Monday, August 09, 2010

I apologize Editrix but this is too fun to pass up

I am quite amused by the claim of the rabid mongrel bitch that " I destroy God's Children". Who would that describe ???????

I am not theological in orientation and live by my own codes. I do not place my morals on other people and could care less what others think. My principles are those of the founding fathers whom racist imbeciles and Marxist clowns know zero about.

Sorry, but if I want a lecture about God I will discuss it with the Beloved Rav Roov, Junglemom, Justin Morris, Warren, TMW, Z or anyone else who can buy a clue. I run a blog dedicated to my friends and for my enjoyment. As for my personal life, I live a rather unexceptional ordinary life.
I have wonderful relationship with the Tranquil Sea and am serving as a Parental figure to the Beloved Sprite who fills my heart with joy.

There are many people out there who lead empty wasted lives. One sees a typical life filled with love, family and career in these pages. People like Warren and AOW who have dedicated themselves in loving relationships are my heroes. They can write volumes and all I have is just the routine poetry. TMW working hard to raise her kids after her husband has passed away is to be admired. Z whose deep love for her late husband was evident in words.

What does one say of a man near 60 who thinks he is Peter Pan. Where are the great loves of a normal man in the Gourd Dancer. His soul is barren and filled with hate for those of different pigmentation. Do I care that my step daughter is many shades darker? Not at all as every day is a joy. She made me a play dough Golem to protect me after hearing the legend. Such a noble gesture is beyond the grasp of Yeagley. We went to the live food store up the block and she hid behind me as the live crabs scared her. I responded with a gentle look and gesture. A person of depth knows these simple parts of life. You can find these snap shots of life in that of any ordinary man or woman. I love the Tranquil Sea as God made her with hair and skin dark as night yet soft as butter to my touch. I love her resilience and she loves my passion and warmth.
Those who are alive live and those who are not can only be green with envy.

Whatever, I must answer for in the after life is no doubt mundane. My life is dedicated to public service and those family and friends nearby. I will accept blame for my wrongs and take credits for my rights with the dignity I lived my life.

I will not be judged by a Truck Stop Seniors looking for the near dead, nor by the Gourd Dancer.

While Alive Live Love and Grow as there is plenty of time to lay around when we are no more.


Ducky's here said...

What does one say of a man near 60 who thinks he is Peter Pan.


He's gay?

beakerkin said...


That is funny but in fairness to Peter Pan I missed the gay innuendo.
Pan was the boy who never grew up. How does this transform into Gay?

There is a school of thought that those who feel intense loves and passions are not mature enough to be curmudgeons. I see the ability to love as a normal healthy part of life.

Z said...

Beak, thank you so much for saying what you did, it really touched my heart.
As for you...i'm proud to be your friend. TRULY.

beakerkin said...


Thanks your love for your deceased husband is touching. Those who love truly live.

Onto the rabid mongrel bitch.

The Tranquil Sea has on white grandfather but is as dark as night.A mongrel like yourself envies your betters which is all of humanity. Many men find love in the arms of a woman from another culture. The closest Peter Pan Yeagley comes to love is spinning the tale of a Jewish woman who rejected him. Note Yeagley describes his love for the white Jewish woman not you.

A man in love does not want to leave the planet. Those who have the misfortune of being near the rabid mongrel greet death with relief. How many of your husbands committed suicide to get away from you? Was that six or seven?

As for the rest of your idiocy. Obviously, you are illiterate and the degrees you brag of are likely those on a rectal thermometer.

To All

Those who truly live have zero ability conveying our passions and love into words. Some of us are more eloquent than others, but the depth is evident.

One does not need poetry to describe the bond between father and daughter. I sit reading a tale as her eyes convey a wonder of imagination. Is the land of Snow and Beer imagination or does a place where strange animals and people who hunt for their supper with guns and late model cars exist.

The bond between father and daughter is a truly amazing thing. Even one freely given to poetry
and verse as myself can not do it

No couple is evenly matched and everyone brings something to the table. I bring the intelligence and the warmth. The Tranquil Sea brings resilience along with her great beauty which needs little makeup even in her 40's. She is more religious than I, but most are. I am a man of letters, verse and the arts. My ability to adapt to the world around me from a Fifth Avenue Apartment to a forgotten hole in the wall in VT is seamless. However, I retain my core no matter where the wind takes me.

Love pervades my work. I serve that which I love, the American people. While Yeagley pretends to be a patriot I serve daily with pride and dedication.

What has the rabid mongrel done with her life other than make an ass of herself? Whose life has the gourd dancer touched? Rare is the man whose words live on beyond his years and those of Peter Pan Yeagley will be remembered for their ignorance and betrayal of that which he claims to love.

I am no Christian, but I admire true believers of Christ like Junglemom, Papa Frank, Z, TMW, Justin, Warren, AOW and many others. They know his words and message are open to all regardless of color or nationality. All who believe in their heart are equal in his grace even in the eyes of one who looks from afar. His commentary about racial hygiene make a mockery of the saviors beliefs. A true Christian like TMW or Junglemom need not say much as their divine grace emanates through their words. Yet for all his learning we know the gourd dancer by his rotten fruit.

The_Editrix said...

Beak, why the apology? Clue me up please.

By the way, IF the Duck gets it right, he gets it SO right.

beakerkin said...

I tried not to talk about the Violent Humming bird but when his rabid mongrel talks of me being doomed in the here after it is amusing.

I am quite amused with this Peter Pan as gay bit. I must be missing something in the narrative. Or perhaps the Duck who calls people Gay as a pejorative is less enlightened than he presumes. One not go far in NYC to find gay couples dedicated to each other for years.

There is no evidence that Yeagley is gay. He seems to be an asexual sort beyond the warmth that is required to love anyone or anything. Perhaps his only love was for his mother and that is all
he has.

The_Editrix said...

Well Beak, I'm not listing now for the nth time all the many facts that strongly indicate that Yeagley is homosexual. If he weren't such a rabid homophobe it would be without importance anyway.

But wherever his proclivities lie, calling him "asexual" shows an endearing extent of innocence and good will only straight males possess, so I won't try to interfere with that.

I went to Rowdy Peacock and read what Betty Ann said. Beak, stop discussing those so dear to your heart with her. They ought not to be mentioned in the same sentence together. Betty Ann is a poor, wretched woman and that is Yeagley's doing and Yeagley's doing alone. She is so obsessed with sex that she has become unable to talk about anything else or to see anything in a different light. Her sex- and hate-filled rantings about Beverly, a woman well into her grandmotherly years, are clinically demented, and when I joked about that every visit at Rowdy Peacock gives me herpes LABIALIS (something people seem to get from exposition to a disgusting experience) she took it as herpes GENITALIS, because all things genital are on her mind and nothing else. And no, Yeagley won't -- can't -- give her what she needs, and that's the problem.

I seem to remember from the times when we were on friendly terms, that she is pretty exactly as old as I am. In her blind lashing out to hurt, she doesn't even seem to recognize that she is only hurting herself because she thinks that ageing is something bad. Instead of being grateful to her maker that He let her age so relatively well preserved, she is ranting and raving about other women, thus admitting only one thing, namely how unhappy she is.

I'd hate to be a woman who can't come to terms with my own ageing, and HOW demented does one have to be to reveal exactly that for all the world to see at a public online forum.

There is the old, but sage advice about wrestling with a pig. Never do it, because it will make you dirty and the pig likes it. And no, I am not comparing Betty Ann to a pig, it is strictly metaphorical. Beak, leave her alone. You are besmirching yourself and your beloved ones in the process, you are only adding to Betty Ann's deplorable psychosis and believe me: Yeagley loves evey minute of it.

The_Editrix said...

To quote myself: "There is the old, but sage advice about wrestling with a pig. Never do it, because it will make you dirty and the pig likes it. And no, I am not comparing Betty Ann to a pig, it is strictly metaphorical. Beak, leave her alone. You are besmirching yourself and your beloved ones in the process, you are only adding to Betty Ann's deplorable psychosis and believe me: Yeagley loves evey minute of it."

I went there and had a peek. He is actually egging her on. That is on the same level of abusiveness as selling drugs to schoolchildren. Beak I beg you to leave her alone. After all, what has she done to you? You don't need to prove anything, neither to Betty nor to Yeagley. But by involving her in this perverted communication you will make her dependency on Yeagley even more addictive and thus her life even more miserable. Do you REALLY want that? PLEASE stop.

Cateran said...

Editrix said...He is actually egging her on.

No, tell me it ain't so. He wouldn't use her like that, would he...

The_Editrix said...

"No, tell me it ain't so. He wouldn't use her like that, would he...", Cateran said.

Well go, but be warned. You'll catch something nasty there. And it had the desired effect. Too sad for words.

Of course, he couldn't know what effect it would have on her, as he couldn't know as a professional university student for half his lifetime that an encyclopedia might require some references, or that people tend to react less than kindly if they are lied about, maligned and slandered. No, he couldn't know all that. It is all not his fault. He goes on and on and on, it's like watching a train disaster happen in slow motion.

Skowronek said...

"...lied about, maligned and slandered"?

I thought those were the charges against his detractors. They lied that he was adopted. That he was not an Indian. They malign his music, and the titles thereof. They slander and they libel, and do it with his own people to intentionally limit his ability to contribute to his people. Therefore he sues them. Rather than a train wreck it's more like being stabbed in the back, the knife being twisted repeatedly on entry.

beakerkin said...


I have been on record asking people to stop the Yeagley as not Indian and Gay stuff. He has shown his birth certificate and is an enrolled Comanche.

That being said I consider myself a former friend of the Dr. He needs to go for treatment and get meds. He is seriously disturbed and is wrong about everything. I find it painful to read his writings. It is hard to watch a former friend destroy himself with each trip off the edge of sanity.

The best thing he can do for his people is seek professional help. I say this as a former friend who means no malice.

He can not aid anyone while being associated with political criminals like the folks at AMREN.
Do notice that no Jew ever stays.

He needs take some time off go to therapy and stop being Peter Pan.

The_Editrix said...

Beak, that is Winters.

beakerkin said...


He fooled me. I did mean what I said
as it is painful looking at Yeagley and see him destroy himself with his words and blame others.

I wish he could live up to the image of Bad Eagle but Yeagley is sick. I would like nothing more than for him than to place the pen down and get help.

Part of me feels guilty for abandoning a fallen friend who is mentally ill. His poisonous views on race left me no choice but to go. He won't save himself and my continued presence served no purpose except for him to gain respect at my expense.

I know Yeagley reads this site religiously and has his spy Batty Ann monitor this site. If you can hear my words put down the pen and see a psychiatrist immediately. You are a mental case and the situation is almost a Shakespearean
tragedy. Most of us do not want to
go around like a figure out of an Edgar Allan Poe tale.

Those who need mental health professionals never seek them out and those who are treated for years do not need them.

The Notorious Buttonpusher said...

The reason the Aviatrix knows who the above Skowronek is, is because that is the Wikipedia nom de guerre she used to axe the back of Banquo.

The_Editrix said...

Beak says: "Part of me feels guilty for abandoning a fallen friend who is mentally ill."

Well Beak, your niceness definitely crosses the border to masochism.

beakerkin said...


You are 100% correct.

Yeagley refuses to get help and surrounds himself with people who allow him to make an ass of himself.
I would love to see him get help and turn his life around. However, this is Peter Pan Yeagley the boy who never grew up.

The_Editrix said...

He "...surrounds himself with people who allow him to make an ass of himself", you say. And why, pray tell, is he doing that?

That is a rhetorical question, Beak. Let's stop discussing this topic before we'll catch something nasty.