Sunday, August 01, 2010

Post Racial America

The followers of Obama promised us a post racial America. It was a silly promise as we can not change the nature of man. We did elect a person who has no respect for the American people or our values. The media covered up the real Obama from the insane racist church, his bug eyed lunatic radical mother, life time of private elite schools and shoddy employment record.

Of course Obama is not JC Watts who understands and embraces American values and is a true patriot. Obama is more comfortable in a university faculty lounge speaking to fellow Europhile Marxist clowns than to Americans in Sam's Club parking lots.

Of course there is some racist opposition to Obama. While Obama has not made this claim his surrogates at the NAACP and jimmy Peanut have made this claim. Similarly Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters are making this claim while trying to avoid punishment for ethical lapses. While it is odious to oppose Obama on race it is similarly odious to support him because he is Black. Obama's support in almost every other category has dropped like a rock. He has even annoyed his Kool Aide brigade in the UK.

In my own home there is yet another bias attack against Mexicans in Staten Island. Left out of the stories is that it appears that the perpetrators are Black and steal money. Of course left out of the story is that when the suspects are caught they will be unemployed. What little is left of manufacturing is almost always done by immigrants from Latin America and even security guards and home health care aides are likely to be from Ghana or the West Indies.

The days where America could endlessly take in unskilled labor is finnished. There is some talk that these immigrants will do jobs Americans will not. However, these jobs should go to HS drop outs who are here legally. The tension rises in bad economic times and the behaviors are inexcusable.

Rangel spent his days hosting Tea parties for Castro and did not champion the cause of American
workers being denied jobs by companies that hire illegal aliens. He is far removed from those young Americans who are never given a chance by owners breaking the law.

The attmosphere has never been worse and Obama, the NAACP and Rangel are partially responsible for overlooking those who are invisible HS drop out who need a chance.


beamish said...

Jimmy Dixiecrat Carter is calling people racists?

The shark has been jumped.

Anonymous said...

This is one of your better articulated posts, Beak. One can be against massive illegal immigration and still maintain a conscience and sense of compassion for fellow human beings. I'm not against the average Mexican family or person here illegally, provided they're honest and law abiding. What I have a huge problem with, and something that liberal whites conveniently overlook, is the massive crystal meth problem exploding across southwestern Indian communities.

These vulnerable communities lack the police infrastructure to combat scum sucking Mexican drug gangs from using their homes as hideouts and funnels for their poison. And while some Indian youth fall victim to the fast dollar that can be made, this adds another monstrous issue to an already backs-against the wall people. Corrupt politicians (Is there any other type?) need to be dealt with equally and swiftly, regardless of ethnicity or skin tone.


Anonymous said...

OK all the gringo are the first illegals so get yall azz out of here, ok now the pizzants and azzclown will think or say WTF. IT is a joke and the main joke are the govt ie rangel, byrd, kerry, etc etc nope aint say overthrow the govt just VOTE the entrenched sobs out, or make the system really work. Or this I stated more than 5 years ago that a WAR zone was in the southwest, why am I a heap big injun, shyt no, I have friends who own land along the border who WORK, while the narcos and the coyotes(slave traders) screww poor folks who want what, BETTER, shyt seems some gringos wanted that on the tub the mayflower and the other euros who came, saw, LIED, took, KILLED the INDIANS north and south, wow is this racism, nope IT is called history, the story of HUMANS doing what they know best fyucking each other up, wow the dense may a hard time with such a concept, or again aint no HUMAN perfect, so bring the troops home and defend this place and NUKE the sobs, opps senior moment, hey what the hell was I saying SHALOM Major Bruce

Alligator said...

Tohono O'odham Police Chief Joseph Delgado said "With all the illegal immigrants and the drugs coming in, we have to spend our time and our resources addressing these problems when we should be out addressing community problems and working with communities doing community policing," The Tohono O'odham asked for federal help, but as with most entities on the border, the federal response has been...crickets.

The_Editrix said...

"The media covered up the real Obama from the insane racist church, his bug eyed lunatic radical mother, life time of private elite schools and shoddy employment record."

Not to forget his ties with Islam.