Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lies of Renegade Eye

Renegade Eye is upset with my well proven point that there is no such thing as Palestinian ethnicity. In fact this phantom ethnicity was created by Communist stooge Nasser at the behest of his Soviet masters. All the Arab Israeli wars have been fought with the elimination of the Jewish state as pretext.

The fact is there was no Palestine and there are no Palestinians. There are Arabs who posess an abundance of land, have a colonial history of abuses exceeding anything in the Western context Commies rail about and humans who have been used as hockey pucks by their fellow Arabs with collusion of Commies. The real story is yet another example of the never ending Arab land lust and refusal to settle their own refugees. Moreover, few of the so called "refugees" have roots in the land longer than the Jews. Many of the Pseudostinians are Egyptian, Bosnian, Sudanese, Yemenites and others moved around by the Ottomans. Moreover, Jews have been recognized as a nation for 4000 years and are indigenous to Israel. Even Renegade Eye's beloved Soviet Union places the word JOOOO under nationality on all their documents. They do not place Russian orthodox, Hare Krishna or Aethist on their doccuments.

Communists start with an infantile premise of exploiters and opressed. The notion of Muslims or Arabs as oppressed given their history is comedic. Ren, G and so forth will rail about American history. John Brown still talks incoherently about Vanilla Sam and Klansmen. However, when the colonialists are Muslims and the Jim Crow is placed on Jooos, Christooooon, Zoooooroastrians, Hindooooos, Bhooooodists and even non Arab Mooooooooslims (equal oportunity excessive ooooooos to denote Communist stupidity) they feign ignorance of this history and try to rationalize these abuses or deem any comments along these lines as hate speech. Moreover, any examination of how Communists handle troublesome Muslims usually via deportation, ethnocide is deemed hate speech. Ren has not claimed the points are in accurate as he can not refute them.

Lets start off with the claim that Ren doesn't permit Hate speech on his site. This is an amusing claim for someone who allows a poster who posts of Vanilla Sam, Klansman and 9-11 as an inside job on his site. This same person also permits a NEO NAZI that is a pen name for John Brown to post on his site. Those of you who think this is an exageration are encourage to look at the themes of LWB and compare them to those found on Neo Nazi sites. Moreover, Ren was asked if he agreed with the themes and refused to answer.

Themes of NEO NAZI LWB posted many times with no comments by Renegade. Moreover, LWB is not a casual aquaintance of Ren's either.

1 American Jews who support Israel are traitors. This is quite amusing in that Greeks support Greece with no comment, African Americans with no ties to South Africa objected to aparthied along with many others, Indian support India with no comment. However, Jews who support a Jewish state are traitors. This is amusing from a person who has advanced the preposterous claim that the Rosenbergs were killed because of their heriatage. The same person also claims to know more about Argentina than Orthodox Jews who lived there with no problem until their house of worship was blown up by Brown's friends in Hezbollah and the Iranians. Pretending that Jacabo Timmerman was an apolitical Jew persecuted for his ethnicity is fantasy.

2 Israel had prior warning of 9-11 and let it happen. This is the mindless fantasy spun at and Counterpunch as well as Neonazi site. LWB when writing as John Brown claims it was an inside job. To his credit G has denounced this as stupid. Ren has refused to respond to this.

3 A Cabal of Jooooos run America. A classic theme of this is that Jews ru America via AIPAC. This is amusing for a person who does not see a plethora of Communist front groups funded largely by Soros,Theresa Heinz Gomer Kerry and other idiots advancing their agenda or the mostly foreign funded CAIR. Only Jewish groups expressing their interests in a country where the first amendment is our birth right is critiqued. This same First Amendment is invoked by Ren when his advocacy of a political philosophy that seeks the violent overthrow of the Ameican government is addressed. Ren will claim that he has never endorsed such actions. However, one can glean anything from Trotsky's writings that are like Nostradumbass's and all over the place depending on if he was in power or exile at the time.

4 Jews run the media and Hollywood to promote their own intrests. This is odd comming from
appolists for Stalinists as victims in the 50's. Seperate the art from the artist commies are fond of lecturing us. Thus the ethnicity of a studio head more interested in $$$$ becomes more relevant than the blatherings of Commies expressly placing their Utiopian death cult peans into
the culture. I look at Arthur Miller as a Communist appologist who produced two above average plays. The Crucible is highly over rated and should begin a class room discussion of Communism and the lies and crimes of their supporters maintained for five decades.

5 The Holocaust Museum and Holocaust ciriculum is used to indoctrinaite Americans into pro-Israeli points of view. The Holocaust Museum deals with the time period and serves as a reminder to the Holocaust deniers that it was a real event. Moreover, the actal museum does go out of its way to include gypsies and others. I would like to see a victims of Communism museum Museum next door to the Holocaust Museum. It would be great to read the comments of Noam Chomsky while walking past a replica of piles of skulls found in Cambodia. We could visit a model gulag and read Robeson's, Duranty and other apologists. We should also have a whole room dedicated to Cuba and the actual life of the imbecille Che. The Holocaust is usually described in one lecture on a single day. The victims of Communism and the lives of minorities under Islamic hegemony are not covered at all.

6 A cabal of Jooooos tricked the USA into invading Iraq. G has pointed out this is folly. Ren has remained silent by design.

If Ren wanted to remove hate speech the above Neonazi comments are clear examplesof it. He has not proved there is a basis for Palestinian ethnicity. Moreover, if no such ethnicty exists than the rationale reverts to insatiatable Arab land greed and Islamic agression.

Moreover. Ren and his incoherent communist dolts have never been able to refute a single point.

Thus Ren advances that the examination of Communist, Arab and Islamic history is hate speech. This is amazing for someone who places American, Israeli and to a lesser degree Western Civ under a microscope. How is it that a similar examination of those histories is "racist and hateful."

The reality is that Justin Morris as a Texan has a greater claim to a nation status and an ethnicity than Pseudostinians. Dr Yeagley and any other Native American has a greater claim to a nation thaan Pseudostinians. The residents of Brooklyn have a greater claim to a nation than Pseudostinians. In fact the claim that Pseudostians are an indigenous people is an insult to real indigenous people everyehere.

I was born in Brooklyn so therefore I am a Canarsie indian. I have no biological connection to the Canarsie. I do not speak the canarsie language, religion or culture. In fact I am no different from the residents of Queens and adjacent areas. Lets extend this logic to the obvious ethnicity. As a member of this Nation of Brooklyn we nominate Spike Lee as our leader. Spike Lee wasn't born in Brooklyn much like a midget in a Kafiyeh who was born in Cairo and Prof mediocre Said were born in Cairo and transmogrify themselves into Pseudostinians.Lets see Jason Pappas had relatives who were born in Turkey so therefore he is a Turk. Pappas is still an American whise Greek ancestors were ethnically cleansed from Turkey.

The obvious question is how much land do Arabs need. Obviously this is a point Blacks in the Sudan and elsewhere are very familiar with. Only G could write a post on Darfur blame America, not mention the word Arab or Muslims. How many ethnically cleansed states do Muslims need?

The incoherent Marxist from Lebanon talks of the non Arab people in the Middle East. They are certainly not Psuedostinians. The great Zionist fraud the PLO charter has Arab unity and Palestinian Arab all over the charter. I suppose Ren will claim some Neocon dropped those words in there by accident. Who are the non-Arabs? These are the JOOOOs, Christians, Berbers, Kurds, Turkomen, Assyrians and Copts who live under Arab hegemony. Contrary to deluded Communists idiocy Copts have their own language and predate the religion by the same name. They were in Egypt long before Arab invaders arrived and harassed the indigenous people. Assyrian Christians also have their own language and predate the Islamic invasions. Maybe MFL means the Blacks being slaughtered by Arabs. Maybe MFL means the Maronites slaughtered by Fattah with Communist henchman who will tell you they are not Arabs. Whoever these non-Arabs are they are not Pseudostinians. Why would the Pseudostine Liberation Organization write in their Charter the words Arab Unity and Pseudostinian Arab several times if they were in fact not Arabs.

Speaking of Apartheid is is interesting how a non-Muslim Alawite clique with 11% of the population oppress the rest of the country. However, the Baath party is commonly known as the ARAB SOCIALIST party so willful ignorance of real apartheid is okay.

The truth is Ren sees anti-semitism as central to advancing his Utopian pipe dreams. His inability to state his own views on the points of LWB can lead one to no other conclusion.

Beamish in 08.

Will someone dig up Kuhnkat from the MIA file


Jungle Mom said...

Great stuff! OT, but I did the post I mentioned about the massacre on the Caura River.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

When Renegade Eye started complaining about John Brown posting gay porn on his blog, John Brown created a "Renegade Eye" sock puppet at his "Mullah Beak" blog to post more gay porn under. He's as much a victim of John Brown's charming interpersonal communication skills as any other.

I'd pay no mind to it. If leftists were actually capable of discussing and defending their views in a manner consistent with rational discourse, I'm sure there would have been one that did so in the last 300 years, even if by accident.

Renegade Eye said...

I asked you nicely not to spam my blog. I'd hate to punish a missionary for your misbehavior.

Jungle Mom: Tell him to leave my blog alone.

Graeme said...


I am beginning to think you are retarded, seriously.

Renegade Eye said...

I take back what I said about Jungle Mom. It is wrong to spam anybody.

I will defend my blog and my blog owner's rights.

Jungle Mom said...

So.. how will you punish me?

MarxistFromLebanon said...

he is retarded, non-democratic, and racist, my dear Graeme

Beak, people like you who bark and threaten will never scare us...

Hasta La Victoria Siempre!!!

beakerkin said...


Funny you weren't censored here and have not raised a single point.
You were never threatened by me and are to incoherent to post a response.

Neither Arabs or Muslims are racial in any definition. Palestinians are not an ethnic group any more than Texans are. You have not even demonstrated a coherent thought ever.


Is that the best you can do. Do note nobody was censored. You are dumbasses incapable of thought.

Russet Shadows said...

One thing that unites all strands of leftism is the bedrock inability to hold rational discourse.

Jungle Mom said...

I find it ironic that Ren is mad at you so he threatens me? Isn't that what terrorist do?

nanc said...

ren needs to keep his lies straight as i've proven in the top post.

eyes on you, ren - you may be able to fool your people, but i'm watching you and you cannot fool me.

*:] eyes on ren. watch it - i have teens...

nanc said...

russet - i believe you and beamish are joined at the cerebellum...

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Well, I can't remember a time I disagreed with Russet Shadows.