Monday, August 16, 2010

Lessons in Crying

I am totally amazed at the amount of crying by Muslims in the Ground Zero Mosque bit. I want to differentiate their critique from the Duck who is pretty much a political criminal dedicated to the destruction of the USA. The Duck seeks to rationalize any group that seeks his common goal the destruction of the USA. The Duck is so stupid that he fails to grasp that Ray is a Yeagley critic and sticks up for Obama. Any claim that the Duck is capable of higher thought is a delusion.

One discusses the Ground Zero Mosque and gets the following themes

1) US foreign policy brought on 9-11

No 9-11 was an inexcusable war crime committed against the USA in the name of Islam

2) The people of NYC are unreasonable.

No there are hundreds of mosques in NYC that operate in sizes ranging from small storefronts to large congregations that take up a whole city block.

3) Only Islam is judged as a criminal religion

No but with rare exceptions like Stephen Schwartz many Muslim leaders play rationalization word games. Schwartz rejects violence against civilians everywhere as hurting the cause of Islam. This stands in stark contrast to the folks at CAIR who are known for word games and their Marxist academic cheerleading squad.

4) But the USA destroys Mosques .....

Terrorists have blown up Mosques, Churches and Jewish houses of worship in places unrelated to conflicts. The attacks in Tunisa, Argentina and Mumbai targeted Jews who had zero to do with events in Israel.

The USA does not target mosques but if high profile terrorists enter mosques they should nor hesitate to blow it up. If a mosque permits an Al Queda type to enter or store weapons it is a target. Any blame falls upon the terrorists who grasp they are targets.


Ducky's here said...

The U.S. destroys mosques? Sorry, Beak, but you pulled that out of your ass as usual. It's well known that U.S. forces have shown restraint around mosques but you lying Kahanists just say anything. Okay, there's one down.

Only Islam is judged as a criminal religion? Yeah, pretty much. And who the bleep is this clown Schwartz, follower of a marginal sect, that you think he is the only acceptable speaker?
Anyway, your a bigoted little follower of a white supremacist so you don't carry much weight.

The people of NYC are unreasonable? No, only you and the psycho Geller.

U.S. foreign policy brought on 9-11? Not a widely held belief. Yes, the presence of U.S. troops in Saudi did drive the psycho bin Laden but he attacked largely because he is a fringe psycho. But once again, just like your Likud brethren you keep on repeating the lie.

Ray is one of those blowhards who try to pass himself of as a judge of a billion people who represent quite a few cultures. These post 9-11 Muslim scholars are a freaking bore and often come off as ignorant as yourself. On things Islamic he knows less than the Editrix.

beakerkin said...


That is correct the USA has shown undue restraint. if top terrorists are in mosques bombs away.

Cry us a river comwad

Ducky's here said...

Hey Beak, remember when you're hero Giuliani's bagman Bernie Kerik asked Rudy to have the city pay for his love nest so he could have an affair with Judith Regan right across the street from the site?

Boy, your hero Rudy the Pimp really showed his respect.

Go to it you hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Beak, Duck is simply another "white" liberal that knows best for all us colored folk. It's really a form of proselytizing, with him as high priest of minority affairs. Hell, he even acts as though he knows more about Native people than they do about themselves. You could take all the knowledge Duck has of Native peoples in this country, shove it up a gnat's ass, and it would still have room to shit.

This carries over into his views of all non-whites as well. Note how fast he racially attacks blacks and Native folks for not living up to a stereotype outsider scum like him comes up with. Duck, I'd much rather deal with a hardcore racist of any stripe than mingle with a parasitical shit-bag such as yourself. I have no problem with Arabs or any Muslim based on ethnicity. I also support a Palestinian state.

Your false progressivism is really about hearing what you want or expect to hear from non-whites. To the extent you don't get that response, your every bit the racist Yeagley is. So Duck boy, you go and content yourself with your feigned respect and admiration for Islam. You've yet to show you know anything remotely worthwhile about the religion. In fact, unless I've missed something, you really never say much at all here, other than insult people and talk about Yeagley.

In terms of Native issues and people, you, like most of your ilk have catastrophically zero experience with our communities. Really folks, at this point, I would strongly suggest you begin handling Duck like we should be doing with Yeagley: ignore him, as they are both utterly irrelevant. He sounds like so many losers, who lack any firmness in their own culture or traditions, constantly idealizing whatever "minority" cause is out their in need of white yuppie support.

Get a life, buddy. Seriously, the whole time I've been at this site, all you've done is cry around about Jews and accuse everyone of supporting Yeagley.


Ducky's here said...

I haven't said anything about minorities. Buy a vowel, Ray.

Under what circumstances you "have a problem" with Muslims is irrelevant. Sure any Muslim who isn't religious is okay with Ray the great scholar. You talk like a Volvo liberal, Ray.

Beak, the great commie hunter, needs to be reminded from time to time that he considers "Doctor" Yeagley a great thinker and a friend.