Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Lost a great officer and friend

Our office stopped working for an emergency meeting. A coworker and passed away. He had few close relatives and he loved his job. He was a credit to officers everywhere. He was my first friend in the NYC office. When my old office was flooded I made sure to sit next to my old buddy in a space nobody wanted. Soon it was an area everyone wanted to be in. Myself and a worker around the corner traded jokes like it was the Catskills early in the morning. A third worker would join in
with a joke or two. My buddy was introverted and the jokes would stop when he uncharacteristically would let a quip go at my expense. Of that group shorty retired, another is in TX awaiting retirement, my buddy is deceased and I am the last man standing.

The agency has lost a dedicated worker. I have lost a respected peer and friend.

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