Tuesday, July 20, 2010

For those of you who wondered about Obama and the media

Some of us that wondered why Obama was given a virtual free pass in the election on membership in a Racist Communist Antisemitic Unamerican Church for two decades. Obama was allowed to incredibly state that he had no knowledge of the vile sermons that Pastor Wright was regularly spewing from the pulpit. It appears as if members of the MSM did work to try and deflect this story.

The media never really explored Obama's ties to Communist terrorist clown Bill Ayers. Most Americans would not sit in a room with a person who is a pariah. Obama was allowed to make false claims that his family reflected "midwestern values". The fact that his mother was a bug eyed Marxist zombie and his grandparents were also way out in left field were never discussed. The fact that his mentor in Hawaii was a member of the Communist Party was also left off the table.

Part of the Obama conspiracy includes selecting the biggest buffoon in the Senate as Vice President. The prospect of a President Biden should ensure that Obama will never be impeached. Obama doesn't have to worry about assassination, because our enemies are too busy
laughing at him.

I find it amazing that even after his diet Hugo Chavez bit his EU fans are still drinking the Koolaide. Outside of the Black Community his popularity hovers near 30%. We are more divided
than ever.

I expect any moment Hiliary Clinton to jump ship. Perhaps after the huge Tea Party in November she will turn on Obama and seek the nomination. Perhaps even Al Gore comes back from the dead. Who the Republicans run is a mystery as Palin does not seem ready for prime time. Bloomberg running as an independent is a strong possibility.

The MSM failed to do its job.

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The_Editrix said...

It will never cease to amaze me what you Republicans see in Sarah Palin, apart from the fact that she is very pretty -- if one likes that MILF look.

She wasn't able to supervise her teenage daughter well enough not to get pregnant and you trust her to govern the most powerful country on earth? Gosh, I wouldn't want a PMSing broad ten miles near that nuclear button.