Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Facts and Myths about the Mosque

There are hundreds of Mosques in NYC. The vast amount of NYC residents grasp the legality of building the Mosque at Park Place. That being said they want the project moved to another location. Muslims are quite adept at the crying game. The crimes of 9-11 were committed in the name of Islam. This does not infer that all Moslems are guilty, but they should grasp the rationale
of respecting the site.

There is a persecution complex in the Muslim community and the fault lies with the leaders of many organizations. Americans are sick of being lied to with such falsehoods as Islam is a religion of Peace, Jihad means inner struggle, Islam was spread by trade and so forth. Muslim leaders need to emulate the example of Stephen Schwartz and renounce terrorism everywhere without word games. They must say the same thing in English as in Arabic. Instead of crying victim at every issue the thought needs to be where do we go from here to a better future.

That being said the current mosque site is not the most conspicuous location. It is two blocks North and in the middle of the block. I work in the area and had to find it. It is not visible from the avenues and a compromise location further away would likely yield a more prominent location.

As far as the Ducks comments about Pam Geller and Robert Spencer I find his hypocrisy to be interesting. The president should not meet with them because it grants them legitimacy. This is the same person that demands Israel meet with the most retrograde of Arab terrorists who are dedicated to their elimination. This reveals the blatant hypocrisy and brain impaired bird brained logic of the Duck. Neither Geller not Spenser have ever committed terrorist acts against
Muslims. Furthermore, Obama has stated we should talk to the lunatic leaders of Iran without conditions. If the USA should talk to Iran than local Muslims can talk to Robert Spenser and Pam Geller.

This is not a center funded and financed by the local community. It is a project funded from abroad with very dubious financing. On some levels as this project is being largely funded from abroad the standard logic of the first the first amendment are not as readily defined. This is especially true when a large portion of the financing comes from a Jim Crow Apartheid State that does not permit other religions to build houses of worship on its soil.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, why don't you describe the "hallowed ground" around the site for your out of town readers?

Make sure you mention the T-shirt vendors, porn boutiques and the other commercial establishments venerating the event.

Why not admit you ate Muslims instead of putting on this charade about the "veneration" at the site.

Ducky's here said...

“If they’re so inclined, they can also buy porn, play the ponies and take care of all manner of personal business within steps of the former World Trade Center.”

Interesting excerpt from a Daily News article which featured such ground zero businesses as the Thunder Lingerie Boutique and Peep Show (3 DVDs for 9.99, wonder if they have the new von Sternberg set).

Ducky's here said...

Word games? Anyone who supports an organization that doesn't think Likud shits chocolate ice cream and pisses perfume is guilty of terrorism.

You invented the game you sniveling little hypocrite.

We even have to have Beak's hand picked spokespeople for all of Islam. Pam Geller a psycho, the jihadwatch fat puke and Steven Schwartz a new age meditation geek. Yeah, that will get it done, Beak.

beakerkin said...

Lets see Duncy if you expect Israel to meet with Nazi type terrorists at Hammas and Hezbollah the leaders of the mosque can meet with Geller and Spenser.

Your comments about Stephen Schwartz are amusing in that he is an ex commie and has shown your kind to be full of crap.

2900 people were not incinerated by pornographers. They were incinerated by people acting in the name of Islam. Street vendors are a convenience I never use. Most of the time they are apt to be Muslims from West Africa in NYC
and rarely Chinese. Pornography never bothered me much, so it must be some sort of commie puritanism.
You can probably find a few gay bars as well.

I would love to see the commies who hand out conspiracy literature tarred and feathered rather than jailed. In fact I am surprised it hasn't happened yet with commies mocking the dead.

Unfortunately I am dedicated to the Constitution. However, it would be real fun to waterboard commies for recreational fun. Perhaps after your Crack addict messiah Chavez commits a war crime in America the public outcry will call for it.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, the head of the center is a Sufi, similar to your hero Schwartz.

Would the Saudis fund a Sufi building?