Saturday, July 31, 2010

Holy Crap Batman

I have to be honest that yesterday I joked that France picked on the Gypsies because evicting Muslims is much tougher. The video from France 24 of police ripping women with infants on their back out of a crowd is disgusting. If this were done in America the usual suspects would be screaming bloody murder. However, as this is France and the far left clowns are basically Europhile dogs this will not be discussed. Of course when Israel defends itself from lunatics on the Jihadist Communist Love Boat from Turkey the antisemitism goes into over drive.

Scenes like that are why the USA is getting more emigrants from French West Africa.

Those of you who favor mass roundups of illegals need to look at the ugly video. Is this a way for a nation of law to treat women with infants?

There has to be a better way.


Anonymous said...

Such scenes are deplorable and should cause anyone of any political persuasion, great grief at such images. Then again, we know the sorts that would smugly dismiss such signs of humanity and empathy. These sorts usually dig around for some Old Testament verse to somehow justify such things.

The Roma (Romani) are amongst the most overlooked and simultaneously, vilified suffers of genocide in the last several hundred years. In a sense, I see similarities in the way the Roma have been ignorantly portrayed throughout Europe, denied the recognition their suffering should afford them, and North American Indians. Again, I'm not talking culture or anything like that. Rather, the similarity lies more in the way both groups' massive suffering and current social traumas have been excused and rationalized out of most country's dialogs over race and equality under the law. In essence, one finds an inexcusable attempt on the part of many people, to diminish or out right deny the atrocities committed against both groups.


The_Editrix said...

"These sorts usually dig around for some Old Testament verse to somehow justify such things."


What genocide has not been overlooked? Let me just mention the Armenians or the Kurds. Oh yes, and weren't there some unpleasant things in Asia as well for which the Japanese are answerable? The Holocaust of the European Jews got and gets so much publicity not because the Jews are so pushy but because of the gentile obsession with Jews.

The only memorial for the gypsies *of which I know* is at Yad Vashem.