Saturday, July 17, 2010

Just who is American and who isn't

This post will set some facts straight

An American is a citizen of the USA either born or naturalized with the following exceptions.

1) Racial arsonists like Farakhan, the KKK, Pastor Wright, the folks at Amren including Dr. Yeagley are not American because they do not respect our egalitarian ethos and traditions. Black, Wites, Native American and all others as citizens are equals. The most fundamental right is to be free to choose whom to love and have children with. Any attempt by clown like racists to interfere with individual rights or to create second class citizens is Unamerican.

2) Theocrats any attempt to create a religious caliphate or theocracy in the USA is unamerican. Our egalitarian traditions include civil law that respects, but does not intrude on our freedoms.
Get your secularism out of the pulpit and keep the government away from interpreting scripture.

3) Commies and Anarchists are not Americans. The Duck may be born here but he is an exponent of a system that seeks to eliminate and subvert our traditions and replace them with the idiocy of a mendicant failed philosopher. They do not respect property rights, individual rights and create disaster wherever they go.


Randle Patrick McMurphy said...

So, Jared Taylor (Founder of American Renaissance and The New Century Foundation) is not an American, and, he thinks in too "linear" a fashion?

Listen to Jared Taylor on CSpan and pay particular attention to the question and answer session at the end. The questions say more about the questioners and the answers put them in their places even though they can't even realize what is happening to them as it is happening.

From Wikipedia, this quote:

"Conservative writer and activist David Horowitz makes it clear that he disagrees with Taylor's philosophy, which he calls a "surrender to a multicultural miasma" but says that Taylor is "a very smart and gutsy individualist" and "a very intelligent and principled man."[20]"

Conclusion: One can be an American and hold differing philosophies, contrary to what the Beak speaks.

Randle Patrick McMurphy said...

Now this Nigger King Samir Shabaza is an American. Excuss me, an Afro-American. No doubt about that! Why he's so much of an American he can stand at polling places with night sticks intimidating White voters with legal impunity! Attorney General Eric Himpton Holder and President Barack Hussein Obama saw to that! King Samir Shamumbojumbo might as well have been slapping a machete in his hand!

Another Bromofo:

Another Shabazz (a different one),Malik Zulu Shabazz:

And David Horowitz used to be the chief fund raiser and confidant of Huey Newton, founder of the Black Panther Party. He knows it from the inside out. And he's lucky to be alive today to tell the tale.

Read the Horowitz Pamphlet on Cornel West, "Obama's Professor", if you want to put all the historical pieces together.

Ducky's here said...

"Real Americans" hide out pushing paper in a dysfunctional agency to gain cradle to grave security because they are too lame to cut it in the private sector.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, nice to see that the brain dead Yeagley stooges still miss you.

beakerkin said...


I serve the public and made plenty of money in the private sector. Your arrogance towards civil servants should be highlighted in your next cell meeting.

I see no evidence that you are smarter than Yeagley. His flunky Batty Ann now supports Obama.

The Pagan Temple said...

I think they probably even like the same kind of music.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, I can't stand that right wing flunky Obama.

beakerkin said...

Ok Ducky how is Obama right wing

The Pagan Temple said...

Beak, you can't pay any attention to that shit. That's a meme among the leftist blogosphere. They just don't think he's going far enough, so that makes him a "right-winger". Typical leftist bullshit.

Example-yeah, Obama passed Health Care Reform but there's no single payer, or not even a private option.

If there had been a private option, that still wouldn't have been good enough for them, but Obama at least would be "left of center", instead of "right of center".

Understand now? It's a different kind of language based on an entirely different mind-set.

beamish said...

Ducky means Obama's not left-wing enough to start shoving Jews into ovens.

He should be patient. Even the greatest labor activist of the 20th Century, Adolf Hitler, took 5 years to organize all the union thugs needed for the job.