Thursday, July 12, 2007

Slandering Christians and Junglemom

Those of you who are long term readers of this blog know my love for true Christians. These are the people who have welcomed me into their churches and homes as a non-Christian. The few times I have encountered anti-semitism amongst Christians it was the usual dolts preaching Liberation theology or a member of the far left churches that seem more devoted to Marx than Jesus.

I want to point out that I do like G, who politics aside is a decent fellow unlike the souless Ren. G is an example of ignorance squared "Missionaries are the worst people in the world. Fuck them"
Later on Sonia's blog he complains that missionaries impose their views on Native Americans.

If anyone has a monopoly on imposing their views on people it is Communists. Lets take your land force you to live on a collective and kill you if you resist. G may be ignorant but this is not just talk of Kulaks and Fidel did this as well.Communist steal property in the name of the people that they do not serve. They merely set themselves up as the new royalty and oppress the people more than the previous way of life.

Junglemom brought education, food, medical care to Native Americans. She did not steal their lands or exploit them or kill them like the Sandanistas. Hugo will get around to killing Indians later. Meanwhile the Marxist religious zealots are still doing the fan dance that Chavez is not a commie, just like they did with Fidel in the 50's. Ren has proclaimed that he sees no evidence in the testimony of Junglemom. Excuse me but this is shades of Chomsky calling eyewitnesses to Pol Pots attrocities liars based upon Communist publications in Australia. We found out later the eyewitnesses were correct. Chomsky is still pushing fairy tales today comparing the raid on Entebee with Pearl Harbor and talking about a US-Nazi alliance while ignoring the Commie Nazi alliance.

On to our other Christian topics. Those of you interested in the Apocrypha and how the book of Mormon is viewed by Christians as discussed on this blog have two excellent options. I participated in a radio show that regular readers know how to find. The topic of Apocrypha was also explained by Dr Yeagley at Bad Eagle in the religious forum. Dr Yeagley has an actual PHD in Divinity from Yale. The conversation included a friend Steve L who is a non practicing Mormon. It included many interesting Native Americans as well. The Native Americans were not particularly upset at being mistaken for the lost tribes of Israel. This notion was not invented by Mormons and Sephardic Jews and missionaries had these notions at leat 100 years before the Mormon exodus.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Gitmo and John Brown to Bellvue. Make America a better place send a Commie to Gitmo. Maybe we can hire Sally Struthers to do our ads and have Ducky as the poster boy.


CB said...

I had a conversation with my brother in law (the Vanderbilt theology PhD candidate) about the Moromonism as Christianity thread you started last week. He sees Mormonism as another, seperate religion, not Christianity. He says it has Christian roots, in much the same way as Christianity has roots in Judaism.

He argued that Mormonism, which just very recently accepted blacks into their faith, don't recognize Jesus as part of the Godhead or Trinity. Christians also fundamentally believe in the divinity of Jesus and his atoning sacrifice.

I'm not sure how this plays into his assessment, because as he started to explain, we were interrupted by some nut who wanted our opinion on how the Pope coordinated the 9-11 attacks.

beakerkin said...

At least the Mormons have corrected an odious mistake.

This topic has taken a life of its own. I like G, but his comments about missionaries on Sonias site are warped. He is a good kid with lousy ideas.

Alma said...

CB, your brother-in-law needs to take a closer look if he argues that Mormonism doesn't recognize Jesus as part of the Godhead or Trinity." While Mormons don't accept some of the formulas of the creeds they certainly do believe in Christ's atonement and divinity. We believe that Jesus Christ is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Steve Harkonnen said...

As far as his comments against Missionaries, I noticed that too on Sonia's blog and came to the defence of missionaries.

There was totally no explanation of this clown's takings that missionaries are the worst people in the world.

Maybe the commie fucktard who wrote that should have two layers of skin removed and then dipped in salted vinegar.

Jungle Mom said...

Why thank you for your support here. I have tried to avoid these people while in country,
I understand that people such as I who are truly trying to put our faith in practice in a daily sacrificial manner seems incomprehensible to them and thus, they are sure we are doing it all for some "dark' scheme.
We have been slandered for years now. Thats the nature of the beast.:)

Ducky's here said...

Ah, isn't that sweet, Beak's going to tell us what a "true" Christian is. I'm sure it will have a huge impact.

CB said...

I don't know what comes first for those, like G, that see some virtue in collectivism; agnosticism/atheism or a warped sense of egalitarianism.

Although, as I've mentioned several times, atheism does not logically follow from dialectical materialism - it was simply Marx's choice, collectivists cling to this notion of denying or at least not acknowledging the existence of God. The only exception, it seems, as you pointed out, are the fruitcake liberation theologists.

I do observe that the outspoken Godless, except for a few libetarians, are strongly left leaning in their politics and worldview. Parenthetically, the fanatically outspoken, God fearing group du jour, Islamists, begin to converge tactically with the fanatically left at the mathematical limit of backward, in their joint embrace of violence as a means of control.

I don't mean to insult G, but he's a victim of the lack of a "fairness doctrine." He could have used some balance to Nina Totenburg and Bob Edwards on NPR, Frontline on PBS, the "news" on the alphabet networks and the old grey lady and her progeny.

He is susceptible to claims that SUV's in Manhattan are responsible for the same rate of climate change on Mars that we're experiencing on earth, that unemployment compensation is preferable to the slavery of a job and that Al Sharpton speaks for all nappy headed hos.

Luv u G! Keep hope alive

Beamish in '08!

beakerkin said...


Class Genocide and property theft are not Christian. People like Jungle Mom serve the poor without the need to Lord over their lives.
Repeat the part about render unto Ceasar.


I am glad the Beamish campaign is gaining followers.


I do not understand the hostility to Mormonism. My experiences with Mormons have been positive. In fact every time I experience genuine bigotry it is almost always a far left type.


I did notice your reaction at Sonia's. G is a good kid with really bad ideas.

CB said...


In fairness to my brother in law, I didn't get his full explanation. As I said, we were interrupted. I personally harbor no hostility (nor do I believe does my brother in law) toward the LDS church, I don't know enough about it, other than annually at Christmas, a local LDS church's orchestra and choir joins ours, at our church, to perform Handel's Messiah.

Ducky's here said...

So what do you propose to do cb. If you haven't noticed, American evangelicals are somewhat like the Afrikaans. They have no where else in the world to go.

You are experiencing political defeat after defeat and just yesterday Sam Brownback (R - Religiously insane) started campaigning with Terry Schiavo's brother.

I expect that next they will dig up her liquified remains so the fundies can rally once more. They'll put her in a glass coffin to be the fundie "Evita".

It's over. Homos are going to be dating your sister any day now.

beakerkin said...


If you haven't noticed those people who are more religious produce far more children. It is obvious that you will sent into the dustbin of history.

An Israeli court did permit a woman to marry a dolphin. However, Human- poultry unions are out of the question.

CB said...

Defining evangelical, used by you as a pejorative, is in many respects like defining Christianity itself, it depends on which side of the pew you sit.

At least for me, my politics are informed by my faith; my faith is not defined by my politics (which seems to be your take on "evangelicals").

What do I propose to do? I will keep believing in God and advocating and acting based on my conscience, including voting.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


Which of these three Jesus freaks has your vote?

Ducky's here said...

I believe I've stated that I support Edwards. Health care will be the swing issue for me.

Always On Watch said...

Hugo will get around to killing Indians later.

Predictable, isn't it?

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Edwards has a lower approval rating among Democrats than Bush does nationally.

Jungle Mom said...

Actually, he already has killed indians. I will post about a massacre on the Caura river last year. The "official" version has been quite sanitized.

The Merry Widow said...

You have it right CB, my faith defines my life, not the other way around.
Alma-Please explain Lucifer being Jesus brother and rebelling because his ideas were rejected, that is not Scriptural.
Also, Jesus HIMSELF said that there is no marrying or giving in marriage in Heaven.


Graeme said...

beak, I have trouble with you. why don't you pose questions on people's sites like you do on yours? You are welcome at my site, but I wish you would provoke comments rather than harsh criticism. Save your polemics for posts

and for fucks sake. enough with the name calling. Ren isn't jim jones. enough of that shit.

beakerkin said...


Does Ren endorse the behavior of Norman Finkelstein who call Ellie Weisel a Circus Clown and professional Jew? Does Ren endorse Finkelstein who regularly compares Israel to Nazi Germany and place "6,000,000".

The truth about Jim Jones was that he was a good Commie. He called his variant Communalism.

If Ren endorses this behavior by Finkelstein he should endure the same behavior. Moreover, the comments about a woman who has dedicated her life to helping the poor are beyond disgusting.