Saturday, July 31, 2010

Holy Crap Batman

I have to be honest that yesterday I joked that France picked on the Gypsies because evicting Muslims is much tougher. The video from France 24 of police ripping women with infants on their back out of a crowd is disgusting. If this were done in America the usual suspects would be screaming bloody murder. However, as this is France and the far left clowns are basically Europhile dogs this will not be discussed. Of course when Israel defends itself from lunatics on the Jihadist Communist Love Boat from Turkey the antisemitism goes into over drive.

Scenes like that are why the USA is getting more emigrants from French West Africa.

Those of you who favor mass roundups of illegals need to look at the ugly video. Is this a way for a nation of law to treat women with infants?

There has to be a better way.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Lindsay Grahan considers

Lindsay Graham is considering removing citizenship from children born to illegal aliens. I would favor a simpler the child may not transmit citizenship to the parents.

Of course we should allow exceptions if the child is fathered by a US Citizen if unmarried proven by DNA testing .

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Final Review of Michener's Poland & Personal

The book is a very worthwhile experience. Michener novices should head towards Texas or Centenial first. The chapter on the Nazi occupation was pretty good. The Communist brutality is discussed albeit in passing. He does have small references to two Polish survivors of the Holocaust scoffing at Holocaust Denial literature.

My speech went very well. It was intended to be written for a higher up in the chain. The higher ups wanted me to read it myself. Later on I was reminded that there is a possibility I will be doing so in the future. Public relations is part of the job and I do not particularly care for this aspect. I prefer doing my work with the newer officers informally. Fortunately, my reputation as a Union activist will keep all but the rarest requests from being granted.

I will be reading Roberts again likely Oliver Wiswell which is his most controversial book as he delves into the Revolution from the Loyalist perspective.

France has decided to round up Roma. Of course sending people who practice polygamy would require more political will and set off riots. I respect due process and hope deportations follow procedures. I am sure that those who wrote the law in Arizona anticipated legal obstacles and this act may help place more members of the GOP as it highlights judicial activism.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sexual Zeros

The rabid mongrel bitch at Bad Eagle notes I admit that I have practiced miscegnation so many times that I am an expert. As the Bad Eagle Mongrel Bitch has a bedroom that is frequently mistaken for a parade ground and regularly searches morgues for husband of the moment her comments are odd.

I am a typical man who loves his woman as God made her. The fact that her skin color is darker than mine is merely incidental. The fact that Yeagley and his rabid mongrel bitch are products of similar unions sheds no light as the top floor is empty.

For those that would pass judgment on those due to the skin color of their significant other you are beneath contempt. If I wish to hear the word of Christians I will heed Junglemom, TMW, Justin, Warren, AOW, Pappa Frank and Z. As for my place in or outside my community that is determined by my peers. Note even the beloved Rav Roov has attempted to set up a meeting with the Tranquil Sea and the Sprite. The Jewish community can determine who is a member in good standing without the input from race obsessed outsiders from Oklahoma.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fallen Jew

I am quite amused at being described as a fallen Jew. This description does not come from Rav Roov who would be the first to say I could do better.

From the inception of this blog I have reminded people I am not theologically oriented. I respect those who are deeply religious like TMW, Z and yes Rav Roov. I accept my identity and culture, but am not oriented in that direction. My style is to let others debate those things, take lessons from history & life. My morality is my own concern and I will measure it against the next person and come out on top.

My core comes from those values expressed by our founding fathers. America does not have second class citizens Black or otherwise. I love the Tranquil Sea and the Sprite for who they are. I could care less that they are darker than me. I find both attractive and I love them as they are.

I dedicated my life to serving the American people. The Dr fails to grasp that one can find ample morality in the words of the founding fathers. I freely took an oath to uphold the Constitution
twice and I take it seriously.

One can not be a patriot without grasping our fundamental values. Those who read this blog know where I stand.

Functional Adaptations or European Savages

I took a brief respite from Michener's Poland where I have 100 pages to go and took a visit to the Strand Bookstore. A very dedicated coworker is taking Maternity Leave. I went to the Strand Bookstore to look for an additional copy of Poland. I wanted to find a decent biography of Kosciusko and some of the works of Rutherford. I did not find what I was looking for.

I did pick up some interesting books for later reading. I picked up a book on the history of antisemitism in the UK (autographed), a book about Quannah Parker and The American Revolution in Indian Country.

I am exceedingly annoyed by the arrogance and ignorance of people in the UK with their arrogant and ignorant comments about their own history with American Indians and Slavery. While the British did lead the abolition movement they have their own history in this area. As for Indians they used them when expedient and tossed them to the side when convenient.

All nations have these episodes in their past. To their credit with rare exception Germany has recognized the Holocaust and made ammends as best as possible. No serious patriot denies the history with Indians and Slavery. However, the condescending ignorance of people in the UK ignoring exploiting Indians is a bit much.

I find the chapter describing how Europeans and Indians borrowed items from each others communities. Indians possessed an array of European trade goods and sometimes worked as Carpenters. In turn their is some comedic reading about Europeans ( mainly Scots) wearing Indian clothing on the frontier. Then again the crops and clothing were developed by people who
living in often rugged environment. Indians in Canada sometimes patterned their houses and clothing after their French neighbors. Cultural exchanges is a normal historical practice so Scots and Irish Mountain Men wearing Indian clothing and Indians using guns and European tools is to be expected.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Oliver Stone goes off the deep end

Oliver Stone was never the sharpest tool in the shed. His idiotic comments in support of Chavez
and Castro have placed him with the Duck in Moron mode. His anti semitic comments about Jewish media control have now placed him in league with the Nazis of Stormfront.

Of course when I point out the rabid anti semitism that is endemic among Communists many of you think this is fiction. A practicing Jew sees Communists like Stone in the same manner that a
Black man views the KKK.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thanking the Editrix

Poland is a delightful book. Other than the chapter about Vienna called Mazurka and the way to short treatment of Kosciusko it is a great book. The chapter about Vienna shortly before WW1 is needed to set up the chapter where Poles kick Commie tail. This was a war my grandfather and uncles took part in on the side of Poland. I enjoyed that chapter, but I wish more pages were devoted to this topic.

I am in the last two chapters which deal with WW2 and Solidarity. It is an excellent and enjoyable book. However, as a Michener fan Texas, Centennial and Alaska are better.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


People who know me in person know that the actual person is quite different from the blog persona. I loathe ceremonies of all types and the pageantry and protocols. I am considered naturally outgoing but I loathe public speaking.

A coworker who was my first friend when in the NYC office passed away. He loved the law had a passion that only the best officers have. Yet, he was shy and not confident with the public. He was scholarly and serious as opposed to my more open lively style.

I had sent the boss three over me some notes to work into the eulogy. I never thought or expected to be asked to read them at the service. Somewhere within I will have to overcome my fear of large crowds and deliver sentiments that show how his wisdom continues in all of us.

All officers change lives, but I will forever remember how he handled one case with tact in a delicate situation. The worst cases we see are those with domestic violence. Sadly, those who need it sometimes refuse to consider it due to fear or social stigma. We did have a case where a woman refused such help. My friend looked at the facts and found two precedents and we were able to help the family. The amazing part is that this family will never know the hand of the studious scholar that changed their lives.

Doing the right thing was its own reward for my peer. He never wanted recognition and loved the job for its own sake.

Later in the day a dicussion of Poland

On my return I will be discussing Poland by Michener. I am somewhat disappointed by what seems to be a disappointing chapter by Michener. Michener does not devote enough time to Kosciusko. The subject comes up at the end of the chapter.

While the role of foreigners in the American Revolution is discussed many had varying motives. Some were indeed experts like Lafayette, Kosciusko, Pulaski, Von Stuben and others were indeed hacks. Roberts in Rabble in Arms accurately describes two of these clowns. From an American perspective we learn about these contributions in a backwards ethnic pride way. Kosciusko was an expert engineer whose vital work in the Saratoga campaign in preparing the defenses gets lost in the discussion.

More importantly is the concept that Kosciusko embraced the ideals of the American Revolution. His uprising was crushed by the Russians and after a release from prison he told Napoleon to get lost and spent the rest of his life in Switzerland.

The Beakerkin Group

The brilliant detective work of Dr. Yeagley has alerted the world to the secret agenda of The Beakerkin Group. Our goal to destroy the White race via miscegenation and the promotion of homosexuality has been revealed to the masses.

Obviously, the Dr has been spending way too much time with the Stormfront crew who believe that Jews have a diabolical plan to promote miscegenation and homosexuality. Obviously, the Dr.
who brags about being a sexual zero has way too much free time on his hands.

Of course the notion of people being free to decide who to love and have children with is considered a basic freedom by most of us. I do not care what goes on in the bedrooms of consenting adults. Obviously, the Dr. has mistaken the USA for the current regime of of Iran. He is now working on a comedy central TV show Yeagley Sexual Morals Police.

Amusingly, Dr. Yeagley has decided I am not a Conservative. No since the inception of this blog I have described myself as a Rudy Republican. I have many friends who are Conservative, but I am to their left. However, I want to point out the difference between a true Conservative like Mark Levin and Moonbat Yeagley. Levin is a Reaganite as well as a genuine Constitutional Scholar who grasps the concept of freedom of association in addition to the pursuit of happiness.
What Yeagley advocates is Statist sex police to prevent miscegnation and control sexual behavior. Yeagley's twisted values are not American in any description.

He is so consumed by his hatred of Blacks he is beyond reason, redemption or salvation.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Denying Kids Education

I cringe at the notion of denying children education based upon immigration status. However, if a family has two kids it is more cost effective to give them a plane ticket home. The problem of endless motions and appeals need to be addressed.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Killing Kids because of Autism

A sad story out of TX reports that a local woman killed her two kids because of their autism. Even in the state of Texas there is a great chance this woman will get away with a variation of the post partum depression angle. I am sickened by the abuse of psychology at times to rationalize or excuse the behavior of this type. The sole question should be was this person responsible for her own actions.

This person was an immigrant from Pakistan. To the best of my knowledge I am unaware of any concept that would justify this according to local customs.

I cringe at a series of odious defense strategies.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sexual Liberal Says Who

A certain fake Patriot has labeled yours truly a " sexual liberal". I am curious how a person who thinks that the government has a compelling to dictate sexual behavior of its citizens. The person has some bizarre obsessions with miscegenation. As this person is a product of a relationship between people of two different races we are into comedy mode.

I will not talk for the Pagan, but I have practiced miscegenation so many times I am an expert. Of course when one is a sexual zero and brags of it the word sex likely means gender in his wacky world.

The government has no compelling interest to involve itself in the consensual sexual behaviors of competent adults.

Sorry, but sexual zeros with odd hang ups about race mixing really have no clue about American values.

Media distortion and spin

The folks in Gaza are portrayed as the world's foremost victims. Usually Commies will even resort
to claims that the folks in Gaza are akin to Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Gaza has Olympic sized swimming polls and a brand new luxury mall. The real reason that the Egyptians seal the border is that residents of Gaza have a much higher standard of living than their fellow Egyptians who are not part of the Palestinian scam. The residents of Gaza have always been Egyptian and this farce needs to end.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

For those of you who wondered about Obama and the media

Some of us that wondered why Obama was given a virtual free pass in the election on membership in a Racist Communist Antisemitic Unamerican Church for two decades. Obama was allowed to incredibly state that he had no knowledge of the vile sermons that Pastor Wright was regularly spewing from the pulpit. It appears as if members of the MSM did work to try and deflect this story.

The media never really explored Obama's ties to Communist terrorist clown Bill Ayers. Most Americans would not sit in a room with a person who is a pariah. Obama was allowed to make false claims that his family reflected "midwestern values". The fact that his mother was a bug eyed Marxist zombie and his grandparents were also way out in left field were never discussed. The fact that his mentor in Hawaii was a member of the Communist Party was also left off the table.

Part of the Obama conspiracy includes selecting the biggest buffoon in the Senate as Vice President. The prospect of a President Biden should ensure that Obama will never be impeached. Obama doesn't have to worry about assassination, because our enemies are too busy
laughing at him.

I find it amazing that even after his diet Hugo Chavez bit his EU fans are still drinking the Koolaide. Outside of the Black Community his popularity hovers near 30%. We are more divided
than ever.

I expect any moment Hiliary Clinton to jump ship. Perhaps after the huge Tea Party in November she will turn on Obama and seek the nomination. Perhaps even Al Gore comes back from the dead. Who the Republicans run is a mystery as Palin does not seem ready for prime time. Bloomberg running as an independent is a strong possibility.

The MSM failed to do its job.

Communist Criminal Lynne Stewart given more jail time

Communist Criminal Attorney Lynne Stewart was sentenced to additional jail time. For those of you who think this woman is creepy and seedy, try listening to her when she speaks with Communist clowns. She likely would have gotten off with a very lenient sentence as lawyers tend to cut each other slack and she is quite old and in bad shape.

The left has earned additional time for Stewart who has been gloating over her very short sentence
and shows zero remorse. Of course when her health turns bad she will get an early release and hopefully stay quiet. Then again if she had sound judgment she would not have been in this mess in the first place.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Maybe its France

There has been yet another riot in France. This last one seems to have a specific cause a death at the hands of local law enforcement. These things do happen in the USA as well albeit rarely. We place most of the blame on Muslims, but we have seen no riots in Brooklyn, Patterson or Dearborn.
The UK has had a few riots but the number is small in comparison to France. There are different communities in Frace Algerians and West Africans vs Pakistanis and Indians in the UK and USA.
There are different employment and safety net practices as well.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Time for the USA to withdraw from NATO

NATO has finnished its mission and the USA needs to encourage members of the EU to defend themselves. The only nations that seriously may our need and deserve our assistance is Poland
and the Baltic States. We should consider assisting Greece in the event Turkey acts up provided Greece does not resume the obnoxious rhetoric of the 80's.

The USA need only form aliances with nations that are reliable allies and need assistance. Germany is a reliable ally that can defend itself and has no discernible foe. Out of historic precedent exceptions can be made for Oz and the UK. America should always defend Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

Our future is more tied to events in India and China than in the EU and the USA should improve
military co-operation with India.

Thanking the Editrix

I am past the Bad Sweden and Gates of Vienna chapters in James Michner's Poland. The bad Sweden chapter contains some interesting plot and characters that go into the next chapter. The Gates of Vienna chapter is masterfully done.

I am now beginning the section with Catherine the Great manipulating the last Polish King. I expect a lull for 200 pages. The great part about Michener is that he does surprise you and make lesser history interesting.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Just who is American and who isn't

This post will set some facts straight

An American is a citizen of the USA either born or naturalized with the following exceptions.

1) Racial arsonists like Farakhan, the KKK, Pastor Wright, the folks at Amren including Dr. Yeagley are not American because they do not respect our egalitarian ethos and traditions. Black, Wites, Native American and all others as citizens are equals. The most fundamental right is to be free to choose whom to love and have children with. Any attempt by clown like racists to interfere with individual rights or to create second class citizens is Unamerican.

2) Theocrats any attempt to create a religious caliphate or theocracy in the USA is unamerican. Our egalitarian traditions include civil law that respects, but does not intrude on our freedoms.
Get your secularism out of the pulpit and keep the government away from interpreting scripture.

3) Commies and Anarchists are not Americans. The Duck may be born here but he is an exponent of a system that seeks to eliminate and subvert our traditions and replace them with the idiocy of a mendicant failed philosopher. They do not respect property rights, individual rights and create disaster wherever they go.

The Perils of being parental

In life I have always visualized myself in much the same manner as Mr. Beamish. I make the tough call do the right thing say what needs to be said and so be it.

In reality those who are here long term know that at heart I am a Nationalistic Liberal. At work I am commended by a variety of groups for my dedication to my duty and legal temperament. I pay attention to the spirit of the law without being vindictive. The truth is that political positions say very little about legal temperament. Some of the toughest officers are both very far left and some on the right. Lawyers will swear that native born officers are easier to deal with than immigrants.

I hate large loud ceremonies and chafe at having to go to them. Ideally, I would stay at home until they are over. Yet when the Sprite says to me "I need my Daddy" I back down. One could disappoint a son and tell him to get over it. Yet I can not or would never consider doing this to a daughter. As a properly raised man we wish nothing more than to keep our wives, daughters, mothers and sisters happy.

Off I go to a ceremony I loathe. I have learned as an officer to fake the smile and wave. Somehow my disdain is not as important as doing the right thing as a parent. Who we think of ourselves as and who we are in reality are sometimes quite different.

I will have to grin and bare it. Afterward I can resume my curmudgeonly ways until I hear the soft voice saying "Dad".

Grammar and Identity

Every now and then, I get a reminder of a correction of a grammatical error. An innocuous example was a reminder from Mac that I should use one t in Scot. The familiar Scott is from the much beloved familiar paper company and most of us in the USA and Canada have seen the other spelling.

Early in blogging an objection was raised to my typing Black in lower case. As African Americans take this as a code of identity and a respect issue I changed my grammar. Now according to the Editrix, I should be consistent and type White similarly capitalized. Even though I have alabaster skin, I really do not embrace the concept of Whiteness. For me it is rather simple, I am an American. When people ask beyond this I state I am a Jew. I find it odd that often at work I am mistaken for a Pole, Russian and sometimes Ukranian by members of those communities. As some of my grandparents were born in the Austro Hungarian empire diversity people sometimes list me as Austrian.

The subject of my race came up at the site of Violent Hummingbird. I do not consider myself White as in my mind it is an attribute. I have zero in common with Dutch, French or Greeks even though my relatives may have passed through there. All of those groups are quite different from each other. The term White is frequently used by racial arsonists who I find to be an abomination. For a look at how a genuine patriot view racial goons please look for the smack down of Mr. Beamish ( Embodies Patriotism) vs. Rightminded ( Nazi Apologist). Americans really should transcend the idiotic notions of race and grasp that we are all equal Americans.

When we spell Jew as Jooooo we are usually addressing antisemitic imbeciles like Renegade Testicle or on rare occasion a Nazi type like Rightminded/ Greetings My Son. This spelling has been known to upset genuine antisemites such as 167.

From this point forward in terms of fairness I will use capital letters when using White in a racial
context. As for my own description I think I shall use the term Post White American. I am bothered by the need for some people to make a big deal over this. Amazingly one self proclaimed racialists is mathematically as white as Barak Obama whom he castigates as a Negro.
The essence of that delirium is White and anything but Black is good but Black. Sorry, but Blacks
are my brother and sister Americans and my nation does not tolerate second class citizens.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Yeagley misses the point about Indians and passports

I do want to touch upon some history for a second. With the exception of the Oneida and some Tuscaroras the Iroquois found themselves involved on the wrong side of a war. The colonialists wanted the Indians to stay out of the American Revolution. Joseph Brandt, a lackey of a prominent powerfully connected English family, for opportunistic reasons led the rest of the tribes against the colonists. The Indians frequently committed atrocities against the rebels and the crown used these atrocities in a manner similar to the way terrorism is used to intimidate its victims. Of course as in the celebrated case of Jane McRae the idea back fired. Brandt was nowhere near the scene of this crime and the victim was betrothed to a loyalist officer the episode almost led to a clash of Indians and Loyalists. Some of the Loyalists deserted after this incident and the Colonials used this atrocity to get enlistments.

After the war Brandt deservedly was stripped of his possessions and moved his people to Canada
where he is revered as a hero. The fact that his efforts caused his people to lose their lands or that he was a mercenary lackey of a prominent family is lost in the discussion.

In this specific case the UK should permit the descendants of people they screwed to enter the UK on tribal passports. The unique history of this particular group of Indians and the UK warrants an exception,

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Farahkhan wants reparations from Jews

Presumably, he should seek the descendants of African Kings, Arabs, Portuguese and American slave owners. One such descendant is note other than Barak Obama whose sole relation to slavery in America is that his mother's family owned a few. This did not stop Obama from benefiting from programs designed for the descendants of slaves. In fact it illustrates how absurd the policies were in the first place.

Jews owe Farakhan absolutely nothing except contempt. As far as reparations the Jewish community has disproportionately given to Black causes with zero appreciation save Bayard Rustin( a far left type), Larry Elder and a few Black conservatives. Dr. King also did not share the odious views of Farakhan.

Farahkhan should pay the citizens of the USA for wasting our newspaper print. The truth is that his warped racist cult has nothing to do with traditional Islam. It is a racist cult that makes a mockery of the religion, much like Obama's former church.

Government Service and the Public

Many people go into government service for the wrong reasons. Some far lefties think they can save the planet. Others let the power get to their head and become mini Napoleons. Many are just punching a clock.

Serving the American people as a government official is an honor in and of itself. Those chosen to serve should grasp the honor they have been accorded.

How the mindset should be

The ultimate employer is the American public. That means all people who are here legally or are in the process of gaining that status. Job number one is always public safety. A person does not have the right to be here if it endangers the public.

If there are no public safety issues the official should work with the public within the laws. Review the information thoroughly and listen to the arguments of the paid representative. Explain what needs to be done in a kind tone or why the case has to be denied in an empathetic manner.

Waivers exist for a reason and overall determinations should be made on common sense and remembering rule 1 always. A person need not have a house full of dead and dying relatives to get a discretionary grant.

This last part is mindset.

In order to do this job one must love the American people. This can not be taught it comes from within. You do not want to give away the store, but you want to work with the applicant to give the right benefit to the right person. A person going around in circles in a maze benefits nobody.
We can never replace time, so respect it and treat all with warmth and dignity. All this being said
your ultimate employer is the public so never forget job number 1.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Michelle Obama plays the race card

The administration has been playing a double game with race. Barak Obama has said on several occasions criticism of him and his policies are not racist. Then his wife appeals to Blacks to turn up the intensity by criticizing the allegedly racist elements of the Tea Party. A few Tea Party types may have once uttered a racial epithet commonly found in rap music, except no video exists.

Obama was elected as a symbol of post racial America. In truth he is all packaging and slogans. He has never held a real job before being elected to President. He was a member of a racist antisemitic marxist church for two decades. His college records and applications are sealed. Basically, he got elected by saying hope, change ad nauseum while standing in front of a Pepsi logo. A Kool aide or Mister clean logos probably did not test as well.

Obama has nothing to do with the Black experience in America. His father was an exchange student who practiced polygamy and may have attempted immigration fraud. His mother was a bug eyed far leftist and his grand parents were almost as far off the map. He has taken advantage of the Old Bolshevik club to attend elite schools likely on scholar ship. His only relationship to slavery in America is that his mothers relatives owned a few.

The Tea Party movement is a desire to return to classic American values. These values are expressed in the US founding documents. Obama has shown that he has zero interest in fixing the economy and getting people back to work. His obsession was a health care disaster not wanted by the American people as well as funds for his Old Bolshevik buddies in higher ed. He is now feigning interest in immigration reform to get out the Latino vote.

Obama has shown in the BP crisis he can not lead.

Thus it is the desire of Obama to mislead Blacks and deflect attention from his lack of leadership
and warped values. His warped values come not from the Black community, but from being raised by white bug eyed leftist grand parents and a mother who was even further off the map.

Paraphrasing Clinton "It is the economy stupid". Obama has failed to deliver his promises, failed in leadership and failed to respect American traditional values.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Feel like a teen $^$^^&* darn ^*^&("?K>

I apparently got a nasty case of sunburn. It feels better now my skin feels oily. I am using oatmeal based soap to alleviate the oily bit. Lord help the person who goes near me with peaches and cream. Can we say body cast.

Not easy being a bachelor today

I went to a Guyanese festival without the Tranquil Sea. Big mistake, as a few people identified me as a bachelor. In the new era people do not respect other people's boyfriend. I found myself literally being chased around all day.

I ended up watching a cricket game. I wouldn't have minded fielding as it is similar to baseball without a glove but there is no way I wanted to bat. The wicket looked like something used to discipline students back in the days when such activity was allowed.

The community has some local entertainers that are quite funny. When not evading single women I spent my day answering hypothetical questions. I tried to get some sleep under a huge Maple tree. However, I was kept busy answering questions?

I want to do a TV show called " Drunk People say the Darndest Things". One Drunk was going on
for hours about how he wanted to be with a 400 lb woman . No matter how we tried to get him off the subject he went back to that subject in graphic detail. Some people really should see how ridiculous they are went drunk.

In spite of being pestered by single women, dealing with a funny drunk or two or three I had a good time. Apparently the rules of dating after 40 in a tough economy are quite different.

I spent time making Northwind jokes. Apparently shooting dinner to save money for beer is quite funny. However, alcohol and firearms really shouldn't be mixed. Some of the poor in Vermont are known to stretch a food budget by taking game. As the late Northwind was Abenaki
this is a serious legal issue. Usually, the wardens do not say anything if the family is very poor
and it is feeding the family. In our case, I had to remind Northwind we are not poor. Of course allowing those down on their luck to reduce the amount deer, Canada Geese and pigeons by permitting subsistence hunting will not happen. I hate to say it but Canada Goose with some garlic and Italian herbs and spices was pretty tasty.

If Obama weren't so anti gun and cliche leftist we would see more of the above. The idea of poor families feeding themselves rather than asking for bigger welfare checks is not something the administration desires.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Joe Biden and Obama Dumb & Dumber

To those people who push the birth certificate bit I propose two scary words President Biden. Biden is the stupidest politician in Washington. To call him a hack would be insulting to hacks everywhere who while not optimal can at least function on the job. Being less intelligent than the incoherent Bernie Sanders I VT is an achievement. In the case of Col. Bernie Sanders the I stands for idiot.

A typical example of Biden's dementia took place on the Leno show where the Vice Clown was asked about swapping 10 communist spies for 4 spies. "I thought they were going to take Rush Limbaugh". Given Obama's links to Communists, a mentor in Hawaii, a bomb throwing trust fundista clown Prof in Chicago and a racist Marxist Pastor one would think of ample throw ins to a communist state this joke is a dud.

The demented remarks highlight a clown like administration with an incompetent clown at the helm who seems to think that Rush Limbaugh is a greater enemy than Al Queda. Of course the BP spill ran for days while Obama did nothing. When his numbers sank in the polls he went to the airwaves and acted like Diet Hugo Chavez. Of course it seems like the only time Obama will actually do something is when a General gives an unflattering interview in Rolling Stone.

Maybe the way for the administration to create jobs is for some unemployed people to get an interview with Rolling Stone. Of course someone has to place Obama's words on a teleprompter
for him to say anything. Perhaps the real reason we can not see Obama's grades and he failed to land a job in the private sector was social promotion. The media was quick to point out many dumb GW Bush stories. The truth was Bush had better grades than Gomer Kerry despite the latter taking easier classes. GW Bush also scored higher on military intelligence tests than Gomer. Given grade inflation at the Ivy's Obama likely got better grades than he deserved as well.

Here is a better idea in the next spy exchange ask the Russians to take Ayers and Dorn and we will throw in a box set of Maud and Golden Girls CD's. Placing Bea Arthur on the TV in the Kremlin is ample revenge for bottle dyed gold digger princess spies.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Community Service

I will be working with a Guyanese community charity tomorrow. My own community has plenty of people working with its charities. Moreover, I have more fun amongst the laid back West Indian community I have grown to love. I just am happy to contribute and not deal with the petty foolishness and sniping that sometimes accompanies charity work.

Onto Music

I am still listening to the instrumentals. The surf Instrumentals give my office a super cool sound and my office is one of the few where you can here such odd classics as Mr Motto, Our Favorite Martian, Church Key and Let there be Surf. In fact I was calling technical support and the tech wanted to know what was that band. It was an obscure band that made only four singles two of them are on the It Came from the Beach CD. At some point I will probably add CD's from B Bumble and the Stingers and the Marketts. You can listen to them on you tube, I am fond the Bumble Boogie, Canadian Sunset, Apple Knocker, Vanishing Point and Out of Limits.

Onto Books

I am still reading and enjoying James Mitchner's Poland. It is a good book in the early phases and I will probably discuss this tomorrow in the evening. I have located my hard cover copy of the Source.

The reading list

1) Northwest Passage
2) The Source
3) Oliver Wiswell
4) Lydia Bailey
5) A God In Ruins

Going on 9-12

I will be going to the march in DC on 9-12. I am fed up with politics as usual and the disdain for American values shown by Obama. I hope to meet some of you there. Hopefully Harkonen will be there. I did meet AOW & Frog Burger.

This march is about the failure of Obama to respect the values of the founding fathers. I am an American and do not care to reside in EU lite. My values come from our founding fathers and the opinions of shoppers in Sam's Club are more important to me than the imbeciles in a social science faculty lounge.

Americans want jobs, not a nanny state. Americans want immigration laws enforced. Americans want a safe country and criminals behind bars. Americans want an end to regressive taxation.
Americans want judges who respect the Constitution and do not look to foreign law when deciding cases in America.

Those of you who can not make it are encouraged to participate in local events. Remember there will be infiltrators who are not as creative as our ingenious Protest Warriors. There may be a few
dullards , but a good time will be had by a peaceful expression of our first amendment rights. Thousands of people chanting Acorn Sucks is also worth the trip.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Michener's Poland

I have covered the chapter that details the brutality of the Tartars and the tenacity of the Polish people. It is classic Michener that is pretty good thus far. The Teutonic knights fighting for faith
and the sheer brutality of the Tartars is contrasted. Of course the exchange where the Teutonic knight tells his Polish counterpart that they have not really been Christianized is perhaps the most
interesting exchange.

Of course the fact that non Europeans could be quite brutal colonialists is lost on far left types. These far left types pretend that if non Western people practice colonialism it is just a cultural variant.

It isn't the drinking water

There are those in Europe and to a lesser extent America who feign ignorance at what Al Queda is.
The recent bomb plot in Norway should remind people that Al Queda is a menace to every government on the planet.

Part of the problem lies with the Muslim community. With the exception of Stephen Schwartz and the CIP few Muslims come straight out and condemn terrorism wherever it takes place. Schwartz
grasps that terrorism creates a counter reaction and ultimately hurts Islam.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Fed Up With Non Enforcement of laws and crime

Those on the left who are screaming against Arizona's laws are ignoring a broken system that doesn't work. Has endless appeals that go on for decades.

1) End the Anchor Baby and Anchor Brides scams

Children born in the USA should remain citizens. However, they should no longer be allowed to confer status to parents that were here illegally.

Spouses shall only be able to sponsor minor children.

2) The classes of sibling immigration, married & adult child should be eliminated.
In the case of married or adult children an exception for a single child should be made in the case
of the Parent being over 75 or having some serious health impairment

3) The motions and appeals system needs to be streamlined. Fees for motions need to rise to $2000 dollars each. If a motion is overturned 1/2 the funds may be refunded. The idea is to eliminate superfluous motions.

4) House and employment visits at the discretion of the officer. Genuine jail time for individuals found to have perpetrated immigration fraud. Elimination of welfare benefits and minimizing social security benefits for those convicted of posing as fake spouses.

a) Person X lives in MA and teaches doodling. Person X is found guilty of marriage fraud with a North Korean woman. Person X would get two years in jail followed by reduction of Social Security benefits to minimum levels. Person X would not be eligible for welfare or unemployment benefits or employment in the federal government. They would remain eligible
for health benefits.

5) Adoption of Children may only be done on the more expensive 600 form. Adoption of non orphans must be accompanied by a specific and detailed family hardship. My country bites the big one would not be sufficient. A parent incapacitated by illness would be acceptable. The government of whatever country would also have to approve of the transfer of children.

6) Employers who have been found to be repeatedly hiring illegal workers should have their assets seized.

7) Immediate deportation after DWI and felony convictions.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Lost a great officer and friend

Our office stopped working for an emergency meeting. A coworker and passed away. He had few close relatives and he loved his job. He was a credit to officers everywhere. He was my first friend in the NYC office. When my old office was flooded I made sure to sit next to my old buddy in a space nobody wanted. Soon it was an area everyone wanted to be in. Myself and a worker around the corner traded jokes like it was the Catskills early in the morning. A third worker would join in
with a joke or two. My buddy was introverted and the jokes would stop when he uncharacteristically would let a quip go at my expense. Of that group shorty retired, another is in TX awaiting retirement, my buddy is deceased and I am the last man standing.

The agency has lost a dedicated worker. I have lost a respected peer and friend.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

And then what

I want to address the simple point of legal equity. This is the concept of fairness under the laws. I have a problem with an issue raised with the Carty Death Penalty case in TX.

There has been much written about the treaties requiring consular notification of arrests between the USA and the UK. The treaty was a product of a 1950 world and was designed to protect travelers and businessmen. In the case of Carty she is a legal permanent resident with 20 plus years in the USA.

While I do recognize that death penalty cases are serious and the UK consulate should have been contacted this is not reason by itself to overturn a verdict. On a practical matter these treaties need to be revisited and long term residents should not get additional rights based on lack of citizenship. Countries need to take their own criminals back, per these same agreements.


There is something that should be clear to everyone not named Barak Obama. Americans want to
work first and foremost. The economy has burned and Obama seems more intent on pushing legislation Americans do not want than job creation.

There is an anger in the land aimed at an unresponsive out of touch government. The government
has forgotten that it exists to serve the people.

Many of us thought Obama could grow into the job. It is clear he is not even capable of being Bill Clinton on his worst day. There is a distinct possibility that Obama will be forced to govern like an adult after the looming electoral defeat in November. However, unlike Bill Clinton, Obama does not appear capable of learning anything and is solely concerned with his allies in faculty lounges.

The term Obamaville is a real word for many. If you are looking for work and having to live with relatives you are in Obamaville. Homeless camps are springing up and the media does not seem to report these new tent cities as they did in the 80's under Regan. This winter will be cold and tough for many up North. Of course the workers want jobs and at best Obama is thinking of his next power scam immigration bill.

Americans are getting fed up with the arrogance and Marie Antionette Marxist disdain for our values. Those who thought of Obama as the messiah had it correct. Obama's incompetence and arrogant disdain for the American people has done more to breathe life into the GOP than centuries of talk radio.

Commies often visualize the American people rising up. I used to think this was impossible, but anger at an arrogant out of touch government and scores of out of work is a lethal brew. Mob
justice is never right and if the American people ever did rise up it would not be what commies had in mind.

Our nation will survive. The question is will we learn anything from the folly of electing a symbol
rather than a competent leader.

Monday, July 05, 2010


I am at the best point of my life. The Tranquil Sea is very easy and charming. Being a step dad to the beloved Sprite is the greatest feeling of my life. Even nutty Rex the ever hungry Maltese is a blast. I am more of a pug or English Bulldog type as they are more manly. Then again Rex is a pet for a young girl.

Sometimes, one has to undergo adversity to get to a better place. My sisters AOW and TMW were there for me. There was a call to my buddy Warren. In life we sometimes have to overcome adversity.

Along the way I started to enjoy old hobbies. I did enjoy the historical fiction genre immensely. The Duck can have his gassy philosophers and hack doodlers, but I would sooner read about rich characters like Beryl Jastrow and Cap Huff. Time is limited and one does not need a road map to see the carnage of the mendicant imbecile Marx.

I shall be going to Guyana in the fall. Unfortunately, they do not have a season for hunting useless Chavezistas across the border. One or two of his foreign supporters would look good in the den. I could probably have a taxidermist preserve the bug eyed insane look. Alas, I am going there to enjoy the scenery as a boat ride down the Berbice should have ample adventure. I will be visiting with locals who are familiar with Brooklynese. Maybe someday the Contras will form along the rugged border. Even as the economy goes into the toilet the bug eyed faithful are swearing it is because Chavez hasn't gone far enough. The motto for the Cult of death should be build socialism over mountains of dead, the starving and the imprisoned. They talk of justice and freedom but all I hear are the chains of neomonarchistic statism repackaged.

I also took time to adjust the musical tastes. I have an office full of instrumental rock mostly surf
and some Duane Eddy tossed in. It is almost like having a personal sound track in the office. Two weeks on a standard rotation away from my desk was a bit much. I have returned to my desk, but the junior officers now have a better grasp of my style. It is more down home and less confrontational than the norm. It works because it is my natural style and is not faked.

Dead workers produce nothing

One of the things I loathe about government is the lack of common sense. The East Coast is in the midst of a brutal heat wave. Most offices have common sense dress policies that allow workers in brutal heat to dress sensibly. My office is run by a person whose heartless fixation on rules endangers workers safety. Despite the missery index being well over 100 there will be no relaxation of the dress code. Usually on a Monday in a heat wave about three workers will report to the nurses office with heat exhaustion.

Two years ago I had a blood pressure spike of 175/125 with no history of high blood pressure. Of course working 11 hours in these conditions with a boss yelling non stop and no breaks contributed
to the spike.

Perhaps an employee has to be hospitalized before common sense prevails. Of course if you work in a well air conditioned office this is not an issue. Unfortunately, the air conditioning is shut over the weekend and is not felt until 3. The windows do not open so ventilation is a real concern at work.

Of course the Union will work on this as usual.

Baron was ill

Long term readers are aware that I do have a pet that seldom makes it into these pages. My turtle, Baron, is around 36 years old and usually is miserable from April to September. He has gotten better over the years but is by no means tame. If he is hungry he will swim over and acknowledge you.

Oddly, he is the only member of the household who enjoys the heatwave. When I place a heater in his tank it is normally set at 85 and he is holding up well. I have gotten away from bringing the live food. However, he has a nasty fungal infection and gets them a few times a year. An inexpensive tropical fish fungal remedy usually fixes things in 72 hours.

While I was at the store I got him some live food 25 goldfish, 3 snails and dug up a few worms from the yard. His color is back to normal in five hours and the food is all gone. I have yet to actually see him extract a snail but he somehow does this. Of course now that he is well fed he will ignore everyone unless he smells chicken. I also give him small shrimp uncooked.

He is hand trained and will grab cooked chicken from your hands. I discourage my nieces from doing this as this can be dangerous given his size, but they do it anyway.

Childhood friends are amazed that the he is still around. Most are on second cats or dogs.

He will now return to blog anonymity.

He did star in a video in college. Meat you don't need brains to tell the difference. He correctly found the real burger bits 100% of the time and ignored soy products.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Guilty Pleasures on the July 4

There is nothing as American as a road trip with junk food and music for the holiday weekend.
As the Tranquil Sea is working and the beloved Sprite is staying with an older sister I am relaxing in the stifling heat. For religious reasons neither eat beef or pork and I am respectful when we go out to do the same.

Lets sit back and take a cyber road trip. I have my gas guzling car ready to roll as we head out of NYC classic rock like AC/DC fills the car. We are no into suburbia and we switch to the oldies like the Beatles, Blondie and so forth we are headed to the mountains and now the instrumental cds like Duanne Eddy, The Ventures and so forth fill the car.

We stop for that all American lunch of Hot dogs.

I prefer NY Style Hebrew National, with NY Deli Mustard, Sauerkraut and pickle relish. Most NYC types swear by Nathan's famous but I will take the robust taste of Hebrew National. Wherever the road takes me I tend to lose them as the locals prefer the taste to whatever else they were serving.

I did learn to enjoy a local Vermont variety of the hot dog called the Michigan. It is an amazing hot dog with a meat sauce served in many places but my favorite was Gus's Red Hots near the Plattsburgh ferry. I think Farmer John alerted me to the place and I was there almost every time I left VT. I made a special trip on my final voyage home to NYC even though it was out of my way.

No lunch is complete without a soft drink. My beverage of choice was usually Mountain Dew or Classic Coke. I have sworn off all of the soft drinks except for their diet versions. I will try the seasonal special versions of Mountain Dew. However, the only one I liked was Pitch Black.

We can also talk of local favorites. I prefer the traditional NY Style Pizza with fresh mozzarella
and a touch of marinara. The St Louis Style has a crust that is so thin you can almost read a newspaper through your slice. The Chicago style is almost all bread and not my choice.

I would like to pull into an old style truck stop. However a Fat Burger, Popeyes, KFC or Burger King will do. When I am back in the Midwest I will place Lees on the top of that list.

Here is wishing you and your family the best on our Nation's birthday.

July 4 in the age of Obama

It does not feel like a great day. The fireworks are subdued and the barbecue from everywhere seems absent. People are home but the spirit of love of country is subdued. Perhaps it is the person next door who has had to sell his house as his business floundered and his marriage crashed and burned. Perhaps it is the 46 year old financial executive who made a mint but was laid off two years ago and knows he will never work again, unless he reinvents himself or starts his own company.

The Pro Obama Times can not hide the economic data. Unemployment is everywhere and jobs are not coming back. The atmosphere at work is many people are waiting for buyouts. Obama could trim the payroll by merely stating we will not be doing this in the next two years. This would get those holding out for a deal to leave.

Loving our country and traditions should go beyond the inept University Marxist in Washington. In fact much of his unpopularity is exactly because he has spent too much time in the faculty lounge and not enough time in Walmart parking lots.

Our economy is so bad I am half expecting another Coxey's army to form again and Obama to embrace the concept to counter the Tea Party. The key idea is that people want to work and do not want handouts. Welfare is not the solution and we should be solely focused on job creation.
As usual commies fail to grasp that expanding benefits , confiscatory taxation and making everything the job of government has killed the private sector.

In November we have a chance to send Obama a message. The message must be loud and clear, but the media will spin it into something else. We are Americans with our own history and traditions. Those of you who wish to be like the EU are encouraged to emigrate there. Kindly, respect our traditions and the will of the American people.

Book Review Rabble in Arms by Kenneth Roberts

This is the second of Roberts three works on the American Revolution. We reviewed Arundel earlier. This is the rare sequel that is even better than the excellent first book. The hero of the first book is the historical figure Natanis an Abenaki indian makes brief appearances. The main character from the previous book Steve Nason appears, but has grown as a person and as an officer. His sidekick the perpetually drunk but heroic Cap Huff has a major role again.

The hero of this book is undoubtedly Benedict Arnold. Historically, we make the error in assuming that his later treason is the sum of his contribution. General Arnold was perhaps the greatest military leader of the American Revolution. Unfortunately, congress did not recognize his achievements and officers of far lesser ability were promoted over him. The formal history says that General Gates defeated Burgoyne at the Battle of Saratoga. Gates did little real fighting and he wrote his reports taking credit for the initiative of Arnold. In essence those of you that are stars at work and have lesser coworkers take credit for your efforts grasp a mere fraction of the situation General Arnold found himself in.

The book shines when Arnold makes an appearance. There are those who state that Roberts is an apologist for Arnold. Roberts conveys the Arnold lost in history due to his later ethical lapse.

The author did serve in the US occupation of Siberia and much of his writing should be viewed as a reaction to the abomination of the Russian Revolution. In the view of Roberts, who was a Conservative, the Revolution of the rabble was saved at the last moment by the Constitution that formed a coherent system of governance. In the 1930's era there was an assumption by many that similar revolutions would overthrow governments. Much of Roberts themes about cronyism and political hacks promoted over their ability by manipulating the system remains valid today.

When I read this book, I wondered what type of book would the author write showing Arnold after his fall from grace. The answer lies in Oliver Wiswell a book written from the loyalist perspective. That book has the greatest reaction of all of the Roberts novels. It is praised by many readers as his finest work for its unique perspective and it is panned by many for the same reason.

I have acquired all of Roberts books save one Lydia Bailey. Lydia Bailey is en route as we speak
and is in my opinion his most unique work dealing with the Haitian revolution as a backdrop.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Reading rotation

I seemed to have been mistaken in that Kenneth Roberts did return to the subject of Benedict Arnold after the treason. He appears at a later stage in Oliver Wiswell. It may have been better off if the author had left us to ponder the greatness of Arnold amidst his humanity that caused him to turn his back on the cause he fought so valiantly for.

Reading list at the moment

1) Poland by Michener
2) Oliver Wiswell by Roberts
3) Lydia Bailey by Roberts
4) A God in Ruins by Uris
5) New York by Rutherford.

The hypocrisy of the Duck

The Duck is quite vivid about Commie hacks producing art or placing inane themes into art. An example was the overrated Arthur Miller making the claim that comparing persecution of witches to Communists in the Crucible. Witches are typically harmless and unlike commies were not planning on global hegemony and the authors of wholesale human rights violations.

The Duck frequently criticizes Uris who places Zionism into his work. What works of Uris the Duck has bothered to read is unknown. The Duck usually is quite vocal about appreciation of the art for its merit. Thus when a Conservative points out the idiocy of Arthur Miller or boycotts films with commies like Sean Penn the Duck talks about artistic merit. Obviously, the Duck doesn't grant Uris anywhere near the liberties that he wishes us to take with Communists like Arthur Miller. Miller is assigned reading and perhaps it is time to start the lectures about Stalinist crimes and decades of lies about spies and funding of the Communist party.

Uris is not read as assigned reading via Bolshevik Academic coercion. His readers enjoy his many excellent books that commies seldom bother to read. I did place a God In Ruins on the list of books to read.

I am finishing Rabble in Arms by Roberts. I am around 100 pages from the end. We are now past the Battle of Hubardton which is discussed tangentially. The first 70 pages drag on a bit, but the pace does pick up. Characters introduced there will be seen later in important roles. I will be pausing from Kenneth Roberts to read one of the few Michener books I avoided. I encourage those who may be lacking in vacation reading to pick up some pleasant well crafted novels. It is enjoyable and a better product than you are apt to see on the silver screen.

Friday, July 02, 2010

An Officer vs a Doodler

The bird brained Duck apparently is off his rocker once again. He claims his work as an educator of doodling and mediocre obscure cinema has social value. He is mistaken and if he thinks he has changed and lives in doodleology he is mistaken.

This is not meant as a slight to serious educators like AOW who teach important subjects to bright students and change lives. However, we seriously doubt that a single life has been changed by studies of doodles while the Duck lines his pocket.

While the Duck studies doodles and obscure films yours truly works with members of the community changing lives. Attorneys representing clients from every walk of life and ethnicity, including many on the left, would be the first to tell the Duck about the important work we do each and every day. We protect the public, change lives and serve the public with dedication and honor each and every day.

The doodler dreams he has changed lives, but alas he has more than likely done little other than line his own pocket. The Duck's often bitter bigoted rants display little more than classic Marxist
antisemitism and demented antiamericanism. He can not find racism in my posts so he rants about Yeagley without grasping that I had many notable fights with the man over his bigotry. One can similarly point to my presence on Communist blogs, except that anyone at those blogs will tell you I skewer commies.

Calling Jews Nazis is typical Communist Antisemitism. The bird brained Duck thinks that as a hardened commie he is exempt from bigotry by fealty to his Marxist Death Cult. Sorry but if he thinks his Jew as Nazi rants is somehow less odious than Yeagley's Obama as a Negro rants he is mistaken. The Duck also without evidence calls Yeagley gay and calls Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah.
The Duck displays as much bigotry as Yeagley, he is merely different in his targets.

Those who can do, do so quite well as dedicated officers do each and every day. Those who can do doodle with varying skill levels. Those who can neither do nor doodle with skill teach doodling and delude themselves with exaggerated importance.