Saturday, July 10, 2010

Community Service

I will be working with a Guyanese community charity tomorrow. My own community has plenty of people working with its charities. Moreover, I have more fun amongst the laid back West Indian community I have grown to love. I just am happy to contribute and not deal with the petty foolishness and sniping that sometimes accompanies charity work.

Onto Music

I am still listening to the instrumentals. The surf Instrumentals give my office a super cool sound and my office is one of the few where you can here such odd classics as Mr Motto, Our Favorite Martian, Church Key and Let there be Surf. In fact I was calling technical support and the tech wanted to know what was that band. It was an obscure band that made only four singles two of them are on the It Came from the Beach CD. At some point I will probably add CD's from B Bumble and the Stingers and the Marketts. You can listen to them on you tube, I am fond the Bumble Boogie, Canadian Sunset, Apple Knocker, Vanishing Point and Out of Limits.

Onto Books

I am still reading and enjoying James Mitchner's Poland. It is a good book in the early phases and I will probably discuss this tomorrow in the evening. I have located my hard cover copy of the Source.

The reading list

1) Northwest Passage
2) The Source
3) Oliver Wiswell
4) Lydia Bailey
5) A God In Ruins

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