Sunday, July 04, 2010

July 4 in the age of Obama

It does not feel like a great day. The fireworks are subdued and the barbecue from everywhere seems absent. People are home but the spirit of love of country is subdued. Perhaps it is the person next door who has had to sell his house as his business floundered and his marriage crashed and burned. Perhaps it is the 46 year old financial executive who made a mint but was laid off two years ago and knows he will never work again, unless he reinvents himself or starts his own company.

The Pro Obama Times can not hide the economic data. Unemployment is everywhere and jobs are not coming back. The atmosphere at work is many people are waiting for buyouts. Obama could trim the payroll by merely stating we will not be doing this in the next two years. This would get those holding out for a deal to leave.

Loving our country and traditions should go beyond the inept University Marxist in Washington. In fact much of his unpopularity is exactly because he has spent too much time in the faculty lounge and not enough time in Walmart parking lots.

Our economy is so bad I am half expecting another Coxey's army to form again and Obama to embrace the concept to counter the Tea Party. The key idea is that people want to work and do not want handouts. Welfare is not the solution and we should be solely focused on job creation.
As usual commies fail to grasp that expanding benefits , confiscatory taxation and making everything the job of government has killed the private sector.

In November we have a chance to send Obama a message. The message must be loud and clear, but the media will spin it into something else. We are Americans with our own history and traditions. Those of you who wish to be like the EU are encouraged to emigrate there. Kindly, respect our traditions and the will of the American people.


The Pagan Temple said...

It's going to take a massive defeat to really put the message across. But I'm afraid with nuts like Michael Steele flapping their gums, and the Texas Congressman apologizing to BP, and other examples of ignorance, is going to minimize GOP games. Any less than well up in the sixties in the House will not do, and preferably it should be up in the eighties of nineties of Democrats getting the boot. I don't know how many Democratic Senators are up for re-election, but any less than half of them going down in flames is unacceptable, and in fact half may not be enough to undo the damage or prevent future disasters.

JD Hayward also needs to hand John McCain a nice retirement package, otherwise known as a primary ass-kicking, then JD needs to go on to win the election. We need to get rid of the McCains and Lyndsey Grahams almost as much as Democrats.

Alligator said...

The double dip recession is on its way, but I don't think it will get here before the November election.