Monday, July 12, 2010

Not easy being a bachelor today

I went to a Guyanese festival without the Tranquil Sea. Big mistake, as a few people identified me as a bachelor. In the new era people do not respect other people's boyfriend. I found myself literally being chased around all day.

I ended up watching a cricket game. I wouldn't have minded fielding as it is similar to baseball without a glove but there is no way I wanted to bat. The wicket looked like something used to discipline students back in the days when such activity was allowed.

The community has some local entertainers that are quite funny. When not evading single women I spent my day answering hypothetical questions. I tried to get some sleep under a huge Maple tree. However, I was kept busy answering questions?

I want to do a TV show called " Drunk People say the Darndest Things". One Drunk was going on
for hours about how he wanted to be with a 400 lb woman . No matter how we tried to get him off the subject he went back to that subject in graphic detail. Some people really should see how ridiculous they are went drunk.

In spite of being pestered by single women, dealing with a funny drunk or two or three I had a good time. Apparently the rules of dating after 40 in a tough economy are quite different.

I spent time making Northwind jokes. Apparently shooting dinner to save money for beer is quite funny. However, alcohol and firearms really shouldn't be mixed. Some of the poor in Vermont are known to stretch a food budget by taking game. As the late Northwind was Abenaki
this is a serious legal issue. Usually, the wardens do not say anything if the family is very poor
and it is feeding the family. In our case, I had to remind Northwind we are not poor. Of course allowing those down on their luck to reduce the amount deer, Canada Geese and pigeons by permitting subsistence hunting will not happen. I hate to say it but Canada Goose with some garlic and Italian herbs and spices was pretty tasty.

If Obama weren't so anti gun and cliche leftist we would see more of the above. The idea of poor families feeding themselves rather than asking for bigger welfare checks is not something the administration desires.


The Pagan Temple said...

Guess who's been visiting Monica Crowley's blog "Monica's Memo" and left the following comment in her comments section-

""Race-realist." Good term. Should become standard--to distinguish hate from natural aversions and natural preferences. Hate is a non-defined term these days, as are most liberal terms. They're simply heavy emotional terms, designed to overwhelm the conscience--that is, the conservatives"

The first three guesses are free.

The Pagan Temple said...

I don't know what the hell he's trying to do, but it seems like he's trying to use Monica Crowley's blog as a springboard to promote himself. And of all the subjects he picks to introduce himself with, he uses his views on race. Unbelievable! Is he really that out-of-touch that he thinks Monica Crowley would share views such as his? Surely to God he's not stupid enough to think he can convert her. Is he?

Anonymous said...

Hi Pagan, if it's Davey Boy Yeagley, that makes sense. However, the use of the term, "race realist," has been used almost exclusively by David Duke.

Duke's views, even if he attempts to dress them up in sophisticated jargon and PhD, need no explanation as to their meaning. What I find interesting is that Yeagley and Duke agree on just about absolutely everything about race, except on the subject of Jews.

Aside from Duke's pathological hatred for all things Jewish, he and Yeagley share identical disdain for non-whites. They both also have a fantasy that all "white" people are the same and see eye to eye culturally and religiously. Oh, and of course, Duke fakes respect for Arabs and Muslims due to his hatred of Jews and Israel. Yeagley likely hates Jews as well, but hides it by pretending to love them and talk about them constantly (I think this is called phil-semitism).


beakerkin said...

Monica night remember me from her early days at WABC. She is definitely not sympathetic to Yeagley.

I would not want to be present if she ever got into a discussion of American values with Yeagley. It would all be over his head.

Monica is brilliant and very real. She has no patience for imbeciles or rouges who twist patriotism with racial goonery.

The Pagan Temple said...


You're right, it's Yeagley. Actually, somebody named DJ posted about him, and when I posted a response, Yeagley posted a response, so I assume this DJ was there to pave the way for his entrance.

There's a person on Monica's blog named Gringo something or other, who I'm wondering might also be responsible for his appearance there. He seems sympathetic to Yeagley, and in the comments has posted the same kind of responses you might expect to see on Stormfront. Not over the top stuff, but the kind of things like "well you think its all right for blacks to do x, y, and z, but not whites", etc.

He's been there for a while, and he always tries to dominate the discussions. He puts himself across like he's real close to Monica, calls her "sweetie" and all kinds of sickening crap. Why she puts up with it I don't know, but I'm wondering if she even pays that much attention to what goes on in the comments.

I hope she does, because if people get wind of Yeagley, DJ, and Gringo being there, especially if they are controlling the comments in a way that could be construed as promotional of Yeagley's racialist viewpoints, it could come back to bite her. She really should lay the hammer down, but its her blog.

The_Editrix said...

I am sure he really believes that he "loves" the Jews.

It has all to do with the absurd cult he is following. Just as he thinks that blacks come from an amalgamation of men and beast, he thinks that Jews will convert to Christianity one day. He won't "love" them all that much anymore, once he comes to the understanding that no, they won't.

The_Editrix said...

Muahahahaha... What a bunch of idiots. There is somebody called Patrick Kelley (Old Chassidic name!) and what sez the moron? "Patrick, I'm assuming you're Jewish."

I wonder why? Because you opposed Yeagley's racism? (Honestly, I don't get it.) Do only Jews that? And then he goes on to ass-ume that all Jews MUST care for Israel. All the oldest clich├ęs in just one brief blog comment.

Great job, TPT!

beakerkin said...

The folks at Monica's site are an odd lot. She is an amazing person who is even nicer and brilliant in her private correspondence.