Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Perils of being parental

In life I have always visualized myself in much the same manner as Mr. Beamish. I make the tough call do the right thing say what needs to be said and so be it.

In reality those who are here long term know that at heart I am a Nationalistic Liberal. At work I am commended by a variety of groups for my dedication to my duty and legal temperament. I pay attention to the spirit of the law without being vindictive. The truth is that political positions say very little about legal temperament. Some of the toughest officers are both very far left and some on the right. Lawyers will swear that native born officers are easier to deal with than immigrants.

I hate large loud ceremonies and chafe at having to go to them. Ideally, I would stay at home until they are over. Yet when the Sprite says to me "I need my Daddy" I back down. One could disappoint a son and tell him to get over it. Yet I can not or would never consider doing this to a daughter. As a properly raised man we wish nothing more than to keep our wives, daughters, mothers and sisters happy.

Off I go to a ceremony I loathe. I have learned as an officer to fake the smile and wave. Somehow my disdain is not as important as doing the right thing as a parent. Who we think of ourselves as and who we are in reality are sometimes quite different.

I will have to grin and bare it. Afterward I can resume my curmudgeonly ways until I hear the soft voice saying "Dad".

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