Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Fun Post on Deranged Commies

Commies by definition are idiots and John Brown/ LWB merely add mental illness to the mix.
Enter another of Ren's special Ed dolts who like Beatroot feigns the cynic act. " Cuba has problems but so does the USA...

Cuba Jails people on the slightest pretense of being anti Castro.
USA: We allow freedom of speech to people like Ren who are practicing revolutionary defeatism.

Cuba: People risk death to leave
USA People risk death to arrive

Cuba: Average Cuban can not find luxury items such as food, soap
USA Even our poor are obese

Cuba; State run media only
USA: Subsidizes PBS and NPR that are often critical of the government

Cuba Has political prisoners
USA Lefties top gripe is Norman Finkelstein Communist Antisemite has been fired four times

We could go on like this forever, but the point is made. Cuba is a repressive police state that Commies make excuses for. Even cynics like Beatroot tend to ignore the obvious pattern and claim Chavez is like Peron. I am still trying to figure out how the imbecile Che got into the musical Evita. Che did nothing in his native Argentina and served as a mercenary who was known for shooting unarmed prisoners. Lets see an Argentine Inbecile orders an American convicted rapist Communist (Herman Marks) to shoot Cubans.

Commies are imbeciles who have no clue how markets work. Beatroot a former leftist demonstrates his profound ignorance by talking of a conspiracy to keep oil prices high. Oil is a cyclical comodity and by nature these products fluctuate wildly in price. The price of steel and lumber go through similar cycles. If any group is to blame for keeping oil prices high it is greens
who are Commies undercover. All attempts to build new refineries and drill in new areas are held up by Greens/reds. They talk about the working man, but are uninterested in the creation
of high paying jobs for real families and adding more oil to the market.

Commies play a absurd sick game. Any problems in the USA or Israel are major earth shattering events. A bulldozer runs over a stupid American Communist who was in violation of the law by inserting herself into foreign policy. Now Rachel Corrie's parents want to sue the Catepilar company for her daughters stupidity. In Corrie's case it appears her stupidity is genetic. How many of us can name the Indian tribes masacred by the Sandinazis with Cuban, Eastern European and Pseudostinian merceneries? Has anyone demanded that Daniel Ortega
be tried by these Kangaroo courts that attempted to try Sharon and Pinochet on his deathbed?
Can you name a Kulak, or the Cubans shot by Che saying "Christ is the King", Chinese Student
killed at Tianamen Square, Vietnamese peasant killed at Hue in collectivization, a Cambodian who dies in Pol Pots Commie hell or even Commie dolt Jim Jones victims. You can recall the four
American Nuns from the Commieknoll disorder who inserted themselves into a civil war. Many of you will know the name Lori Berenson who deserves to die for aiding Communist Terrorists in Peru. All of us can name Timothy McVeigh or Baruch Goldstein, but how many Muslim or Commie Terrorists can we name Khalid Sheik Mohammad because he looks like Ron Jeremy or Sheik Rahman because he dresses like Santa with Ray Charles vision and a ZZ top beard. How many victims of terror can we name Leon Klinghoffer a wheel chair bound senior citized thrown off a Cruise ship by Pseudostinian superman jihadi terrorists. Perhaps Daniel Pearl and Nicholas Berg bound and beheaded on videotape by Muslims chanting "Allah Ahkbar" not eat at KFC. The reasons for the above is the far left domination of the MSM by graduates of Journalism programs run by professors who are divorced from reality. They decide the Mathew Sheppard story runs for days. However nobody recalls Ari Halberstam shot by a Muslim because he was a Jew.

Lastly the deranged John Brown posted some interesting pictures of himself on the Mullah Beak blogsite. His good friend Renegade Eye complained of the Nazi like posts. This is the first time we agree with Renegade Eye in that John Brown writes that blog. I offered to show a screen shot to prove it but Ren backed down and deleted the comments. Now John Brown is complaining that Mr Beamish posted pictures of him from My Gay Life on the Mullah Beak site.
We have proof that John Brown runs the Mullah Beak site and how is he so familiar with the content of My Gay life. There are some interesting pictures of John Brown who apparently suffers from Down's syndrome in prison in some odd type of S&M activity.

Brown forgets that writting styles are as unique as finger prints. He was female Jihadi Anum Muhktar an alleged Baloch who did not understand the basics of Pakistani life. He is posting now as Dora a female and as the gay Borenstein over at Bar Kochba. He has now started to spam Renegade Eye. How long before Ren ends up in Klan Watch is unknown. Maybe Brown will invent a Randoid Kahanist version of Ren for satire.

Many of you have pointed out some disagreement with my contention that Jews are not Communists. History points us directly to US Jews who knowingly remained faithful to the party as it allied itself with the Nazis. These same Jews said nothing when Stalin was killing Jews. Now Ren has proven that Communists are traitors to their ethnicity. Russel Means could not watch the Sandanazis butcher Indians. He picked up a gun and was tossed out of the AIM movement for being reactionary. It seems that the AIM movement cares more about Communist thugs than dead indians. Even FAKE Indian Ward Churchill picked up a gun and tried to defend the Indians from the Sandinazis. Do remember this the next time a Commie like Ren, Chomsky,Norman Finkelstein play the standard word games with Jooo, Zionist, Neocon, Likudnick and Israeli. Communists are not Jews or Americans, they are beholden to a totalitarian utopian death cult that seeks global hegemony. In the name of this death cult they will kill, steal and lie as needed. Ren still continues to defend and host the Neonazi LWB whose posts can be lifted out of Stormfront. Moreover, this is someone he is in frequent contact with off line.

Beamish in 08 and 12 and Mt Rushmore in 16. Ducky to GITMO and John Brown to a mental health facility.


Farmer John said...

Deranged Commies?

Isn't that redundant?

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

As redundant as "Leftist Nazi."

Ducky's here said...

Beak, why don't you move to Israel?

beakerkin said...

Lets see

Number One I am a partiotic American

Number 2 This is my country. Commies do not belong here.

Number 3 You are a chicken collectivist. If you are going to make excuses for Fidel you need to live there. I will see if we can locate some space near Joanne Chesimard.

FLORIAN said...

Hilarious! Commies even risk death to move here--look at all the Zapatistas coming over from the Mayan Empire--and the Chinese almost suffocate in those rat-infested barges to get to Seattle, Portland and San Francisco. All Commies!!!!

Justin said...

Ducky's here said...
Beak, why don't you move to Israel?

Excuse me while I finish laughing my arse off here. This question is posed by someone who supports Castro, Chaves and any other communist sewer rat running around out there.

But refuses to say why he wont move to one of these countries. Ummm Ducky me thinks thou art a tad bit hypocrital in asking this question you yourself have never answered.

Warren said...

I'll answer it for him, Justin.

It because he's full of crap!

Russet Shadows said...

You've pegged the depth of thought that most, if not all, leftists use when defending the indefensible. A has problems; B has problems, thus they are Exactly The Same. Perhaps these folks have forgotten to use the proper terminology to disguise their ignorance? I believe "nuance" is the word.

Russet Shadows said...

Oh, and about Ducky -- his words are typical of the censorious left. If you don't jump through a series of ever-shrinking hoops, then you're not allowed to speak. It's what the left ALWAYS does to pull the discussion away from the point of the argument itself. It's quite pathetic and predictable, but it does display their lack of intellect. (And five minutes from now, someone will come up with a high-falutin' word to "prove" that ad hominem attacks are the new mental chic.)

Purple Avenger said...

Beak, have you seen this video with a n ex-Soviet official where he speaks about the useful idiots?

Quite good and blunt about what the fate of the "true believers" always is once the commies actually take power.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

If Ducky didn't say things that provoke you to believe that there's a real danger of him licking a light bulb in an ice cream shop, you'd never realize he's a leftist.