Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This is not your fathers inflation

Renegade as a Commie hack tells the true faithful that inflation is a normal thing countries go through. Those of us old enough to remember the failed Carter administration remember the misery index. Carter was also allowed the Soviet Union a free hand in the third world with a wink and a nod.

Prices kept rising but consumer products were available, but at a higher price. The situation in the blunder land of Venezuela has empty shelves. There are few goods to buy at all. Currency is valued by what it can purchase not its quantity. One can click the link tothe Dictators of the World blog and read how this policy wsorked in Zimbabwe.

This is the Communist Hack Dance

1 Deny that the thug is Communist as long as possible. Ren call Chavez a Socialist, but it is clear that this is not Sweden in South America.

2 Repeat all propoganda and lies issued from the party elite.

3 Cloud the issue and try to blame the failures of the Commie mess on the USA or cronies of the previous regime.

4 Slander all the exiles who tell their accounts.

5 Ignore all historical parallels

6 Cry victim

7 When the failure and death toll is too high claim noble motives

8 After some time passes claim you never supported the thug in question.

9 Blame the USA for the failures again

10 Repeat the process.

How many times have we seen this dance. Those of us that grant Ren and other Communists the benefit of noble motives are wrong.

Beamish in 08


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

"Communism has never been tried, but maybe Americans can make it work."

Ducky's here said...

I was hoping for an intelligent discourse on inflation, even some cries for the gold standard.

Instead we get another one of your incoherent rants. Please try harder, Beak.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Communism is a DEAD political movement, last time I checked. Communism is a failed venture. How many Communist regimes these days can actually claim their system is working?

Where is the logic when American citizens actually want to invest in this political movement to even see if it works? There must be some mental retardation to even CONSIDER Communism. It has failed over and over again. I don't see ANY advantage to Communism whatsoever.

Some die-hards might blame the size of the former Soviet Union as to the distribution of goods failure, but I view the system as a whole as being a major part of its demise.

Other Communists will argue against you, claiming that "Communism and Socialism are two entirely different beliefs" but why was Russia called the Union of Soviet-Socialist Republics?

Farmer John said...

American's can't make communism work for a society, even though it's been tried... and tried... and tried.


Yet in spite of the assurances of its friends, that it was new and widely discriminated from all other plans for the regeneration of society, we could not exempt it from the criticism which we apply to so many projects for reform with which the brain of the age teems. Our feeling was, that Fourier had skipped no fact but one, namely, Life. He treats man as a plastic thing, something that may be put up or down, ripened or retarded, moulded, polished, made into solid, or fluid, or gas, at the will of the leader; or, perhaps, as a vegetable, from which, though now a poor crab, a very good peach can by manure and exposure be in time produced, but skips the faculty of life, which spawns and scorns system and system-makers, which eludes all conditions, which makes or supplants a thousand phalanxes and New-Harmonies with each pulsation. There is an order in which in a sound mind the faculties always appear, and which, according to the strength of the individual, they seek to realize in the surrounding world. The value of Fourier's system is that it is a statement of such an order externized, or carried outward into its correspondence in facts. The mistake is, that this particular order and series is to be imposed by force of preaching and votes on all men, and carried into rigid execution. But what is true and good must not only be begun by life, but must be conducted to its issues by life. Could not the conceiver of this design have also believed that a similar model lay in every mind, and that the method of each associate might be trusted, as well as that of his particular Committee and General Office, No. 200 Broadway? nay, that it would be better to say, let us be lovers and servants of that which is just; and straightway every man becomes a centre of a holy and beneficent republic, which he sees to include all men in its law, like that of Plato, and of Christ. Before such a man the whole world becomes Fourierized or Christized or humanized, and in the obedience to his most private being, he finds himself, according to his presentiment, though against all sensuous probability, acting in strict concert with all others who followed their private light.

In other words, apply the principle to your own life... and leave the rest of us out of it!

beakerkin said...

Steve I agree with you.


Everywhere communism goes there is hoarding black markets, low quality consumer goods in short supply except for cheap alcohol.

Inflation assumes that there are good to replace the sold items. The probability of barter is quite real.

Jungle Mom said...

beakerkin, you just described Venezuela!

FLORIAN said...

Ducky makes a good point. Inflation is out of control. I'm about to switch some of my assets to gold. The dollar continues to fall--and now Al Qaeda is rumoured to be threatening us again.

kevin said...

#5 rewrite history is more like it.

The most successful nations on earth are all free market. Economic freedom is necessary for prosperity.

Ducky's here said...

Well Florian, the U.S. dollar is approaching parity with the Canadian dollar.

Forget the EURO and sterling.

I would invest overseas or in something paying dividends in a strong European currency. Spain continues to look good for growth.