Monday, July 02, 2007

Special Treat, an Interview From Cambodia with Lux

One of the treats of doing these foreign interviews is that we get to talk about subjects not often mentioned in our common blogs. I have been searching the web to find a Cambodian blogger. This is a rare opportunity to learn directly from the local community.

I would like to thank Lux ahead of time for his efforts.

1 At present what is the basis of the Cambodian economy. Does Cambodia have natural resources that can be developed.

2 How are light manufacturing jobs, such as garment assembly, perceived by the public? Do the people view these jobs as demeaning or are such jobs viewed as opportunities?

3 Is Cambodia trying to attract foreign investors to set up factories and create jobs?

4 Many countries such as Pakistan and Mexico depend on money sent from the emigree community abroad. This term for this is commonly called transfer payments. Is the money sent by Cambodian emigrees a vital part of the economy?

5 Some countries send labor abroad to the Persian Gulf, Europe or America. Is this currently happening in your country?

6 Has Cambodia developed Universities and technical schools? Can you describe some of these schools. Was foreign aid involved in creating these institutions.

7 Has Cambodia achieved political stability needed to create economic growth?

8 This question may seem absurd. However, the far left in America has deluded itself that the Khmer Rouge was non-Communist. The frequent excuse is that the Khmer Rouge was nationalist so that it couldn't be Communist. Was the Khmer Rouge Communist?

9 Has there been an effort to try those responsible for the genocide?

10 Are land mines still a major problem in the countryside?

11 What has happened to the rank and file soldiers of the Khmer Rouge? Many of these soldiers were in their teens? Where are they today?

12 Is radical Islam prevalent in the small Cambodian Muslim community?

13 Where do you see Cambodia in the future say 25 years from now? Does the country need to make a greater commitment to building infrastructure and schools.

14 If I were visiting your country what are some of the places I should visit.

15 Does your government censor the press ? Can you go into the library and read whatever you wish.

16 Do you frequently encounter foreign journalists in Cambodia. What are your impressions of those journalists? I can tell you that in NYC foreign correspondents are very annoying and think they are experts on everything.

17 Do you see global trade as an opportunity, challenge or threat to your country?

18 Are consumer products, such as fresh produce and small appliances more readily available in the markets than in the recent past? Has the selection and quality of the consumer products improved.

19 Are American movies and music available in your country? Do you feel that the importation of Western Pop culture endangers the traditional values of your country?

20 Cambodia has some imporant endangered wild life. Has the potential for ecology based tourism been considered?

21 Can you decribe some of the non-Khmer minorites that are part of the population of Cambodia?

22 Has an effort been made to preserve historical sites in your country?

23 Have Western farming methods increased productivity?

24 Is medical care provided by the government or does the individual pay these costs?

25 Are Christians persecuted in your country?


Always On Watch said...

I'm particularly interested in the answer to Question 12. Predictable on my part, I suppose.

The Merry Widow said...

Good spread of questions, Beaker. It shows that you do your research!