Sunday, July 08, 2007

Renagade Eyes Has lost his Tounge, backbone and Soul. Koolaide for Anti-Semites

Communists seem to have an opinion on everything. However when the subject is the failures of Communism and the acceptance of blatant bigotry they suddenly are at a loss for words. The bottom line is they can't say a single word because bigotry and stupidity is central to their cause.

Case in point the cowardly Communist Renegade Eye has an actual Neo-Nazi named LWB posting at his site. LWB swears Ren invited him to post at the site and they talk off line. Now some of you may think this is an exageration, but the themes of LWB are identical to those found on Stormfront and David Duke's site.

When asked to comment on the rabid anti-semitism Ren remains silent. This is unusual for a person who would lecture Don Imus and Rush Limbaugh about offensive material that was clearly meant as satire, albeit in poor taste.

These are the themes LWB has posted and can be found on Stormfront or any other Neonazi site. Ren has feigned ala Alfred E Neuman in Mad Magazine Mode " What Anti-Semitism???"
He is in clear and present denial of a serious problem. Moreover, he feeds the manias of mentally unbalanced sorts like LWB and John Brown.

These seven themes are presented in LWB's posts

1 Jewish Americans who support Israel are traitors.
He has made this comment several times. This is not the case of someone angry and unhinged.

2 A cabal of Jews manipulated Bush into invading Iraq at Israel's instructions.

3 AIPAC runs the country

4 Jews Control the Media.

5 European Jews are Khazars with no connection to the Jews in the Bible. Repeated tests indicate Jews are more closely related to each other than the adjacent populations.

6 Jewish Americans want to debase gentiles into second class citizenship, becoming Psuedostinians.

7 Israel had prior warning of 9-11 and sacraficed expendables to manipulate America. Obviously, as an eyewitness to 9-11 I must be considered an acceptable loss.

These are just the starters with the usual idiocy about the USS Liberty tossed in. One can find every one of these themes on Stormfront.

This is quite amusing that people who bandy the term fascist and racist have zero problems with Neonazi rhetoric. These themes were pointed out repeatedly and the glib Ren has lost his voice. This is not a mere case of a random blogger either. Ren communicates with this person off line and apparently approves of Neonazi comments.

The funny part is LWB is so stupid that he makes my case that far left types are anti-semites
without me lifting a finger.

This is shades of the Nazi-Soviet alliance that Ren has defended and Chomsky has convenient abnesia.

Renegade Eye Now Proudly Serving Koolaide Jim Jones Style.

Ren needs to take out his party manual and read the section entitled "Purge". If he has lost his manual he can rent a copy of Old Yeller and deal with John Brown and LWB appropriately. Any comparison of John Brown and LWB to rabid dogs is an insult to rabid dogs.


sonia said...

LWB's antics are indeed despicable, but you are stretching your argument a bit by requiring Renegade Eye to comment on them. Guilt by association is a tricky proposition. Ren has a perfect right to remain silent. Everybody has this right.

beakerkin said...


Renegade has made the claim there is no anti-semitism on his site. If Ren wants to pass judgement on Don Imus and Rush Limbaugh then his own repeated inactions are subject to scrutiny.

Moreover, LWB and John Brown are the most obvious anti-semites. It is apparent that Ren is aware of this mania and tosses them red meat. In fact the repeated silence of his entire board speaks vollumes. Commies pass judgement on everything and should be treated
to the same scrutiny they subject others to.

Ren obviously does sympatize with the commenys of LWB or he would not have invited him to his blog.
Do note LWB has not denied that he has made the above statements.

Anonymous said...


Why are you complaining? LWB and Brwonie's comments only serve to discredit Ren's blog and that their views go unchallenged speaks volumes to any casual reader who might inadvertently wander over there.

I say, let them discredit themselves with their kooky stormfront tactics.

sonia said...


Renegade has made the claim there is no anti-semitism on his site.

Comments don't count. I never censor anti-semitic comments on my site. Note that Ren has never let Brown or LWB post on his site. Those who are allowed to post on his site (like Beatroot, Maryam, Maria Trigona and even the incoherent MarxistFromLebanon) have never expressed any anti-semitism.

Btw, speaking of his collaborators, did you notice that Beatroot got over 110 comments, while the hapless MarxistFromLebanon only 5 ? In this case, the comments reflect the quality of the posts...

beakerkin said...

MFL has expressed the standard cliches and does not deserve to be lumped with Brown and LWB.

However, as someone who is closely aligned with LWB he should say something. Do note we had a lengthy conversation here over a much less serious hostility to Mormonism. I did not let the material pass.

If this were one or two comments I would tend to agree with you. However, this is a series of protracted behaviors on the part of LWB and Brown.

I do not understand his hesitation to address the most rabid forms of bigotry. If he wants to hold Don Imus and Rush Limbaugh accountable LWB and John Brown need to be held accountable as well.

Beatroot is a decent guy but he cuts Ren and Chavez way too much slack. Chavez is a Commie plain and simple. Ren and Company are playing the classic deny, lie and when the evidence is too great blame the failures on idealism. This tactic is at least four decades old.

Beat root is a decent man who is not cynical enough with the far left. MFL is just incoherent and in many cases ignorant.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

A ripoff contest would require someone to put 10 dollars in a jar and name 10 prominent leftists that aren't anti-Semites. Winner takes the pot.

Until some of the money collected is needed to buy a bigger jar.

Warren said...

sonia said...

"LWB's antics are indeed despicable, but you are stretching your argument a bit by requiring Renegade Eye to comment on them. Guilt by association is a tricky proposition. Ren has a perfect right to remain silent. Everybody has this right."

Rights be damned!

This isn't a court of law and we aren't disinterested parties.

For Renegade eye to act like an offended or disinterested party is stupid if not outright neurotic.

If nothing else he is a namby pamby enabler for Neo-Nazis and Stalinists.

I think he has masculinity issues and lives vicariously through the collection of would be terrorists that comment on his blog. The problem is that even you have more cojones.