Saturday, July 03, 2010

Reading rotation

I seemed to have been mistaken in that Kenneth Roberts did return to the subject of Benedict Arnold after the treason. He appears at a later stage in Oliver Wiswell. It may have been better off if the author had left us to ponder the greatness of Arnold amidst his humanity that caused him to turn his back on the cause he fought so valiantly for.

Reading list at the moment

1) Poland by Michener
2) Oliver Wiswell by Roberts
3) Lydia Bailey by Roberts
4) A God in Ruins by Uris
5) New York by Rutherford.

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Kevin Brook said...

Beak, as you have read Sand's book and noticed it is nonsensical and politically motivated, you should add the following scholarly alternative to your reading list: The Jews of Khazaria (Second Edition) by Kevin Alan Brook. Available in paperback format with the ISBN 9780742549821 from bookstores everywhere. Published in 2006, the book acknowledges and embraces the results of the DNA studies from 2000-2006 that showed Jewish populations are related to each other. Chapter 10 discusses the migratory history of Jews throughout central and eastern Europe with lots of facts Koestler and Sand left out or didn't know.