Sunday, August 29, 2010

Didn't Intend to write this one

On 9-11 my city was attacked in the greatest war crime ever perpetrated against the American people. Close to 3000 people going to work were incinerated by criminals acting in the name of Islam. Now many Muslims and their far left allies point the fingers at various rationalizations. In fact Commies ( Yes this is your kind Ducky) were the first to invent antisemitic conspiracy theories blaming them Jooooos for 9-11.

The American people were fed a bunch of lies by an administration seriously scarred that lynchings of Muslims would take place. The well intentioned lies allowed Muslims to avoid scrutiny of their history. When a Muslim activists talks of American intolerance and historical crimes they are repeating material best suited for comedy clubs.

There is much furor about the intransigence of the founders of the Mosque to move this inflammatory and inappropriate structure. The leaders of this so called healing gestures rationalize the inexcusable war crimes on foreign policy and refuse to meet with opponents.

Let this be round one in a battle that ends here and now. Build the Mosque but demand legislation banning all foreign money from US tax exempt organizations. If Saudis wish to fund more mosques they can wait till there is a Chabad House and a Gay bar in Mecca. They can also get around this by becoming US Citizens subject to our tax laws.

The IRS brought down Al Capone and it can deal quite nicely with Saudi funny money.


Ducky's here said...

The IRS brought down Al Capone and it can deal quite nicely with Saudi funny money.


Except Capone broke laws. The Mosque funders have broken no law except getting rabid Kahanist freaks like you and Pam Geller P.O.'d.

beakerkin said...

Ducky let the IRS and the treasury dept do their jobs. It is highly probable money laundering is present