Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Stephen Schwartz of the CIP Questions the ground Zero Mosque

The USA is a secular society based in the respect of all religions, including Islam. The idea of a Mosque so close to ground zero is a bad idea. We do not place the Mexican embassy in the center of the Alamo or place Japanese cultural centers on top of the Arizona in Pearl Harbor.

Schwartz like many others have questioned the forthcoming of the mosques leaders to show exactly where the funds came from. This should be a warning to those who think that this is merely local Muslims seeking a house of worship. The Mosque is funded by foreigners outside the USA for expressly political purposes.

I will point out that Schwartz has opposed the religious apartheid at Mecca and Medina. He is an advocate of a more cosmopolitan Islam that is part of Western Civilization. To a large degree Schwartz is correct in that the true reason we have problems with terrorism and radicalization is that Islam is caught in a self defeating circle. The radicalism scares investors who would build the factories that would employ the locals who turn to radicalism. The divide will grow worse in the information age where societies that allow women to do nothing will fall further behind those that develop their vocational talents.

As far as Sharia in a Western perspective it should be handled in a manner similar to the Jewish
courts. Let it regulate Halal and provide religious divorces. However, division of assets and official divorce is only recognized by the State. Muslims would still have to obey laws like those regarding monogamy. Offering Halal meals is an innocuous accommodation less intrusive than the demands of vegans. We do not chafe at putting up with demands of vegans, who are far and away more obnoxious and preachy than folks who eat Halal or Kosher food. In fact I have spent much time in the Hindu community and I have never been subjected to the nasty commentary of vegans. Usually the question comes up and I explain my culture has a different perspective respectfully. I do not eat those food in their presence. However, in the Guyanese tradition it is not uncommon for some people to eat differently with no problem in larger settings, but I retain my respect for those who object and grab a whopper in private later.


Z said...

No one's saying where the money's coming from and that is BIG MONEY when you consider a 15 story building would normally take twice the time they're aiming for 9/11/11....someone's getting a BIG payoff. LIke my lib NYC cuz just emailed me "The city's broke, they need the money. Islam won" done deal.
So, America...sure we'll have Sharia sneaking in....that's a GIVEN. We're ripe for it; we've become a country that can't even keep its borders well guarded out of political correctness...
Dejection strikes a beat...

Ducky's here said...

Beak, I'm surprised you admitted the existence of Judaic courts.
Next thing you know you'll be talking about Jews covering their hair just like Muslims. Fact is there are a lot of similarities and fundamentalist Jews and Muslims get along pretty well. Same code.

But buck up, religious freedom wins and the mosque will be built and the world turns toward the morning.

Man, it's been hot. Went to the beach today and I can't figure out which is the best beach music.

1. Bossa nova

2. West African guitar highlife

3. Congolese rumba

4. Surf guitar.

I don't have any surf guitar on the iPod. I ought to look into loading down a couple of discs.

beamish said...

They can build it.

But can they insure it?


beakerkin said...


Religious freedom does not include prudence. The Obama administration is going the way of the dinosaur. Expect the next administration to be much tougher on foreign money going into US religious institutions.

The battle is not over, it has just begun.

Always On Watch said...

I'm guessing that you're referring to this article.

Of course, Dr. Schwartz's cogent argument has fallen on deaf ears. The Cordoba House is going to built.

And as Dr. Schwartz pointed out:

Muslim radicals may see the argument over the Ground Zero mosque as a test of whether Muslims have equal rights in America.

I'd amend that to "whether Muslims have supremacist rights in America."