Sunday, July 11, 2010

Joe Biden and Obama Dumb & Dumber

To those people who push the birth certificate bit I propose two scary words President Biden. Biden is the stupidest politician in Washington. To call him a hack would be insulting to hacks everywhere who while not optimal can at least function on the job. Being less intelligent than the incoherent Bernie Sanders I VT is an achievement. In the case of Col. Bernie Sanders the I stands for idiot.

A typical example of Biden's dementia took place on the Leno show where the Vice Clown was asked about swapping 10 communist spies for 4 spies. "I thought they were going to take Rush Limbaugh". Given Obama's links to Communists, a mentor in Hawaii, a bomb throwing trust fundista clown Prof in Chicago and a racist Marxist Pastor one would think of ample throw ins to a communist state this joke is a dud.

The demented remarks highlight a clown like administration with an incompetent clown at the helm who seems to think that Rush Limbaugh is a greater enemy than Al Queda. Of course the BP spill ran for days while Obama did nothing. When his numbers sank in the polls he went to the airwaves and acted like Diet Hugo Chavez. Of course it seems like the only time Obama will actually do something is when a General gives an unflattering interview in Rolling Stone.

Maybe the way for the administration to create jobs is for some unemployed people to get an interview with Rolling Stone. Of course someone has to place Obama's words on a teleprompter
for him to say anything. Perhaps the real reason we can not see Obama's grades and he failed to land a job in the private sector was social promotion. The media was quick to point out many dumb GW Bush stories. The truth was Bush had better grades than Gomer Kerry despite the latter taking easier classes. GW Bush also scored higher on military intelligence tests than Gomer. Given grade inflation at the Ivy's Obama likely got better grades than he deserved as well.

Here is a better idea in the next spy exchange ask the Russians to take Ayers and Dorn and we will throw in a box set of Maud and Golden Girls CD's. Placing Bea Arthur on the TV in the Kremlin is ample revenge for bottle dyed gold digger princess spies.


Z said...

I saw that, too. He should never have acted so cavalierly about Russian Spies. To them it's all a joke and I believe that relates to the I'm quite sure the CIA wouldn't quite agree, but what does Biden care?
As he said later on in the show.." what the HELL?..." Such a classy man. When called on his bad language, considering he IS the VP of the United States, he laughed it off because he'd warned Obama he was like this and he's "kept his promises"
He SURE HAS. No dignity, no class...all about THEM, not the OFFICE Americans stupidly bestowed on them. God help us all.
Talk about the teleprompter; when anybody sees Obama make a full sentence without hemming and hawing WITHOUT a teleprompter, PLEASE record it for posterity! GOOD LUCK!

Ducky's here said...

Gee Beak, I thought Biden was pretty funny. Imagine The Vulgar Pigboy in a Russian jail. At least he'd lose some weight.

I'm surprised that you think exchanging ten spies that we had under observation for quite a while for a group of ours that had real information might not be worthwhile. Most articles feel we got by far the best of this but since you're an "officer" and probably read lots of Ian Fleming I imagine you know lots about the spy game.

beakerkin said...


Once again the developmentally disabled Biden should know that Obama is a University Marxist. Leave it to the cabin boy of an Academic Marxist to fail to grasp that Limbaugh unlike
Obama is a patriot.

You calling anyone vulgar is sophomoric. You are more vulgar than Limbaugh on his worst day.


Commies found guilty of spying should be given Capital punishment.
Let this country be more hostile to its convicted enemies.

Let commies always look over their shoulder or better yet emigrate.

Warren said...

No need for you to get smarmy, Nostradumbass.

You always have your commie buddy that was in the "CIA" during WW2. Makes you a "real" expert!