Friday, July 23, 2010

Denying Kids Education

I cringe at the notion of denying children education based upon immigration status. However, if a family has two kids it is more cost effective to give them a plane ticket home. The problem of endless motions and appeals need to be addressed.


Ducky's here said...

If they addressed it you might be out of a job when there became fewer forms to fill out and less paper to push around.

Ducky's here said...

Are you related to Officer Pup in the old brilliant "Krazy Kat" carton strip?

The Unforgettable Grunting Moron said...

Well, Sonja (Proud chest puffing member of The Beakerkin Group) certainly doesn't deny her two children a thorough home school education! And particularly in the particulars of Greek Mythology, especially. Namely, the hands-on home schooling around and abouts the ins and outs of the Oedipal/Electra complexities/paradoxities.

The Beakerkin Group lives in infamy! Justifying past and present sins in the spirit of ignorant and pompous self justification.

Wasn't it David Horowitz that once wrote well received pamphlet on the Destructive Generation? That's right, the Sixties! In it he makes the sometimes hard to swallow proposition (especially for The Beakerkin Group) that the scene back then, including the Rock and Roll music we all so persistently seem to have a hard time letting go of, contributed mightily towards the decline of the conservative ideals of the Founders.

"A democracy can only succeed with a moral people." (I paraphrase.)

Does this mean I'll have to stop listening nostalgically to Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, et. al.? And must I mature to a point at which I regard this music as at best a minor, and largely destructive, contribution to society at large? Some say so, as Horowitz does, and he seems to have a case, no matter how tenaciously we try to hold on to our nostalgically rebellious youthful past or justify our current sexually liberal indulgences.