Sunday, August 08, 2010

Trip to the live food market with the Sprite

Normally, I can do quite well in the seafood and butcher stores of Chinatown. I have been going to
them for years and have a good eye. The species sold in the local live food market are flown in from Guyana and other than the Tilapia have zero clue as to how to cook them. Of course the crabs and some of the food was still alive and this upset the Sprite. The store owner gave her a chocolate bar.
I am not familiar with the species of crab from the Guyana coast. The shark is presented in a different way.


Universal said...

Live food goes well with a Sprite.

beakerkin said...

Ok Universal you just outdid Mr. B for pun of the week.

Mark Winters said...

I accept this award with humble humility.

I want to thank my parents. If not for them, I wouldn't be here.