Sunday, July 22, 2007

Get Your Paws off my Wallet Comwads

Socialism is theft by a perpetual lazy class. As heirs to the divine truth they feel it is their right to steal your possesions in the name of the poor and give it to themselves.

When dealing with economics there are Capitalists of varying stripes, liberterians and the rest are imbeciles. One can have an intelligent conversation with a traditional liberal about social safety nets or liberterians about elimination of those programs. However, anyone who advocates Marx in this day and age is a moron.

A typical Communist rants and whines about the poor in America. He fails to deduce that the poor in America often own their own home and sometimes a car or two. The same commies wants to pretend that the poor in Cuba are better off than those in America. If the American poor do not eat fresh produce it is not from unavailability or expense.

Communist pretend that we are all in kindergarden with the same abilities and work ethic. Communists have no work ethic and as such are relegated to accademic gulags where they keep
out non-believers. One does not encounter many in Price Waterhouse, Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan. In order to work there one must have a genuine work ethic.

When you are dealing with a Communist you are dealing with a totalitarian advocate of class genocide who is practicing revolutionary defeatism. The response to the chicken hawk argument is the chicken collectivist argument. Those of you who rationalize Communism need to live under it permanently. Lets see if the apologists for Chavez and Castro are willing to put their ideals to the test.

The truth is Communists are blood thirsty savages who will not rest until all of you are dead. Of course should you lift a finger to prevent your country from becoming the next Cuba you are an assassin. Sorry, but the folks in Katyn waited too long. Sorry, the Cubans who fought tooth and nail against Castro and his imbecile henchman Che waited too long.

The true face of Communism is of a souless hack like Ren guiding a bug eyed assassin like John Brown to do his dirty work. He seeks the support of rabid Neonazi anti-semites like LWB while trying to deflect his role in soking their obsessions by invoking long dead relatives. Ren has defended the genocide of the Kulaks and the Communist-Nazi alliance.

Now some of you think that in the US that Commies like Ren are certified, and you are right. However, in much of Latin America there was a life and death struggle against exactly this type of menace. Any effort to stamp out Communism is self defense. Moreover, it is naive of those who credit the CIA with Allende's ouster. Pinochet knew another Katyn was immenent and struck first. In his case the motive was self preservation and nationalism.

Other than Caucescu it doesn't seem like Commies have ever been made to answer for their crimes.

The best Commie is still Jim Jones ,who should be a role model for Ren and all other Communist hacks everywhere. If you want to advocate class genocide practice it on yourself and your followers first.

For those of you who want to read some more misadventures of Commies read Norman Davies White Eagle Red Star. It seems that Ren's idol Trotsky was a bumbling fool who was exceptional
only against unarmed men. The Pole's kicked Commie ass in 1920 against great odds. Contrary to popular opinion Jews who lived in the region and practiced their religion including my relatives fought for the Polish Army. Those who practiced the religon had zero fondness for commies. The myth handed down by traitors was that Communists were the liberators of the Jews.

In truth Communists were their worst opressors and from their earliest moments had paranoid delusions about zionism. Zionism was seen as a competitor to the nadir of the human condition Marxism. This obscene mania with Zionism and Jews who respect their faith contiues to this day.

Communists are not Jews, American, Scotts, Native Americans or Italians. They are the destroyers of humanity and neoslavers of the modern era. Treason and death are their stock and trade. One should consider them on a par with Neonazi, Jihadi nuts and KKK imbeciles.

Beamish in 08 !!!!!!! Pagan Temple you will need your own publicity stunt. Ducky to GITMO and John Brown to become America's greatest DEFECTor.


CB said...

We are all taught from a young age to be dependent. Not all of us are taught to be independent and to take personal responsibility.

The tragedy of Katrina was not, as that great American philosopher, Kanye West said, "Bush hates black people," the tragedy was that the curtain was not blown back sooner on the debilitating mentality that would cause people to be so dependent on someone else, for even their very lives.

Adults (not chronologically) are children who have matured through the acceptance of personal responsibility and who not only care for themselves but are often responsible for others as well.

Capitalism is a system for adults, socialism is a system for the immature, who are looking for a care taker or looking to assign blame for whatever condition they find themselves in.

Capitalism weeds the (I'll be as polite as I can here) the temporarily unmotivated from the very, very few truly needy. Adults often reach deeply into their own pockets to help the truly needy, that is if they can beat the socialists there.

If we're gonna take it up the pipe, can we at least get a reach around?

Ducky's here said...

Actually a leftist would more likely compare Cuba to a state like Nicaragua which got a dose of the full Ayn Rand and, as bad as they were, saw the Sandanistas make a comeback.

Of course you could also compare it to a capitalist hell like Guatemala.

sonia said...

Contrary to popular opinion Jews who lived in the region and practiced their religion including my relatives fought for the Polish Army.

Polish forces in the 1920 war were led by Joseph Pilsudski who was a great friend of the Jews. Unfortunately, after Pilsudski died in 1935, his place was taken by anti-semites and the last four years of the Polish republic were pretty ugly as far as Polish-Jewish relations were concerned...

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Other than Caucescu it doesn't seem like Commies have ever been made to answer for their crimes.

I so await that video to surface on YouTube.

Always On Watch said...

Today, thanks to indoctrination by the schools and the media, Americans sit back and wait for the government to help them. And, of course, that help is always viewed as inadequate by the recipients.

Sure, sometimes people need help. But today people often view that help as their RIGHT.