Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Government Service and the Public

Many people go into government service for the wrong reasons. Some far lefties think they can save the planet. Others let the power get to their head and become mini Napoleons. Many are just punching a clock.

Serving the American people as a government official is an honor in and of itself. Those chosen to serve should grasp the honor they have been accorded.

How the mindset should be

The ultimate employer is the American public. That means all people who are here legally or are in the process of gaining that status. Job number one is always public safety. A person does not have the right to be here if it endangers the public.

If there are no public safety issues the official should work with the public within the laws. Review the information thoroughly and listen to the arguments of the paid representative. Explain what needs to be done in a kind tone or why the case has to be denied in an empathetic manner.

Waivers exist for a reason and overall determinations should be made on common sense and remembering rule 1 always. A person need not have a house full of dead and dying relatives to get a discretionary grant.

This last part is mindset.

In order to do this job one must love the American people. This can not be taught it comes from within. You do not want to give away the store, but you want to work with the applicant to give the right benefit to the right person. A person going around in circles in a maze benefits nobody.
We can never replace time, so respect it and treat all with warmth and dignity. All this being said
your ultimate employer is the public so never forget job number 1.

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