Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Paging Danniel Flynn or Houston we have a dumbasses

Those of you who have read Daniel Flynns intellectual morons are familiar with the magic bullet theory. The notion that any one philosophy is the magic bullet that explains everything in life creates warped thinking.

Communists start with the warped infantile premises of dividing the world into opressors and opressed. Communism needs the other in order to justify its existence. The other in mostly the USA and or Israel. The other serves to divert all attention from a system that is repressive, authoritarian and brutal. However, in the mind of the faithful it is their right as believers to lord over the unwashed masses. They can steal property, send people to gulags and justify any crime as long as Utopia is possible. Utopia is not possible so the other serves as a scapegoat.

"History is made by classes and not individuals".

Communists like G seem to have some basic facts about the American Revolution wrong. England was a Colonial power that employed merceneries including Native Americans. The Native Americans who fought on the side of England were compensated . Moreover, historians still debate if the tactics of the Indians caused people sitting on the fence to join the colonists cause, especially in Westen NY. The Jane McRae rape is still debated by historians today. However, the classic view of Indians as oppressed people leads many Commies to miss this key fact.

Moreover, Ren seems to have a misguided notion that class accounts for everything. Lets see the American Revolution has Washington, Jefferson and Adams and led to the creation of a Republic with Checks and balances. The Russian Revolution instigated by a foreign power at war and the convivance of the Commies produced Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin and created gulags or neoslavery in penal institutions, class genocide and repressive totalitarian one party hegemony. planned starvation and ethnic deportations. Lets see an acolyte of a system that placed Muslims o cattle cars to Siberia and Khazakhistan wants to pass judgement on Israel ooooops. This is more amusing comming from a person who sees the butcher of Kulaks as a political guru. We shall liberate the masses by starving them on purpose for their own good.

Communism is at its heart a theft based system. Those that have their land stolen often end up dead or if they are lucky in exile. Communist claim to perpetuate this theft in thename of the poor with the goal of creating equality. A concentration camp has equality, but is hardly optimal.
Then Commies create fictional myths about the people that were killed. John Brown calls the Kulaks "Nazis" and Ren has justified the killing of the Kulaks. This is amusing coming from a man who condems Pinochet who did not want to end up like the folks at Katyn or have his country turned into Cuba. The people that flee are dehumanized much like the commie slobs odd claim that Cuban Americans are all Batista wealthy types. We have seen this repeated on Ren's site with similar comments about Venezuelans leaving and the slurs on actual missionaries
who have devoted their lives to helping the poor.

"Missionaries are the worst people in the world because they tell people how to think". These comments would be funny if they were not said by a person who advocates herding people onto collective farms mostly by force. Moreover, this person claims to speak on behalf of Native Americans. Oddly, actual Indians do not seem to share this illogical blinding hatred of Christianity. Many Native Americans are deeply religious and are drawn into the inclusive religion that has from its inception venerated life. "Many people incuding Native Americans view gays as the chosen people who are made Shamans...." communist anti Semite Simon Jones
of crank dot net Jewish Tribal Review. This is news to the Indians at Bad Eagle including one who claims never to have met a gay shaman or priest in decades. It seems that Jones has taken
an example of one tribe likely studied in an Antropology class likely taught by a Commie and has drawn a conclusion on a series of distinct cultures.

Lets see the mental pathologies of Hitler, Mao and Stalin had nothing to do with the disasters they created. History is made by classes...... It seems that classes of people influenced by Marx
have this odd propensity to needlessly butcher people in the name of Utopia. Jim Jones preached Communalism and liked to share Koolaide and in a Communist precedent practiced self inflicted class genocide ooooops. It seems that those who claim that classes not individuals create history seem to pull a Linda Blair excorsist act and blame individuals for Communist attrocities. Lets see Stalinism was a deformation of Communism except that butchery, gulags all
precede Stalin ooops. Pol Pot isn't a Communist because he was Nationalist. All you eyewitnesses returning from Cambodia are liars based upon reports I found in Australian Communist magazines whose writers never set foot in Cambodia. It is Mao's faul and Tito's fault
and comming soon it will be Rebee and Latoya's fault next.

"Cuba has problems..." coming from a havez apologist who visits the Marxist gulag. One might be amused by to learn that this self flagelating American has still not deduced that prisoners in Gitmo have a better standard of living than Cubans. The average Cuban does not have AC and fresh Baklava. Heck, I can't find Baklava in Northern VT. Moreover, GITMO inmates have almost unrestricted acsess to libraries and better health care than Cubans. Sign me up for GITMO if they are throwing in cable. Who knows maybe when they build a Madea Benjamin wing they might add a pool or miniture golf. Many Communists like John Brown seem to be participants in a lifestyle that places people in gulag lite when they get AIDS. The vaunted Cuban health care system often placed homosexuals in mental health facilities ooops. Brown is the author of the Muhlah Beak blog and seems to feel an urgent need to post pictures of himself at Abu Gharib role playing night. He apparently enjoys playing the Lyndie England role. It seems that Maoists and the Jihadis all have great disdain for people with Brown's propensities.
Leave it to commies to rail about Falwell's comments while praising a health care system that places gays in mental health facilities that may still offer labotomies. One may wonder how many "Revolutionary Tourist types" are there on the sexual explotation/capatalism or labotomy health care plan. I supose T-shirts with Che's image saying I went to Cuba for some under paid hookers and a labotomy would sell big, but that would be capatalistic.

Lets blame the US boycott for Cuba's problems and blame Batista forty years after he isn't there. Then lets turn around and demand boycotts of Israel and Jewish faculty unless they are outspoken talentless commies who agree with us. It seems Israel has far better health care and educational facilities than Cuba. Arabs seem to enjoy these facilities with a free press and foreign
subsidized Communist subversives seem to run free.However, lets all hail a man who has threatened to expell anyone who says a bad word about Chavez. How the normally sane Beatroot claims Chavez reminds him of Peron is amusing. However despite the rabid anti-semitism and penchant for thievery that is simialar to Peron he still sees Castro as a role model.
What point of all of Chavez's praise and oil subsidies for Cuba did Beatroot over look.

The obtuse venerator of the butcher of Kulak must have missed this dandy " One group of Capitalist countries, where the techniques of mass production are highly developed, hoped to destroy the socialist economy by establishing an exchange of goods with the kulaks through the medium of the White Guard co-opretives. The other group whichrelies more on heavy industry
and on war industries (Haliburton and Cheney must be behind this one), seeks to gain its ends by military action and direct seizure of Russia's riches. Individual governments and individuals within each government fluctuate between these two views in accordance with their capitalist connexions and their estimate of the military situation. Tie the Kulaks to your imagined foes for free trade so they are ripe for slaughter. "White Guard Poland has no independent policy, but is driven by greed and cowardice. The attack on the Ukrainemay be seen as an an attempt to satisfy the Entente's raw materials at Russia's expense whilst conserving Poland's resources.
No war for cheap timber ooops. There is no independent policy except one that is designed to steal resources, maybe this was the inspiration for whose on first. The war will be fought in a strained and viscious attmopsphere. ( Genocide and planned starvation are viscious but lets rail at the israelis while hailing a genocidal nut) The Polish government, which is in hand with the old foxes of social patriotism, is whipping up against us not only the brutal hatred of the great middle and lesser kulak bourgeoisie and the haughtiness of the Polish gentry, but also the nationalist prejudices of the masses...This does not affect our commitment to the independence of Poland." The last part must reffer to a communist plan of setting up a satelite slave state.
It was against this genocidal maniacs fulminations that led Polish patriots like my granfather to pick up the gun and fight for his life. My gradfather's skill as a lmarksman sent a few bug eyed Bolshevik invaders home in HEAD COFFINS. It was do or die and my granfather was a doer.

Those who look to Trotsky as a moral compass are dumbasses. Moreover, the followers of a mad raving genocidal lunatic who is directly responsible for the slaughter of Kulaks are not fit to pronounce judgement on the USA, Zionism or anyone else.

Houston there is an army of bug eyed dumbasses. As Daniel Flynn notes there are no magic bullets and one size fits all of life questions.

Beamish in 08


Anonymous said...

They're crazy. They need to stop sucking on the upsidasium.

Always On Watch said...

Houston there is an army of bug eyed dumbasses.


But actually it's not funny because of the serious idiocy involved.

beakerkin said...

Leave it to Ren and company to call me hateful. I guess objecting to Communism is unreasonable

Ducky's here said...

Oh Beak, if you haven't been paying attention, Cuba has been making Chinese style changes in the economy recently. It's been happening slowly but I will say it right now that they will be an economic powerhouse within ten years far surpassing any country in the region currently getting f**ked by a free trade agreement aor relations with the U.S.

beakerkin said...

Wishful thinking Duck.

Problem is that a touch of Marx causes the best and brightest to leave. Human capital beats resources and Cuba is third rate now.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Chinese sure got f*cked signing free trade agreement w/the US... LOL!

Warren said...

Bullshit Ducky, Cuba goes through this cycle every couple of years.

As soon as these poor SOBs get a little ahead, Fidel will order a crackdown and the meger businesses will be shut down and their paltry assets confisicated to dissapear into Fidel or Rauls Swiss bank account.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Fidel Castro should confiscate every car in Cuba and put them up on Ebay's collectible car auction.

I bet he'd raise enough money to buy a couple of missile frigates or destroyers.