Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tell your John Brown Story

Renegade Eye seems to think that the scores of people who have problems with John Brown are all lying. Moreover, Renegade is well aware of the antics of Brown, but I will tell my story.

I encoutered the Rabid Dog John Brown on Rocco Dipipio's site. He was harassing Prof Plaut and the posters on that site. Rocco like myself is opposed to censorship and put up with his antics for months before banning him. Prof Plaut had to shut two blogs because of Brown's spam attacks.
His new blog does not accept comments or has a email address largely because of Brown.

Has Renegade Eye said a word about John Brown's harassment of Prof Plaut and Rocco? No Ren is a totalitarian Communist who ignores Brown's antics while giving a silent nod of consent.

After being banned from Rocco's site he then target Mr Beamish. Mr Beamish offered to let him post if he placed a disclaimer the comments were the thoughts of a moron. He then targeted Longrange with similar results. He then moved his profanity to AOW's a site that children read
posting racial slurs and profanity. He then targeted my blog with non-stop spam. I was very patient and wanted to ban him. My terms at the time were the removal of my friends names from the Klanwatch section. He was banned and created a blog depicting me as a pedophile in full knowledge that this is a lie with malicious intent.

To the best of my knowledge he has been banned from every blog in the Klanwatch section, the Autonomist, LGF, For Zion's sake where he also posts as the Gay Baron von Bornstein. The total is around thirty blogs all with the same story.

Brown is so insane a blog honestly took a poll to see if this is satire. Renegade Eye seems to enjoy his site and we are happy for him. However, he seems o think the antics of Brown/LWB
are funny when done on those he disagrees with.

I encourage Renegade Eye to come here and explain his relationship with John Brown.Let him say once and for all what he thinks of spam, racial epithets, placing people in a Klan watch section falsely and threatening to molest children. How do so many people have a problem with the same person tell identical stories?


Renegade Eye said...

See my last comment at my blog.

How would I know about what you are talking about? Really? I don't visit those sites.

I visit conservative sites I respect.

My comrades don't spam.

Renegade Eye said...

I told Brown to shut down his blog and start again.

I have no control over JB.

I will fight to the death to protect my blog. I'm very proud of it.

Again JB likes to tease and harrass. I take my politics seriously, as well as relationships seriously. I don't expect you to agree with me, or care about what I'm going to say. If you read Trotsky, he never attacked the dignity of his opponents. He had what was a surprising respect for conservatives. I truly like Roman, Craig and Sonia is how I continue that.

Get used to not visiting my blog.

Renegade Eye said...

Why did you say I said they were lying? Stop putting words in my mouth.

I take no pleasure in any of this crap.

Call it off or fight.

beakerkin said...

Ren several people came to you with the same story and you diemissed them arrogantly. At the time we had been putting up with Brown for three years.

How do so many people tell identical stories. Like you I want to serve my community in peace John Brown has disrupted my community for three years.

You think my comments are bad try 300 plus comments of spam, racial epithets and a blog calling you a pedophile and all your copsters Klansmen. Lets also not pretend you were not aware of the Klansman site.

How much control you have over Brown is subject to dispute. He enjoys your company and is embarassed over the comotion he has

Lets look at this is more practical
terms. You have seen me interact with plenty of people on this site.
I would not have so many friends without some social skills.

If you want a fight it will be your choice. Like you I want to serve my community. I have no intrest in prolonging this.

I do ask that you read the stories that will show up here. Then place yourself in my shoes for three years and ask yourself if you would act differently. Three years is a long time and you threatened Junglemom for far less than we had to endure.

Go in peace.

Renegade Eye said...

I think if you have any sense of nuance, my politics differ from JB. The main difference is Islamism. I have no sympathies toward that. He hated my post on Palestine. I can tell nuances in your community. I think Farmer John is way more conservative than you. He always has intriguing arguments.

When I'm at the sites, the spam is gone. JB's blog before Halo was filled with spam.

After I threatened Jungle Mom, I couldn't sleep all night. I was turning into what I didn't want to be. I really felt better after apologizing. I'd never of carried through with it.

I'll go on record against calling you or your friends KKK/Pedophile etc. Now stop with the Trotskyite. That is a Stalinist term.


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

John Brown is a small step below this sicko, who at least uses his own name when trying to convince people that he's a pedophile online.

nanc said...

okay ren, you've gone and pist me off!

right here in your own words from your own blog:


I did reply at length and Ren deleted the comments.

Who are these non-Arabs. Are you refering to the blacks in the Sudan being butchered by Arabs. The Berbers and Kurds who live under Arab Hegemony. The Assyrians and Copts who have their own language or those Joooos.

You have less claim to a state than Texans or the residents of Brooklyn. Arabs need to settle their own refugges.

Beatroot I have endured three years of far worse from John Brown. Ren thinks 300 plus comments a day and threats to molest people's children are funny.

Posted by beakerkin | 29 July, 2007 12:29

You can't justify yourself without lying. I take no delight in anything between you and JB.

Posted by Renegade Eye | 29 July, 2007 13:31

what does:

"You can't justify yourself without lying."

mean to you and others who may be reading this?


he is not a liar.

apologize and take that back!


nanc said...

ren - brownie has been all over our arses like a diaper for a very long time - it is HE WHO WILL NOT LEAVE US IN PEACE, not the other way around - we want NOTHING to do with him!


nanc said...

if you host brownie, he is your comrade and he spams, perhaps more than what you know. face it like a man and give him "what for"!

The Merry Widow said...

Ren-The reason so many of our sites are on comment mod is directly because of jobro.
He cusses, uses profanity, use people's real names, calls people pederasts, uses vile epitaths(sic) to address people.
If he provokes people to the point that they have to go to comment mod TO PROTECT THEIR REGULAR COMMENTERS, he comes along and slams them.
He is a provoker, he has a vile mind(check out his pedophile threats to Elmer's Brother's children). He gets what he begs for and then smears the people who are TIRED OF HIS POOPING IN THEIR BLOGS!
You harbour him, therefore you approve him and his methods.
He has been to my site and commented once. Why? I have no idea! BUT, I get tired of going to my friend's sites and having to wade through 200+ posts of the same, long, rambling, profane, blasphemous and vile meanderings, ALL COPIES!
Which is why we are asking you to tell him to can it!
Even our resident dissenter tells him to be quiet! And Ducky is far around the left hand corner!
He has gone off on pedophile fantasies about Mr. B., he spews vileness, and that is the problem.
He is sick and needs professional help, speaking as a counsellor,and your silent approval encourages him.
If he was courteous he would be treated accordingly, but he has decided to torment and harrass us. Doesn't speak well of your comunity!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Steve Harkonnen said...

I wouldn't worry so much about JB or anyone else. JB's posted stuff on my blog, too, and I just brush it off and move along with it...however, three years IS a long time. I'd say he's obsessed if he's been bothering you THIS much!

Anonymous said...

While I have never encountered the maggot that is John Brown, I have looked at his site, and this is a sick twisted man.

Renegade Eye said...

The JB problem is even more serious than you guys realize.

Last year when Beak first came to my blog, with the threat to spam, unless JB leave your blogs. It was quite shocking to the community before, who really knew nothing about spamming. He was spoken to by several people. What it amounts to is JB is his own community. It is not an issue about silent. Nobody else thinks or acts like him.

If you accuse me of "giving him shelter", I could respond by expelling from my blog. I was thinking of doing that. After I finally came to peace with Beak, Nanc started coming around picking at me. I was about to say to hell with all of you, to hell with JB. Just leave me alone. If I stop giving shelter to JB, who can talk to him then at all? If he is at my blog, that is time he is not bothering you. At my blog he can be an annoyance, but nothing like he is at yours.

I didn't know that gay porn Mumia was made by JB. I thought it was made by your side. It hurts me to know that.

I can tell Craig Bardo has different politics than Beak. But both are on the right side. I post often about Venezuela, Argentina, Islamism, Palestine etc, while JB posts "Iraq resistance, Mumia etc. That comes from different trends and world outlooks. It bothers me to be pidgeonholed politically with tendencies I don't support. It is like calling you guys "neocons". He is not my comrade. You guys are using words you don't know what they mean.

You are not smart to attack me for having JB at my blog. When he is there, he is away from you. I can expel him, then you'll have no way to communicate.

beakerkin said...


Brown looks up to you, for better or worse. I have no desire to communicate with him.

You are only to be faulted for being dismissive when several people told the same story. I understand you were frustrated by my antics. However, they in no way compare what Brown did to an entire community.

Threatening children is just beyond politics?

Keep Brown on your site and good luck to you. I am more reasonable than your kind normally gives me credit for. I am relentlessly anti-communist, but as you enjoy your space I enjoy my own. It would be an affront to my ideals to deny even you the ideals I hold sacred to my American identity. Those ideals even protect those who are unworthy of the honor of being American.

Good luck and keep John Brown by you. There is a major difference between passionate discourse and threatening children. I wouldn't allow a person like that to be associated with me. There are some minimal standards of behavior and Brown's infamy is even known on LGF and Free Republic.

He has severe problems, but those are not your responsability. You were asked to talk with Brown and this is all that can be expected on a human level.

Sometimes our friends let us down
and I feel sorry for you. You wanted Brown's story to be true, but it wasn't.

You need to tell Brown your freedom is my freedom. If he can't understand that concept of decency you then must look inside yourself for answers. Nobody knows what is in a man's heart.

Renegade Eye said...

I'll send JB a strong email tonight, telling him to stay away. It'll be stronger and more focused than anyone on the left has done before.

Just the fact someone like Ducky stays in your community, says something.

I reread something by Nanc, about how conservatives are booted off lefty forums. I think that makes Sonia and my blogs unique. We both started blogging barely being political. Sonia is loved by all. When I started blogging, I supported the invasion of Iraq. I evolved to a different position, and to actual activism by my blogging experience

The character of my blog is that it is a coalition of anti-Stalinists. Maryam is from the "third camp" tradition of the left, Marie Trigona is an Argentine anarchist and journalist, MFL is a Trotskyist.

I think Beak can return to my blog in about 6 months if you want, to give time for healing.

nanc said...

i cannot believe people buy into ANYTHING brownie says - he never gives links or research sites or any other info on his comments when asked. he just keeps spewing the same verbal flatulence at all turns - there is no civilized conversation with him - why he attacked any of us is beyond me, other than the time rocco banned him - that's when he came full bore after us.

i pity him more than anything - his social skills are poorly lacking.

beakerkin said...


It is pretty hard to get banned here. If you read the Duck and even MFL and the comments of G I post 100% personal attacks on me.

I have no interest in returning to your site. You have made a serious error in judgement. You allowed John Brown/LWB to define you. Moreover, Brown uses your blog to give himself legitamacy he does't deserve.

I have my readers and you have your own. I wish you luck, but I have a community to serve.

I will have to remain in moderation as the next Brown attack is moments away. Brown is more of a cyber criminal/nutcase than a politico.

I am a man of peace and enjoy my space as you enjoy your own. Moreover, my social skills are not quite as brutal as you presumed. Being stalked and harassed for years takes a toll.

The Duck and I have gone at this for three years. He kmows what I will permit and has his own kind of honor. He does go into personal attacks at times, but my skin is quite thick and it doesn't bother me.

This should make you wonder what Brown did that caused me to ban him. He tried to intimidate me with the spam, the pedophelia and the invasion of my privacy. I am far tougher and smarter than you lefties presume and as you are well aware of relentless drive.

Good luck dealing with Brown. Who knows maybe you will end up in Klanwatch or with a spoof blog calling you a Randoid.

You have done what could reasonably be expected. You might want to ask Junglemom about Slaverevolt who is pulling the same bit on her.

Ducky's here said...

Today - Beak's fight with the Politburo Episode 2036: Beak reveals John Brown's FreeRepublic screenname.

Don't miss next week's thrill packed episode of "Beak vs. the Politburo".

The Merry Widow said...

Beaker-You've been tagged! My place, first post.


Anonymous said...


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Today - Beak's fight with the Politburo Episode 2036: Beak reveals John Brown's FreeRepublic screenname.

Now, that was funny.

Renegade Eye said...

Email sent to JB.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Today - Beak's fight with the Politburo Episode 2036: Beak reveals John Brown's FreeRepublic screenname.

I have to admit, I nearly fell out of my chair as well!

John Brown said...

I'm losing patience, Beak.

You'd best thank me soon.