Sunday, July 18, 2010

Time for the USA to withdraw from NATO

NATO has finnished its mission and the USA needs to encourage members of the EU to defend themselves. The only nations that seriously may our need and deserve our assistance is Poland
and the Baltic States. We should consider assisting Greece in the event Turkey acts up provided Greece does not resume the obnoxious rhetoric of the 80's.

The USA need only form aliances with nations that are reliable allies and need assistance. Germany is a reliable ally that can defend itself and has no discernible foe. Out of historic precedent exceptions can be made for Oz and the UK. America should always defend Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

Our future is more tied to events in India and China than in the EU and the USA should improve
military co-operation with India.


The Pagan Temple said...

No we don't need to help Greece. We should forge a loose alliance with Eastern Europe that will provide a land corridor to the Middle East. We should remove all our NATO bases from Europe. We don't have to end NATO to remove our troops and bases from Western Europe. We've helped Europe enough, and you see what it's caused. The place is a basket case.

beamish said...

No withdrawal until reparations are paid.

Europeans go to war with each other at least every 20 years. War only break outs in Europe now where US troops aren't. It is one of the most barbaric continents on the planet. The only culture there grows in petri dishes.

We need to stay there long enough to introduce them to Western Civilization, ot at least how to get along with their neighbors for longer than a generation.

The Pagan Temple said...


Just think how much money we can make selling weapons to them when war breaks out, and how much fun we can have placing bets on who's going to ravage which country.

That's the only kind of "reparations" you're ever going to get from Europeans, unless you take it by force, and I'm down with that too.

beamish said...

Interest on the Marshall Plan alone is probably more than they can repay.

Maybe we can at least try to persuade France to stop teaching their children to speak French? I mean, how far does anyone go in life speaking that?