Sunday, July 04, 2010

Guilty Pleasures on the July 4

There is nothing as American as a road trip with junk food and music for the holiday weekend.
As the Tranquil Sea is working and the beloved Sprite is staying with an older sister I am relaxing in the stifling heat. For religious reasons neither eat beef or pork and I am respectful when we go out to do the same.

Lets sit back and take a cyber road trip. I have my gas guzling car ready to roll as we head out of NYC classic rock like AC/DC fills the car. We are no into suburbia and we switch to the oldies like the Beatles, Blondie and so forth we are headed to the mountains and now the instrumental cds like Duanne Eddy, The Ventures and so forth fill the car.

We stop for that all American lunch of Hot dogs.

I prefer NY Style Hebrew National, with NY Deli Mustard, Sauerkraut and pickle relish. Most NYC types swear by Nathan's famous but I will take the robust taste of Hebrew National. Wherever the road takes me I tend to lose them as the locals prefer the taste to whatever else they were serving.

I did learn to enjoy a local Vermont variety of the hot dog called the Michigan. It is an amazing hot dog with a meat sauce served in many places but my favorite was Gus's Red Hots near the Plattsburgh ferry. I think Farmer John alerted me to the place and I was there almost every time I left VT. I made a special trip on my final voyage home to NYC even though it was out of my way.

No lunch is complete without a soft drink. My beverage of choice was usually Mountain Dew or Classic Coke. I have sworn off all of the soft drinks except for their diet versions. I will try the seasonal special versions of Mountain Dew. However, the only one I liked was Pitch Black.

We can also talk of local favorites. I prefer the traditional NY Style Pizza with fresh mozzarella
and a touch of marinara. The St Louis Style has a crust that is so thin you can almost read a newspaper through your slice. The Chicago style is almost all bread and not my choice.

I would like to pull into an old style truck stop. However a Fat Burger, Popeyes, KFC or Burger King will do. When I am back in the Midwest I will place Lees on the top of that list.

Here is wishing you and your family the best on our Nation's birthday.


Ducky's here said...

Happy 4th, Beak. But ditch the Mountain Dew, try a vegetable drink, something healthy.

Warren said...

I'm setting at home on my can surfing the net riding this old Lazyboy. My one day off this week, (that's fine with me, so many people are out of work).

Got up and made my favorite breakfast, if I only had a cup of coffee from the Donut Bank it would have been perfect.

My son commissioned me to make a gigantic pasta salad, (kind of expensive the way I make it and fattening too!)

If I wasn't so lazy I would have grilled some porterhouse steaks. I'll be satisfied with the best tasting Pastrami I've had since my visit to Shapiro's Delicatessen in Indianapolis.

The overaged "kids" in the neighborhood seem to be intent on blowing off their hands. I don't particularly mind but I hope it stops at midnight. They upset the dogs.

After a vigorous day of flag burning, maybe Ducky will take the opportunity to regulate his meds.

Happy 4th!

The Pagan Temple said...

I had Buffalo Wings, cole slaw, and "Freedom Fries", then sat around bitching because there wasn't anything good on the tube. I didn't take in any fireworks or celebration. What are we supposed to celebrate again? That we aren't quite as enslaved as the rest of the world, even though we're definitely on the fast track towards getting there?

Always On Watch said...

This year, Mr. AOW and I didn't have any junk food for July 4th. **sigh**

I miss those July 4th cookouts. We couldn't go to one this year. Well, the truth is we didn't get invited to one. **sign again**