Sunday, July 01, 2007

Thank You Simon Jones

Noted Anti-Semite Simon Jones, whose works are featured in the certified hate site Jewish Tribal Review admits "I am some sort of Communist". Most of the hard core anti-semites make an effort to hide their Communist roots. Mark Elf swears he isn't a Communist but by amazing coincedence he wrote for Lenin's Tomb.

One can read Simon Jones long winded rants at He uses all of your favorite classic anti semitic standards "USREAL" and "hallowcost".

Newsflash to Simon Jones who is also an open Homosexual. I have interacted with many Native Americans for years. Your contention that Native Americans view gays as the "chosen people" was quite amusing to them. Perhaps if he interacted with them instead of taking a case of one or two tribes probably mentioned in a Sociology class way out of context he would not look so insane. Native American tribes are a series of diverse cultures and extrapolating a point about Native Americans revering gays due to the quirks of a few tribes is another example of why Jones is known as an imbecile.


Robert Bayn said...

As a Native American, I take exception to this idiot's assertions.

Beak I just got two new books:

Leaving the Left by Keith Thompson


My year inside Radical Islam by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Have you read either of these books? I just started the Keith Thompson one, it's pretty good thus far, he also acknowledges the Far lefts association with Socialism and Communism.

Warren said...

I find the statement, "Native Americans view gays as the "chosen people", risible!

Not that its worthy of laughter; its simple insanity and equates with the stupid statements of "Black Nationalists" as Farrakhan.

beakerkin said...


I have not heard of the Thompson book. The other book was highly praised.

The far left is a joke. You will see why many people like 167 and Ducky jump through hoops to avoid being called Commies. They also repeat every talking point of Fidel's.


Simon Jones is an idiot and probably has never interacted with genuine Native Americans. Native Americans are a diverse group of cultures and generalizing about all of them based on one or two tribes is silly.

I never saw anyone on Bad Eagle claim gays are the chosen people.

There was a lunatic cult in NYC years back that did view gay men as the most advanced form of humanity.