known as the ARAB SOCIALIST party so willful ignorance of real apartheid is okay.

The truth is Ren sees anti-semitism as central to advancing his Utopian pipe dreams. His inability to state his own views on the points of LWB can lead one to no other conclusion.

Beamish in 08.

Will someone dig up Kuhnkat from the MIA file

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Now the other side In the spirit of Jams

While it is next to impossible to find the long forgotten village on the Bug River my father's family is from it is very easy to find Lvov the city my mothers family is from. My grandmother was born in the Austro-Hungarian empire. Her father was a locally prominent rabbi and her mother was one of many who died in the great flu epidemic of 1918. My grandmother was not religious and saw her mother with her boyfriend sneaking into the facility shortly before her mother died.

Her father was quickly set to be remarried and had little patience for a love struck head strong teen. Her father hated my grandmothers boyfriend as he was a baker and not a man of books. He sent his troublesome daughter to America to keep her away from the troubled youth. My grandmother went to work in sweatshops and saved up enough money to smuggle her boyfriend illegally into the country where they wed. They started a small business newstand/ luncheonette. The couple had two children and were doing well for a while. The government did catch up with her husband who was sent to Canada for a legal entry. The happiness did not last
as her husband was mentally unstable and vanished with all the money and the cleaning woman.

My grandmother was left with two young children no money and a business. However, my grandmother was a tough woman and managed the store and was back on her feet. Her children ended up working in the business, but she made sue their grades did not suffer. She invested in the stock market and never looked back. She was a shrewd businesswoman long before it was fashionable.

Her exhusband appeared after the ravages of cancer took their toll. She refused to meet with him as did my Uncle. My mother did meet with a father she hardly remembered who could not
answer her any of her questions. Sometimes, there are no answers and one shouldn't try.

My grandmother assumed all of her family died in the Holocaust . In late 1948 she was surprised after the Jewish agency asked her about her youngest brother. It took no small effort of the poor folks at the Joint Distribution Services to locate my grandmother who had moved several times and had been through half a dozen new businesses. My Uncle had nowhere to go, that story will be the final story. My grandmother took her brother in but his mental and physical health were not the best. He went to work in the business until my grandmother retired.

Amazingly my grandmother never ever said a bad word about her ex-husband. She didn't live in the past and she never dennied she deeply loved her first husband. However, mooning over lost loves did not pay the bills or get the job at hand done.

My grandmother was a life long Republican. Jewish female Republicans were unheard of in her era. However, it was unthinkable for a person to fall down and not get back up. It was not up to the government to fix her life, you fix your own life.

She did not like commies and thought they were lazy uncooth stupid rable rousers. Commies were born liars and she never bought into into the Rosenberg martyr bit. She loathed the communist manipulation of labor unions, something she was familiar with as a sweatshop worker.

In her advanced years she grew more nervous. I lived with my grandmother in college. She would always get on me about carrying ridiculous ammounts of cash from the mountains. It was not un common for me to return with $300 in small bills. She always was looking through my lugage for a photo or evidence of the girlfriend in the mountains. She happened to be 100% correct, that I did have alive in girlfriend in Upstate NY. I was discreet and the relationship didn't end well. There was alot of Northwind in that girl and the less said the better.

She died a millionaire at almost 100 a few years back. Sadly some of the grandkids she adored did not see her up until the end. I remember meeting my cousin at a gathering. He greeted me warmly, but we had not seen each other in at least a decade. He recognized me and had done well for himself. I asked him "what happened that he stopped going to see grandma". He was embarassed and said he didn't want to remember her in this way and he was highly embarassed. I told him you have a month left to fix it at most, go now. Well my cousin visited my grandmother who was not able to recognize my mother, my sistes, but oddly still recognized me in a different timeline. In her mind I was still a newlywed to a girl she hated. On the brink of death and delerium she recognized her grandson and rallied from the brink of death for an extra week of life. Of course everyone credited my cousin's wife for the miraculous visit. Oddly, the woman who paid for his expensive University and grad school and made the real estate Vice President the man he is today was forgotten. He was embarassed of the woman who worked in sweatshops lived in a Brooklyn and made his new life possible. His new world was country clubs and jet seting over seas to build large tracts of real estate. My grandmother was so proud of him and accepted this neglect. There was always time for the country club, but not a phone call or a visit to a woman that loved him and made his life what it is today. However, he did do the right thing in the end and she passed away a happy woman.

Who are these Jews that the usual suspects claim were devotees of Communism. My grandfather loathed them and sent them to the great gulag. His wife was more interested in running the house and produce and had no intrest in such foolishness. My other grandmother viewed Communism as a mental and moral defect. Her husband was much like Bill Clinton and interested in the flavor of the day. These people did not speak for my family or community I knew growing up. Those who practice the actual faith view Commies as traitors, nuts and not Jewish in any description.

The last episode will be the story of my Uncle the stone cutter. The Holocaust, Communism and Israel's war of Independence in the last installment

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

In the spirit of Jams

Jams has gotten some mileage out of talking about long dead relatives here is my version.

My grandfather was from a long forgotten town on the Bug River. It was in what was known as the frontier region. Janover is most likely one and the same with the Yanovka that is said to be the birth place of human fecal matter Trotsky.

My grandfather was a short but very powerfuly built blonde man with green eyes. He was a Polish cavarly man for a short spell and hated horses. He was well known for his marksmanship
and a few Bolsheviks found this out the hard way in skirmishes shot through the head when they thought they were safe. War was not something he enjoyed, Bolsheviks were invaders and oddly for a man who hated business he described it in business like terms. Bolsheviks were foreign invaders and he had a job to do. Contrary to the Commie myth, Jews who practiced the relgion loathed Commies. Those who had some faith often drifted into the early Zionist movement. Zionism was seen as a competitor by Commies who remain obsessed with it today.

He was dead set against hunting for sport. However, if you were going to eat what you shot this was another story. However, old world people were much different than Americans. I remember dumping two Perch into a large fish tank and going out to play baseball. When I came back they were gone. Apparently, cleaning fish was a common skill that my octogenerian grandmother was well aquainted with. How she caught the fish in a huge tank remains even more of a mystery. My grandfather had his Yidish paper and complimented his wife on a great meal. I suppose keeping food in a huge tank seemed nutty to them.

My grandfathers family was localy prominent and owned several businesses. Yet my grandfather was more interested in building high quality furniture than accounting. He hated the fighting over the business and was devoted to his craft.

My grandmother was from a far less prominent family. In fact they were near the bottom of the social order. However, she had something more valuable than gold American Legal residence.
So my grandfather left the fighting and went to the USA. Of his family only one sister survived
as she emigrated to Israel. Another brother survived the Holocaust but was killed by locals when he returned home. This was not uncommon and is a seldom discussed part of the Holocaust.

My grandfather never considered himself a Pole. He would tell you we were Jews. He had no nostalgia for Poland and never wanted to visit. He sometimes would reminiss about his cavalry
days and the bad food. Shooting game was one way to avoid bad meals. His greatest pride was his children and his furniture. He also made the trip to Israel and proudly displayed pictures of himself at the Western Wall and Rachel's Tomb. Oddly his sister never appeared in any of the photographs.

My gradfather loved America and was oddly placed in the Navy. The Navy had great need for carpenters as the decking on aircraft carriers and battleships were made of wood. My gradfathers cousin served as a flight instructor. Before he was sent out a liver ailment sent him
to the hospital and out of the Navy.

He was known for his jovial nature and relaxed personality. He was a simple man who was dedicated to his craft. Yet the man who didn't say much loathed communists. They were ignorant, corrupt and uniformly evil. One of our cousins a nasty man was a big mouth Communist. However spending the war in Siberia under slave labor conditions cured him quickly, but he remained mean and nasty without the Marxism.

His wife was not nearly as well liked. In fact other than my grandfather she didn't have many friends. She ran the house and the budget and was not kid friendly. She was dedicated to produce and poultry. I'm still puzzled that she always seemed to know what to do with strange items. Yet the period after WWI was very rough and people learned to survive. Some of the advenures with the dreaded evil gourds were comedic. What is this????? I tried to explain that
the odd gourds were part of an art project. My grandmother soon found other uses for the gourds after my friends finished his photography. She thought going to school and photographing produce was dumb, and she was right.

The Game

Communists play games with the rest of us. Anytime their is a disparity in wealth in America they scream and howl about inequality. Concentration camp inmates are more or less equal to each other, but this is hardly optimal.

The logic of communism is the person next door has a a cow. Commies come and tell you that man who worked to buy the cow is exploiting you. So the commies lead the masses an asses in the case of readilly duped anarchists to steal the cow and kill the cow owner. Of course the ignorant manipulated dolts have no idea what to do with a cow who then dies. The meat is tossed to cronies and the masses suffer worse than ever before.

Communism is all about power and theft in the name of the poor, but never on their behalf. Poor people in America often own cars and property. They are often obese and own cell phones and their poverty is more of a function of bad life choices. A coworker of mine often has no money because he is paying child support on three children. However, he needed some extra money and he works OT or repairs cars. He does not blame his circumstances on anyone else, but my coworker is not a advocate of theft or class genocide.

Communists play games with history and rhetoric. A Trotskyite blaming Stalinists or Maoists is akin to a member of the Bonano crime family complaining about the Gambinos or Lucheses. FYI
any comparison of the well run mafia where violence serves a purpose with Communists are an insult to mafioso everywhere.

In reality commies know plenty about drug pushing and black markets. Black markets are created wherever commies spread their sickness. The lower level functionaries are all too willing
to make a buck. FARC has been getting aid from Hugo and Fidel and pushes narcotics in the USA. Has Gomer Kerry demanded Hugo stop aiding drug pushers? Of course not Gomer Kerry is a fellow traveller and never said one peep about communists in his career.

Many of us make the mistake that we want to be liked by communists. However, one can have a coherent disagreement with Jams who is a decent sort. He has universal ideals and does not
selectively impart them incoherently. Morover, he isn't mindless as the sorts that praise Hugo and Castro and go into Linda Blair like contortions about Rudy Guiliani's authoritarianism.

Our mistake is that we fail to notice the difference between decent benign people like Jams, cynical moral relativists like Beatroot and souless hacks like Ren. Most of the readers would not allow a Nazi to feign noble motives and rightfully so. We would likewise make life miserable for any real KKK nuts or Nation of Islam lunatics preacing the idiocy that white people were created by a mad scientist. If an actual Jihadi (not Muslim) advocated imposing Sharia on the planet all of us would do the right thing. Why is it that when a communist starts preaching totalitarianism, class genocide, treason and rationalizing the most repressive regimes on the planet some of us go AWOL.

Lets place equality under simple terms. Concentration camp inmates are equal other than a capo. Would you want to live in a concentration camp? Of course not as food, life and liberty are in short supply. Now lets extend that logic to Cuba. ......

Life is not fair and if I lined up thirty people and asked them to jump I get 30 sets of ability.Are the laws of genetics and gravity unfair. People has different abilities and work ethics and there is nothing wrong with that. Now Jams,Jason, CB and myself could have a rational conversation with different points of view on how to help the poor. This coversation is impossible with a bug eyed assassin in training like John Brown or his souless master Ren for their dissent is from reality itself. A concentration camp has equality but it is only optimal if you are like Ren who seeks to run it or like John Brown who seeks to be a hechman or a cog in the machine.

Communism is theft based game and it is about power. If one wants to help the poor Christians and Jews have done so for ages in spite of communist meddling. Left to her own devices a Junglemom, TMW, Justin or Nanc will build schools, hospitals and serve the coomunity. Ren will build his gulag, while his allies plan concentration camps and the anarchists mumble incoherently and wander through life clueless.

BEAMISH in 08.

I have to do some reasearch as it appears the scourge of humanity Trotsky may be from the same village as my family. Well at least the other side ...... No luck there as Barbara Streisand is on the other side.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Get Your Paws off my Wallet Comwads

Socialism is theft by a perpetual lazy class. As heirs to the divine truth they feel it is their right to steal your possesions in the name of the poor and give it to themselves.

When dealing with economics there are Capitalists of varying stripes, liberterians and the rest are imbeciles. One can have an intelligent conversation with a traditional liberal about social safety nets or liberterians about elimination of those programs. However, anyone who advocates Marx in this day and age is a moron.

A typical Communist rants and whines about the poor in America. He fails to deduce that the poor in America often own their own home and sometimes a car or two. The same commies wants to pretend that the poor in Cuba are better off than those in America. If the American poor do not eat fresh produce it is not from unavailability or expense.

Communist pretend that we are all in kindergarden with the same abilities and work ethic. Communists have no work ethic and as such are relegated to accademic gulags where they keep
out non-believers. One does not encounter many in Price Waterhouse, Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan. In order to work there one must have a genuine work ethic.

When you are dealing with a Communist you are dealing with a totalitarian advocate of class genocide who is practicing revolutionary defeatism. The response to the chicken hawk argument is the chicken collectivist argument. Those of you who rationalize Communism need to live under it permanently. Lets see if the apologists for Chavez and Castro are willing to put their ideals to the test.

The truth is Communists are blood thirsty savages who will not rest until all of you are dead. Of course should you lift a finger to prevent your country from becoming the next Cuba you are an assassin. Sorry, but the folks in Katyn waited too long. Sorry, the Cubans who fought tooth and nail against Castro and his imbecile henchman Che waited too long.

The true face of Communism is of a souless hack like Ren guiding a bug eyed assassin like John Brown to do his dirty work. He seeks the support of rabid Neonazi anti-semites like LWB while trying to deflect his role in soking their obsessions by invoking long dead relatives. Ren has defended the genocide of the Kulaks and the Communist-Nazi alliance.

Now some of you think that in the US that Commies like Ren are certified, and you are right. However, in much of Latin America there was a life and death struggle against exactly this type of menace. Any effort to stamp out Communism is self defense. Moreover, it is naive of those who credit the CIA with Allende's ouster. Pinochet knew another Katyn was immenent and struck first. In his case the motive was self preservation and nationalism.

Other than Caucescu it doesn't seem like Commies have ever been made to answer for their crimes.

The best Commie is still Jim Jones ,who should be a role model for Ren and all other Communist hacks everywhere. If you want to advocate class genocide practice it on yourself and your followers first.

For those of you who want to read some more misadventures of Commies read Norman Davies White Eagle Red Star. It seems that Ren's idol Trotsky was a bumbling fool who was exceptional
only against unarmed men. The Pole's kicked Commie ass in 1920 against great odds. Contrary to popular opinion Jews who lived in the region and practiced their religion including my relatives fought for the Polish Army. Those who practiced the religon had zero fondness for commies. The myth handed down by traitors was that Communists were the liberators of the Jews.

In truth Communists were their worst opressors and from their earliest moments had paranoid delusions about zionism. Zionism was seen as a competitor to the nadir of the human condition Marxism. This obscene mania with Zionism and Jews who respect their faith contiues to this day.

Communists are not Jews, American, Scotts, Native Americans or Italians. They are the destroyers of humanity and neoslavers of the modern era. Treason and death are their stock and trade. One should consider them on a par with Neonazi, Jihadi nuts and KKK imbeciles.

Beamish in 08 !!!!!!! Pagan Temple you will need your own publicity stunt. Ducky to GITMO and John Brown to become America's greatest DEFECTor.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Stephen Svhwatz's Intellectuals and Assasins

I am reading a short but promising book by Stephen Schwartz. Schwartz has two features that

caused him to be an ex-Communist. Schwartz has a razor sharp mind and thinks for himself. This would render him distinctly out of place in a room full of Communist hacks reapeating stupid slogans and marching like lemmings off realities cliff. Shwartz also posses a good soul, with a vastly under rated sense of humor. This also makes him ill suited to sit in a room with souless Communist hacks plotting the next act of class genocide and insicerely feigning noble motives as people die for a failed utopian pipe dream.

When we think of Stephen Schwartz the writer he is a unique talent. One should read his excellent book on the artistic and political culture from East to West.

This book focuses on Stalinist assassins, Trostskyites merely lacked the power and numbers to have their own assassinations. The correct annalogy for Trotskyites is the mafia. Troskyites aspire to be Stalinists and have their own bloodshed when given the chance. They are just less competant mafia goons depite their protestations.

Make America a better place send the Duck to Gitmo...Beamish in 08

In Denial

The sons of class genocide contine to deny realty. They feign ignorance and demand sources for widely known stories. The brain drain caused by Hugo has been widely reported. One can see an excellent post on this subject from Rodger Williams. A small country is not in the top five sources of H-1b petitions by accident. Venezuela may even be as high as number 3 behind China and India. How does a small country send so many, it is simple add Communism and people head for the doors.

The USA should welcome these Venezuelans. They will become solid anti-Communists much like the Cuban Americans in time. Sadly, we can not ship American Communists to Venezuela. Maybe if our government got serious about enforcing the laws of treason we could send Commies who have broken US law like the folks at Code Pink to Venezuela, after denaturalization of cours.

I will have to add a link to the 9-11 Conspiracy Smasher. It seems that the usual suspects are blaming the Joooooos for the pipe explosion in NYC. It seems that the far left is full of Elmer Fudd types.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Beakerkin Sticks Up for a Notorious Shyster

There is one attorney who is known for the dreadful work he sends in. He seems to take every impossible case East of the Mississipi. By now he must be fairly certain he will not win these cases. However, the customers do not want to hear excuses about jobs being impossible. I suppose blaming this man for his shady clients is like blaming an oncologist for having a caseload of cancer patients.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Interview With The Liberal Republican

I appologize to our next guest for the delay in the interview. I am begining to see the common sense wisdom of liberterianism in certain situations. Life is not fair and in most places except the government you pay for the services used. One does not pay the same rate for an oil change as a transmission and the government should use common sense in charging fees.

The Liberal Republican is in the UK and not affiliated with this Liberal Republican in the USA. I find it amazing how far leftists can not distinguish between Rudy Republicans and Religious Conservatives. Then again the usual suspects seem to think anyone to the right of Castro is a reactionary.

1 How does the UK raise taxes. In the USA we have the following taxes income, sales, real estate, energy, tobaco, alcohol and estate taxes. Do all of these taxes exist in the UK? What are your views on the flat tax where everyone pays a certain percentage?

2 What are your views on nuclear energy?

3 Is China a friend, foe or something else entirely?

4 What are your impressions of India? Do you think India will pass China as an economic power?

5 Americans on the far left seem to think that the UK health care system is ideal. Do you have to wait in long lines and fill out endless paperwork?

6 What are your thoughts about India. Do you envision India as a potential superpower?

7 Has the far left become reflexive in its anti-American mania in the UK?Some of the comments are quite funny. One deranged leftist stated that more gays are killed in NYC than the total number of murders in London. That took around three seconds to debunk.

8 Does the far left in theUK have an obsession with Israel? I am just amazed at the acceptance of blatant anti-semitism in the far left blogosphere. There is one poster who posts on familiar far left sites whose comments can be lifted from neo-Nazi sites and the left doesn't notice.

9 Is there a stigma to being a Communist in the UK?

10 Should future immigration to the UK be based on vocational skills with some genuine assylum cases as needed?

11 What are your thoughts on the EU and the UN ?

12 Are there liberterians in the UK? I have not run across any in the blogosphere.

13 How many major newspapers are there in your city and do they have different perspectives on the news?

14 What American TV shows can you see on local TV?

15 Is Dr Who really a kids show and the people in the US haven't figured it out?

16 Is the overall crime rate going up in your area?

17 Has nationalism become a dirty word in the UK?

18 Does a society have the right to determine its own norms, such as monogamy?

19 Have labor unions become too political and need to get back to focusing on the work place.

20 Is there a subltle bigotry against religious Christians from those on the left?

21 Are American Comic book titles like Spiderman and Batman readily available in the UK?

22 Are the Mom and Pop stores disappearing in your city?

23 What notable historic sites might we see within a short drive from your city?

24 What American authors if any did you read in school.

25 Should the government subsidize public transportation?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Hamer

I am quite amused by the hysterical dolts over at G's blog. Those of you who know what I do for a living would be quite ammusedat the idiocy of self proclaimed legal experts.

The United States is an independent country. Our foreign policy is determined by the President of the USA. The only relevant factor in determining if something is legal is in US law and the Constitution. The whims of those at the UN do not determine what is legal.

Foreign law has no relevance in US law with some rare exceptions in immiration law on the family side. For example the fact that capital punishment is outlawed in country X has no relavance to US law. The only basis for deciding US law is the Constitution. Precedent in and of itself would have us still following Dred Scott and other bad precedents.

Moreover, the notion that judges are sacred and above the law is folly. Man famous judges have been senile, corrupt and there was a notorious klansman on the Supreme Court. I wouldn't want a block robed ACLU freak like Ruth Bader Ginsberg in a courtroom unless she were a defendant.

I hope Hillary is stupid enough to cite the UN as a moral authority. Gomer Kerry proposed placing the US military under US command in a book before he ran for office. Kerry ran from those statements in interviews.

I will let the defenders of Castro and Chavez pray at the altar of the UN. It seemed the UN has done a great job saving lives from the predations of bug eyed Communists, not. Moreover, if anyone ever tried to impose Marx on me I would pick up a gun and fight till the end. I am a man of peace, but history is littered with 1000 Katyn's. So far only Caucescu paid for crimes commited in the name of Marx.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Straight Ahead

I will be preparing another of my interviews with another overseas blogger tonight the Liberal Republican. As the blogger is in the UK he is not apt to be voting for Rudy anytime soon.

On to the Amused Front

Most of you are familiar with my biography. I grew up in NYC and one of the few groups we never encountered was American Indians. Growing up we were told the use of the term Indian is a racial slur. We were instructed to use the term Native American and when we got to higher Ed the term we were told was correct was aboriginal American. When I started blogging at Bad Eagle a site that is run by a mentor and friend Dr Yeagley I was informed aboriginal American is wrong and Indians prefer to call themselves Indians. I tried to remind Junglemom about this but as one sees many of the regular commenters are part Indians and prefer the use of the term Indian.

I am just amazed at how the far left manages to always misunderstand Indians as they claim to inherit their history.

The clueless anti semite and self admitted Communist Simon Jones proclaimed that American Indians consider Gays to be the chosen people and made them shamans and priests. This was quite funny to the folks at Bad Eagle who wondered where someone could get such an absurd notion.

Then there is G ( decent guy with dreadful ideas unlike the souless Ren) who proclaimed "missionaries are the worst people in the world because they tell people how to think". This is quite amusing from a person who advocates collectivization. Moreover, even the non-Christian Indians I encounter have next to zero anger towards Christians that often include members of their family. Many of the Indian Christians are very religious including Dr Yeagley.

On to more amusing Communist idiocy G has proclaimed that I am for tossing the Constitution in the can because I support Rudy and the Patriot act. The correct term is law and order, but these words comming from a Chavez and Castro supporter are funny.

Even more stupid is Renegade Eye who still has not figured out that the BAATH party is commonly known as the Arab SOCIALIST party. It seems Assad and Saddam were Soviet client states and on the far left along with Ren. Ren also hasn't deduced that Jim Jones also was on the far left.

Lastly, I am quite perplexed at how the far left has missed the similarity in rants between Timothy McVeigh and LWB. Timothy McVeigh was a huge fan of the Turner Diaries and used the term ZOG or zionist occupied government to describe DC. LWB calls Jews who support Israel traitors and claims that Jews run Washington via AIPAC and Neocon cabals, Israel had advance warning of 9-11 and that Jews run the news media and Hollywood and prevent the truth from emerging. The fact that Ren and to a lesser extent G have said nothing shows how even Neonazi like anti-semitism is accepted by the left.

Beamish in 08,

Stay tuned tonight for the interview.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Straight Ahead

I would like to invite Junglemom to sit for an interview on missionaries, Christ and Venezuela.
The comments of G on the subject of missionaries are shameful. Now we will conduct an interview to get behind the far left myths of what missionaries do.

I also want to direct the viewers to Bad Eagle where the actual Native Americans post on their views of Christianity and missionaries. Why does G feel a need to speak for people who can speak for themselves.

Lastly I have some serious questions for Ren and I would appreciate some honest answers. He will not be harassed and now has a chance to set the record straight. G you can respond to these questions as well if you choose. The comments of LWB/John Brown will not be posted here.

1 The comments of LWB resemble those of Timothy McVeigh, specifically the part about ZOG or Zionist Occupied Government? Do you believe that a cabal of Jews runs the US government on behalf of Israel? Do you think that Jews want to rule the world and turn everyone into Palestinians?
2 Do you believe that 9-11 was a inside job or that Israel knew about 9-11 and let it happen.
3 Do you endorse the views of a Zionist plot to control the News media and Hollywood?
4 Do you see the Scooter Libby pardon as a Jewish plot?
5 Do all Blacks, Native Americans and Latino's have to think a certain way to be authentic? Who is the arbiter of ethnic authenticity?
6 Do you consider missionaries the "worst people in the world"?
7 Is it acceptable to threaten people's children with molestation and call a person a pedophile with no evidence.

Friday, July 13, 2007

What a Night

I arrived in my car after working a bad case. The clouds were in perfect alignment for me to hear my radio station WABC. I heard Bob Grants theme song and I was miffed. I listened to Bob Grant for 25 years and much of this blog is influenced by Grant and Mark Levin. I thought someone was immitating Grant but the guest host was none other than the living legend Bob Grant. He has slowed down a bit but is still the next best thing to Mark Levin. In Grant's prime nobody was ever better. He has the most amazing grasp of history and memory I have ever heard. You can remind him of a case 20 years ago and he will tell you the details. I have to admit I was shocked when UI remembered officer Byrne executed in Jamaica Queens.

In other news the mad dog of Communism is making his friends look absurd. The problem with John Brown is he forgets he is a dumbass and he is dealing with people 100 times smarter than he will ever be. He thinks he can create poorly created sock puppets and harass my friends and get away with it. Brown forgets that a trained investigator doesn't miss a thing. He slipped up and made a key error.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Fun Post on Deranged Commies

Commies by definition are idiots and John Brown/ LWB merely add mental illness to the mix.
Enter another of Ren's special Ed dolts who like Beatroot feigns the cynic act. " Cuba has problems but so does the USA...

Cuba Jails people on the slightest pretense of being anti Castro.
USA: We allow freedom of speech to people like Ren who are practicing revolutionary defeatism.

Cuba: People risk death to leave
USA People risk death to arrive

Cuba: Average Cuban can not find luxury items such as food, soap
USA Even our poor are obese

Cuba; State run media only
USA: Subsidizes PBS and NPR that are often critical of the government

Cuba Has political prisoners
USA Lefties top gripe is Norman Finkelstein Communist Antisemite has been fired four times

We could go on like this forever, but the point is made. Cuba is a repressive police state that Commies make excuses for. Even cynics like Beatroot tend to ignore the obvious pattern and claim Chavez is like Peron. I am still trying to figure out how the imbecile Che got into the musical Evita. Che did nothing in his native Argentina and served as a mercenary who was known for shooting unarmed prisoners. Lets see an Argentine Inbecile orders an American convicted rapist Communist (Herman Marks) to shoot Cubans.

Commies are imbeciles who have no clue how markets work. Beatroot a former leftist demonstrates his profound ignorance by talking of a conspiracy to keep oil prices high. Oil is a cyclical comodity and by nature these products fluctuate wildly in price. The price of steel and lumber go through similar cycles. If any group is to blame for keeping oil prices high it is greens
who are Commies undercover. All attempts to build new refineries and drill in new areas are held up by Greens/reds. They talk about the working man, but are uninterested in the creation
of high paying jobs for real families and adding more oil to the market.

Commies play a absurd sick game. Any problems in the USA or Israel are major earth shattering events. A bulldozer runs over a stupid American Communist who was in violation of the law by inserting herself into foreign policy. Now Rachel Corrie's parents want to sue the Catepilar company for her daughters stupidity. In Corrie's case it appears her stupidity is genetic. How many of us can name the Indian tribes masacred by the Sandinazis with Cuban, Eastern European and Pseudostinian merceneries? Has anyone demanded that Daniel Ortega
be tried by these Kangaroo courts that attempted to try Sharon and Pinochet on his deathbed?
Can you name a Kulak, or the Cubans shot by Che saying "Christ is the King", Chinese Student
killed at Tianamen Square, Vietnamese peasant killed at Hue in collectivization, a Cambodian who dies in Pol Pots Commie hell or even Commie dolt Jim Jones victims. You can recall the four
American Nuns from the Commieknoll disorder who inserted themselves into a civil war. Many of you will know the name Lori Berenson who deserves to die for aiding Communist Terrorists in Peru. All of us can name Timothy McVeigh or Baruch Goldstein, but how many Muslim or Commie Terrorists can we name Khalid Sheik Mohammad because he looks like Ron Jeremy or Sheik Rahman because he dresses like Santa with Ray Charles vision and a ZZ top beard. How many victims of terror can we name Leon Klinghoffer a wheel chair bound senior citized thrown off a Cruise ship by Pseudostinian superman jihadi terrorists. Perhaps Daniel Pearl and Nicholas Berg bound and beheaded on videotape by Muslims chanting "Allah Ahkbar" not eat at KFC. The reasons for the above is the far left domination of the MSM by graduates of Journalism programs run by professors who are divorced from reality. They decide the Mathew Sheppard story runs for days. However nobody recalls Ari Halberstam shot by a Muslim because he was a Jew.

Lastly the deranged John Brown posted some interesting pictures of himself on the Mullah Beak blogsite. His good friend Renegade Eye complained of the Nazi like posts. This is the first time we agree with Renegade Eye in that John Brown writes that blog. I offered to show a screen shot to prove it but Ren backed down and deleted the comments. Now John Brown is complaining that Mr Beamish posted pictures of him from My Gay Life on the Mullah Beak site.
We have proof that John Brown runs the Mullah Beak site and how is he so familiar with the content of My Gay life. There are some interesting pictures of John Brown who apparently suffers from Down's syndrome in prison in some odd type of S&M activity.

Brown forgets that writting styles are as unique as finger prints. He was female Jihadi Anum Muhktar an alleged Baloch who did not understand the basics of Pakistani life. He is posting now as Dora a female and as the gay Borenstein over at Bar Kochba. He has now started to spam Renegade Eye. How long before Ren ends up in Klan Watch is unknown. Maybe Brown will invent a Randoid Kahanist version of Ren for satire.

Many of you have pointed out some disagreement with my contention that Jews are not Communists. History points us directly to US Jews who knowingly remained faithful to the party as it allied itself with the Nazis. These same Jews said nothing when Stalin was killing Jews. Now Ren has proven that Communists are traitors to their ethnicity. Russel Means could not watch the Sandanazis butcher Indians. He picked up a gun and was tossed out of the AIM movement for being reactionary. It seems that the AIM movement cares more about Communist thugs than dead indians. Even FAKE Indian Ward Churchill picked up a gun and tried to defend the Indians from the Sandinazis. Do remember this the next time a Commie like Ren, Chomsky,Norman Finkelstein play the standard word games with Jooo, Zionist, Neocon, Likudnick and Israeli. Communists are not Jews or Americans, they are beholden to a totalitarian utopian death cult that seeks global hegemony. In the name of this death cult they will kill, steal and lie as needed. Ren still continues to defend and host the Neonazi LWB whose posts can be lifted out of Stormfront. Moreover, this is someone he is in frequent contact with off line.

Beamish in 08 and 12 and Mt Rushmore in 16. Ducky to GITMO and John Brown to a mental health facility.

Slandering Christians and Junglemom

Those of you who are long term readers of this blog know my love for true Christians. These are the people who have welcomed me into their churches and homes as a non-Christian. The few times I have encountered anti-semitism amongst Christians it was the usual dolts preaching Liberation theology or a member of the far left churches that seem more devoted to Marx than Jesus.

I want to point out that I do like G, who politics aside is a decent fellow unlike the souless Ren. G is an example of ignorance squared "Missionaries are the worst people in the world. Fuck them"
Later on Sonia's blog he complains that missionaries impose their views on Native Americans.

If anyone has a monopoly on imposing their views on people it is Communists. Lets take your land force you to live on a collective and kill you if you resist. G may be ignorant but this is not just talk of Kulaks and Fidel did this as well.Communist steal property in the name of the people that they do not serve. They merely set themselves up as the new royalty and oppress the people more than the previous way of life.

Junglemom brought education, food, medical care to Native Americans. She did not steal their lands or exploit them or kill them like the Sandanistas. Hugo will get around to killing Indians later. Meanwhile the Marxist religious zealots are still doing the fan dance that Chavez is not a commie, just like they did with Fidel in the 50's. Ren has proclaimed that he sees no evidence in the testimony of Junglemom. Excuse me but this is shades of Chomsky calling eyewitnesses to Pol Pots attrocities liars based upon Communist publications in Australia. We found out later the eyewitnesses were correct. Chomsky is still pushing fairy tales today comparing the raid on Entebee with Pearl Harbor and talking about a US-Nazi alliance while ignoring the Commie Nazi alliance.

On to our other Christian topics. Those of you interested in the Apocrypha and how the book of Mormon is viewed by Christians as discussed on this blog have two excellent options. I participated in a radio show that regular readers know how to find. The topic of Apocrypha was also explained by Dr Yeagley at Bad Eagle in the religious forum. Dr Yeagley has an actual PHD in Divinity from Yale. The conversation included a friend Steve L who is a non practicing Mormon. It included many interesting Native Americans as well. The Native Americans were not particularly upset at being mistaken for the lost tribes of Israel. This notion was not invented by Mormons and Sephardic Jews and missionaries had these notions at leat 100 years before the Mormon exodus.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Gitmo and John Brown to Bellvue. Make America a better place send a Commie to Gitmo. Maybe we can hire Sally Struthers to do our ads and have Ducky as the poster boy.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This is not your fathers inflation

Renegade as a Commie hack tells the true faithful that inflation is a normal thing countries go through. Those of us old enough to remember the failed Carter administration remember the misery index. Carter was also allowed the Soviet Union a free hand in the third world with a wink and a nod.

Prices kept rising but consumer products were available, but at a higher price. The situation in the blunder land of Venezuela has empty shelves. There are few goods to buy at all. Currency is valued by what it can purchase not its quantity. One can click the link tothe Dictators of the World blog and read how this policy wsorked in Zimbabwe.

This is the Communist Hack Dance

1 Deny that the thug is Communist as long as possible. Ren call Chavez a Socialist, but it is clear that this is not Sweden in South America.

2 Repeat all propoganda and lies issued from the party elite.

3 Cloud the issue and try to blame the failures of the Commie mess on the USA or cronies of the previous regime.

4 Slander all the exiles who tell their accounts.

5 Ignore all historical parallels

6 Cry victim

7 When the failure and death toll is too high claim noble motives

8 After some time passes claim you never supported the thug in question.

9 Blame the USA for the failures again

10 Repeat the process.

How many times have we seen this dance. Those of us that grant Ren and other Communists the benefit of noble motives are wrong.

Beamish in 08

Rationalizing Failure

The brain impaired minions of Marx are unable to explain why consumer products are unavailable in the workers paradise. The alleged workers paradise countries that the usual suspects defend all have endemic shortages of consumer staples. The Marxist elite preach about the disparity between poor and rich while defending countries where basic items such as soap and fresh produce are hoarded.

Communist countries have often used planned starvation as a tool to control the masses. No doubt death via starvation is an alternate form of liberation. Our Prisoners in Gitmo have a better diet and more freedom than the average Cuban. If the antiwar activist really wanted to creat problems they would just show Cubans the food the prisoners in GITMO are eating. The Cuban people would demand assylum in Gitmo to get a decent meal. This would make commies look absurd and it will never happen as the leaders of the so called Peace Movement are "Communists".

Communists always seem to be able to produce one item in abundance , cheap alcohol. It is far easier to control people who are drunk tan sober people.

No matter how much the usual suspects lie there are disparities under Marxist misrule. The party elite dine in luxury and the unwashed masses have to hunt and hoard soap. The hoarding is a survival mechanism as you can trade exess soap for someething you need from the man next door.

The truth about Marxism is that it is theft by a parasitic party ellite who deem that they alone as keepers of the divine faith must act for the clueless unwashed masses. They will kill, steal and lie to maintain their grip on power. All morality is flexible with Communists and independent thought is evil.

How one defends a system of government that routinely can not provide consumer non durables and oppresses its people remains a mystery. The standard lines about health care do not work.
Moreover, Israel has better health care than Cuba and the far left never get around to that in their obsessions with the Joooos. Blaming Batista four decades after he is gone doesn't cut it. Most Conservatives want to see noble motives that match our own in the far left. However, this is a mistake as the deception hustle is trotted out with each new commie despot.

The differences between Commie hacks and the rest of us is they build gulags and walls to keep
people in. Left to their own devices Christians will build hospitals, schools and community help centers.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Fixing the links

I am in the process of fixing the links. Please excuse this temporary inconvenience

Polygamy, Practicality and You

The media seems to have an unusual position that Polygamy is a Mormon phenomena. The truth is the few Mormon dissenters who still practice this are easy targets. Mormons tend to be white and fairly conservative and are easy targets.

The reality is that in the USA and Western Europe we largely turn a blind eye to defacto Polygamy. The reality is that under US law any US citizen who is over twenty one may petition for a visa for their mother.

Some of you may point out that these states have legitimation requirements and the USA only recognizes the first marriage in a polygamous household. The reality is that a father can get around this by proving he has had a relationship with his child.

When the petition is approved wife number two or three moves into the household. About the only benefit not granted is tax benefits. However, an unmarried woman can get other types of financial aid if she has no income. Insurance policies do not cover these situations and guess who is able to pick up the check.

In practical terms we should want to keep families together. However, every society has the right to define its norms. If a person wants to practice Polygamy there are countries where this is an accepted practice. On the whole when one decides to emigrate one is bound by the laws of the lands of residency. For the most part all we ask is find a job, respect others and obey the law of the USA.

The media never seems to mention these immigrants when discussing Polygamy. This is one of the more subtle ways the leftist media types frame an issue in a misleading manner.

Beamish in 08, Ren to become a Capo in LWB's concentration camp

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Renagade Eyes Has lost his Tounge, backbone and Soul. Koolaide for Anti-Semites

Communists seem to have an opinion on everything. However when the subject is the failures of Communism and the acceptance of blatant bigotry they suddenly are at a loss for words. The bottom line is they can't say a single word because bigotry and stupidity is central to their cause.

Case in point the cowardly Communist Renegade Eye has an actual Neo-Nazi named LWB posting at his site. LWB swears Ren invited him to post at the site and they talk off line. Now some of you may think this is an exageration, but the themes of LWB are identical to those found on Stormfront and David Duke's site.

When asked to comment on the rabid anti-semitism Ren remains silent. This is unusual for a person who would lecture Don Imus and Rush Limbaugh about offensive material that was clearly meant as satire, albeit in poor taste.

These are the themes LWB has posted and can be found on Stormfront or any other Neonazi site. Ren has feigned ala Alfred E Neuman in Mad Magazine Mode " What Anti-Semitism???"
He is in clear and present denial of a serious problem. Moreover, he feeds the manias of mentally unbalanced sorts like LWB and John Brown.

These seven themes are presented in LWB's posts

1 Jewish Americans who support Israel are traitors.
He has made this comment several times. This is not the case of someone angry and unhinged.

2 A cabal of Jews manipulated Bush into invading Iraq at Israel's instructions.

3 AIPAC runs the country

4 Jews Control the Media.

5 European Jews are Khazars with no connection to the Jews in the Bible. Repeated tests indicate Jews are more closely related to each other than the adjacent populations.

6 Jewish Americans want to debase gentiles into second class citizenship, becoming Psuedostinians.

7 Israel had prior warning of 9-11 and sacraficed expendables to manipulate America. Obviously, as an eyewitness to 9-11 I must be considered an acceptable loss.

These are just the starters with the usual idiocy about the USS Liberty tossed in. One can find every one of these themes on Stormfront.

This is quite amusing that people who bandy the term fascist and racist have zero problems with Neonazi rhetoric. These themes were pointed out repeatedly and the glib Ren has lost his voice. This is not a mere case of a random blogger either. Ren communicates with this person off line and apparently approves of Neonazi comments.

The funny part is LWB is so stupid that he makes my case that far left types are anti-semites
without me lifting a finger.

This is shades of the Nazi-Soviet alliance that Ren has defended and Chomsky has convenient abnesia.

Renegade Eye Now Proudly Serving Koolaide Jim Jones Style.

Ren needs to take out his party manual and read the section entitled "Purge". If he has lost his manual he can rent a copy of Old Yeller and deal with John Brown and LWB appropriately. Any comparison of John Brown and LWB to rabid dogs is an insult to rabid dogs.