Friday, July 06, 2007

Some interesting sites

I have been searching the web for ordinary people who have lived under Communism to tell their stories. While searching the web I ran into am amaing site . It has some interesting posts an killer links that are worth visiting. I highly recomend when you visit that you follow the link to this is Zimbabwe.

In a blatant rip off of a concept we will post our own top ten abusive dictator list.

1 Stalin
2 Mao
3 Hitler
4 Lenin
5 Pol Pot
6 Sadam
7 Attaturk
9 Castro
10 Caucesceau

All right lets see what our readers can come up with

I have added an interesting link some of you will enjoy. The Zionist Anti-Communist is an interesting site bound to annoy the usual suspects. I am sorry the author has not decided to to an interview. However, you can enjoy some excellent posts that are bound to please fans of this site.

You may vote for the greatest apologist for those listed above.

1 Renegade Eye
2 Ducky
3 Weazie
4 167
5 John Brown to incoherent to rank higher

Only 5 names will be scored on the final tab

Cast your vote today


David said...

Tag! your it. List 8 facts/habits about yourself.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Saddam gets #6 and #8? Or is one of them the body double we let the Shia execute when we smuggled the real Saddam off to Area 51 to live in the secret prison that used to be the soundstage where they faked the moon landing with technology harvested from the Roswell UFO crash?

All of your list are leftists.

Pretty much the same case with this list.

beakerkin said...

I fixed the Saddam double vote.

Warren said...

I don't think that I can describe one of the five as the greatest apologist. I think it would have to be similar to the Oscars and awards be given in different categories.

For instance, 167, should be given an award as the, "most delusional homosexual in a supporting roll".

John Brown, should be given an award "for not being committed although obviously insane"

Ducky, "for being 100% wrong in every prediction he ever made"

Renegade Eye, "most blatant apologist for homicidal manics and pseudo-socialist madmen"

Weazie, a gold star on his ward room door in the asylum.

beakerkin said...

Ducky is the sanest of that lot.
I do feel bad that 167 did come up with AIDS. His blase attitude about risky behavior including many jokes about drug abuse were apparent. Hopefully he will take his medication and live a long time and perhaps even learn a thing or two.

sonia said...

It's not really a 'dictator' list, but (except for Attaturk), a pure 'leftist dictator' list.

I wouldn't put Attaturk on that list. There was nothing leftist about him.

Attaturk belongs on the right-wing fascist list with Pinochet, Franco and Hirohito.

But I am glad Hitler is listed as a 'left dictator'....

beakerkin said...

Attaturk is a mystery man and he almost needs a whole category to himself. He did secularize Turkey and promote radical changes in the cultue. I am uncertain that he belongs on the right either.

He belongs here for the Armenian/ Assyrian and Greek genocide.

I am trying to recall the name of the Islamic web site that listed Attaturk as an appostate cult.

You have got to see authoritarianism blog. He has an excellent set of links.

Always On Watch said...

The Authoritarianism blog is a good find. Of couse, I went straight to the Attaturk article.

Like you, I noticed that the blog omitted Pol Pot.

I agree with you that Stalin should head the list of the top ten abusive dictators.

As to voting for the apologist in the second poll here, I think that John Brown is in a category all his own. I'm not sure that I'd categorize him as an apologist. An obsessive-complusive nut job, though.

Renengade Eye is the most coherent of the apologists, as far as I know. So RE gets my vote.

I confess that I didn't much follow 167.

Weazie bores me, so I can't vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Lets see,

Ducky is probably the most sane of all of these, well from what I have seen, although I can't speak about Renegade Eye.

167, was just a little nuts, by the way Beak, anymore information on how he is doing?

John Brown, just has a fascination with fecal matter, and swimming in the bacteria that is his brain.

beakerkin said...


The link on the site to This is Zimbabwe is amazing. He has excellent links, but This is Zimbabwe is awesome and it has great links as well. There was an interesting Niger blog.

Jungle Mom said...

I am to new here to vote but will check out this link.

sonia said...


Attaturk (...) belongs here for the Armenian/ Assyrian and Greek genocide.

The Armenian occured before Attaturk came to power. And there was no Greek genocide - merely a population exchange...

Always On Watch said...

I'll check out "This Is Zimbabwe." Niger too.

Jungle Mom,

FLORIAN said...

Little Nicky Ceausescu should be more closer to the top. His demonic dream of making Romania the most populous nation in Eastern Europe made orphans of millions of innocent children and caused immeasurable suffering that haunts the nation to this day.

beakerkin said...


Attaturk was part of the Young Turks movement that was directly to blame for the genocide. However, it is probably in appropriate to pin the whole affair on him.

The genocide did kill Greeks as well. The numbers were not as high as the other groups but they were there. Toynbess book lists a few eye witness accounts

beakerkin said...


That is the joy of these lists. We can decide who goes where in a vote.

Da Weaz said...

This site for morons is dying. Even the few brain dead trolls can't save it. One of the days, this site drew less that 45 flies, meaning less than two per hour.

It's a matter of days. Once the nudist and the NASA troll move on (and when Ducky stops making cameos), there will be nothing less.

Call in the movers, this baby's done . . .

beakerkin said...

Weazie does this mean that you are voting for yourself. I know that you are disapointed Renegade seems to be winning and you trail the Duck. However, you have this insanity bit that is hurting your candidacy.

Now take your meds like a good psycho.

Warren said...

OK, I don't want to excite him so two gold stars on his ward room door in the asylum, no more, even if he throws a tantrum.

What's the matter Weazie, the rubes getting tired of looking at your freak show?

Ducky's here said...

Beak, you forgot that fat gasbag Sharon.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

It's true. Weezie visits this blog more than anyone.

And yet still can't find a way to make his own blog(s) visitable.

Roger Williams said...

I'm flattered by the link, Beak, and I'm glad to see your own Top 10 list. Good stuff indeed!

My list didn't involve any strictly objective criteria as to inclusion. I just went with the gut. Pol Pot was a tempting choice, but he flamed out too quickly for my hall of fame. Likewise, "Papa Doc" Duvalier had a lower body count, but was crazy and paranoid enough to get a spot on my Top 10 list. Mengistu is an interesting choice, and I think an argument could have been made for putting the flamboyant Mobuto Sese-Seko on the list (certainly, style counts for something, right?).

mah29001 said...

I have always thought Mao would have topped even the likes of Stalin and Hitler combined. Mao's policies murdered over 200 million innocent Chinese, Stalin and the rest of the Soviet-gulag system murdered 150 million innocent Russians and others from Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Hitler and the Axis implemented a holocaust causing the deaths of over more than 12 million innocent lives.

Anonymous said...

america is nothing beter then it were hitler or stalin. Democracy killing us softly. I don't have what to eat!!!