Friday, July 02, 2010

An Officer vs a Doodler

The bird brained Duck apparently is off his rocker once again. He claims his work as an educator of doodling and mediocre obscure cinema has social value. He is mistaken and if he thinks he has changed and lives in doodleology he is mistaken.

This is not meant as a slight to serious educators like AOW who teach important subjects to bright students and change lives. However, we seriously doubt that a single life has been changed by studies of doodles while the Duck lines his pocket.

While the Duck studies doodles and obscure films yours truly works with members of the community changing lives. Attorneys representing clients from every walk of life and ethnicity, including many on the left, would be the first to tell the Duck about the important work we do each and every day. We protect the public, change lives and serve the public with dedication and honor each and every day.

The doodler dreams he has changed lives, but alas he has more than likely done little other than line his own pocket. The Duck's often bitter bigoted rants display little more than classic Marxist
antisemitism and demented antiamericanism. He can not find racism in my posts so he rants about Yeagley without grasping that I had many notable fights with the man over his bigotry. One can similarly point to my presence on Communist blogs, except that anyone at those blogs will tell you I skewer commies.

Calling Jews Nazis is typical Communist Antisemitism. The bird brained Duck thinks that as a hardened commie he is exempt from bigotry by fealty to his Marxist Death Cult. Sorry but if he thinks his Jew as Nazi rants is somehow less odious than Yeagley's Obama as a Negro rants he is mistaken. The Duck also without evidence calls Yeagley gay and calls Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah.
The Duck displays as much bigotry as Yeagley, he is merely different in his targets.

Those who can do, do so quite well as dedicated officers do each and every day. Those who can do doodle with varying skill levels. Those who can neither do nor doodle with skill teach doodling and delude themselves with exaggerated importance.


Ducky's here said...

Well, well, I must have touched a nerve. The guy who gives his allegiance to a foreign government and talks about deporting and imprisoning s is upset.

Now officer Beak (is that like officer Obie) why don't you tell us what you do every day to keep us safe.

You got pushed out of the family business, couldn't cut it in the private sector so you took a hack job with lifetime security making sure the forms are filled out. And then you decide to give everyone the tone while you get on your knees to a white supremacist you consider brilliant and one of your "friends" on the internet.

Sorry Beak, there are sites (you know one very well) where you go and just post insults and then you get all cranky when the spotlight turns on you and your activities as an "officer".

beakerkin said...

We know who is cranky and who has a real job. An officer vs. a educator of doodles.

The talk of disloyalty of Jews is rather unoriginal cliche standard Marxist antisemitism. This is amusing as while I currently serve in an official capacity the Duck merely talks of doodles.

Doodle this.

As a member of a group with a virtual monopoly on treason and up until the last 20 years terrorism
your remarks are comedic. The current batch of spies is just another example of commies being themselves.

As for my career all of your comments are inane. Many people get their first break through family businesses. When the company went bankrupt I went to work for a competitor. My skills were noticed by the largest company in the field and I worked my way up the chain very quickly.
My salary tripled in a short period of time. As my name in the industry grew my presence at this large facility became an issue for
my relatives who I refused to rejoin. They located their account within the business and expected me to handle their account. I told the owner I would quit rather than
work with family members. My services were also deemed essential
to landing contracts with large customers. In fact when the woman I was living with fell ill and I relocated to a smaller facility this large customer went with me.

My daily functions are not the concern of commies. The tasks are quite familiar and the legal community sings my praises. My dedication to the law and community are widely appreciated on many levels.

Lets see which commie do you think is smarter than Yeagley? Renedgade Testicle, Troutsky, Kultur Klown or yourself. None of the above is too bright and is readily handled with ease by the opposition. The Pagan handled him amply without him figuring it out.

Whatever makes you think as a commie you are superior to Yeagley.
As I see it Yeagley is merely a kook and you are a political criminal.

This is war Duck and commies can not take their own medicine. All I hear is crying. Conservatives make
the mistake of playing nice and want to be liked. I do not play nice with commies and could care less about their feelings.

In short as a Commie you have no right to exist outside of a mental hospital or prison.

beamish said...

Is Ducky really taking the internet so serious that it's become his life?

Much be a slow day back at the bathhouse.

Warren said...

Mr B said:
"Is Ducky really taking the internet so serious that it's become his life?"

Like he has a real life.