Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gays Gays Everywhere

I am perplexed that even the alleged culturally sensitive Duck (not) has decided that Peter Pan is gay. Peter Pan was a character from a fairy tale ( pun intended) that is familiar to most about a boy
who never grew up. There is nothing gay in the story and this is a really inane stereotype about gays being men stuck in childhood. This does not match the reality of gays I know.

I can point to several heterosexual coworkers who are Peter Pan like. Officer X has a new girlfriend every month at 27. He fancies himself a ladies man but seriously looks like Bob Denver. My joke was the reason he has so many girlfriends is he is no good in bed and they dump him for someone who knows what they are doing. Officer X brags he needs two women in bed. This is because he does nothing and needs the extra one so they can talk to each other and avoid being bored to death. Officer X lacks the maturity and depth to have a loving relationship.

There was talk about Sponge Bob being gay. This was based on an idiotic reaction to his being placed in an advocacy video. The character is meant to be a boy who is naive. Some of it is funny
as when he gets beaten up the person punching him does nothing because hitting a sponge is a
wasted effort. Sponges reproduce by dividing so this is all stupidity.

What other popular fiction characters are gay. Stewie from the Family Guy appears to have gay
lines. Dr Smith from Lost in Space appears gay except Johnathan Harris ( not gay) said he was satiring Englishmen not homosexuals.

Maybe I yearn for a better age where people accepted a fairy tale kid who didn't want to grow up. Maybe a sponge is just a sponge without anything beyond that.

In real life gays are many different types of people. There are those who act effeminate and those who are just unexceptional. Our friend Justin is a veteran and a man of God who lives in Texas. He probably has never been to a Broadway show. He could probably barbecue and fix his car better than all of us not named Warren. Rob Bayn loves sports if you can call the Detroit Lions a sport team of sorts.

In life people are not cartoons with rare exception. I will point out that those who scoff at a certain person for dancing with gourds do not grasp that dance was important in that culture.
The warriors would dance and then go to battle so the context is different.

Of course there is the far left arrogant fellow from MA who seems to come from central casting.
He is a doodling instructor who roots for the vile Red Sox. His lines are fairly predictable and I can not think of a time where anything he stated varied from the script. No doubt he will try to shock us with an admission that he once saw and enjoyed a Revenge of the Nerds film or ate a Hebrew ( Zionist) National Hot dog with a Mountain Dew in 84.

Even the Ultimate American Mr. B listens to Rap Music. Those of us familiar with our resident
philosopher would assume that all he listens to is Heavy Metal. Now Mr. B listening to Barry Manilow or eating a meal without a deal animal would be shocking.

Yet all of us are individuals with unique personalities. We are predictable for the most part, but are capable of surprises. Now most of us know my younger brother is an Orthodox Rabbi, but who would guess he is a huge fan of Spiderman and Star Trek.

I long for the earlier age where we could just enjoy things as they were

1) An era where cops on TV had passion about their cases like Kojak
2) Where dumb people like Pottsie and Rerun were charming
3) Where Fonzi could sleep with everything and not get someone pregnant or get VD
4) Where Grizzly Adams and his Indian friend could talk two different languages and understand
each other
5) Where Archie Bunker could afford a house in Queens working on a loading dock
6) Where a girl as ugly as Mindy Cohn on the Facts of Life could buy a date
7) Where Ginger could have a never ending wardrobe on Gilligans Island
8) Where Gary Coleman was everybody's younger brother
9) When a baseball player hit a 500 foot home run and all we wondered about was the majesty of the blast without wondering about steroids.
10) Where football players like Curtis Martin and Barry Sanders didn't need to talk trash after a great play or game.
11) Where we laughed with and had fun with Terry Bradshaw who just seemed to love life and the NFL.
12) When actors like John Wayne and Eastwood loved America and were vocal about it.
13) Where we could watch a horror movie with Vincent Price and think of him as a tragic uncle.
14) Where we could laugh at Abbott and Costello as lovable characters
15) Where a TV show with excellent writing and gay characters (Will and Grace) could laugh at themselves and not take themselves too seriously.
16) Where Al Bundy never got a new car or left the shoe store.
17) Where Horseshack hung out with cooler kids.
18) Where McGarrett never had to worry about budgets or bullets hitting his hairdo.
19) Where Neil Diamond was considered cool.
20) Where people respected the President.


The_Editrix said...

Beak, you'll like this.

No way this guy is homosexual. I specifically like his fashion pages.

I know this webpage since 2000. I think this is a nice guy who doesn't do any harm and as long as he doesn't molest little boys (and with his relatively high profile we'd know if he did) I think he is infinitely more agreeable than Yeagley, in fact, even the mere comparison doesn't do Randy Constan justice. (But he still gives me the creeps!)

Just for fun!

Ducky's here said...

Beak, why not join your hero Doctor Yeagley on the Island of Lost Boys?

beakerkin said...


It is more likely that you are gay than Yeagley.

Anonymous said...

Beak, why are you so pathologically dense with Yeagley being gay? It's obvious. I have a brother that is gay. He and many of his friends all agree that David Yeagley is a homosexual. Period. End of story, end of your asinine denials. It's obvious from his writings, hatred of women, and many other reasons. Please, just stop acting so upset that Ducky and every human being that has ever come across David believe him to be gay. He's gay and you had best freaking accept it and stop acting so disgustingly dumb about this. Go ahead, say it. David Yeagley is a gay, middle-aged man. What's so disrespectful about acknowledging this unquestionable truth? He'd be pure scum regardless of his sexuality.


beakerkin said...


The gays I know do not hate women. He is a jerk we all agree.

Anonymous said...

That's usually the case, Beak. However, given Yeagley's religious fanaticism and self-hate, it would make sense for him to lash out at the source of what he feels he SHOULD be attracted to, but is not capable of. In other words, he feels deep shame at his homosexuality. His disdain for femaleness should be viewed through his upbringing, Adventist religious background, and notions of masculinity.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, you hold a distinctly minority opinion.

beakerkin said...


Why don't you just go and ask him. If he is he will lie about it. If he isn't then you get to out him anyway.

Just ask him sir how long have you been a practicing homosexual.

When he denies it you can tell him he is never going to be an expert with that bad attitude.

I do not think Yeagley is gay. There are plenty of inept heterosexuals who are too snake bitten. A coworker just died 53 and never married or dated. He lived his whole life like Yeagley
with one foot in the grave and never wanted to bother anyone.

If public perception is all that matters there are dozens of people
who think you are gay.

As for me I could care less. His ideas are abominations.

Ducky's here said...

I can't Beak, I've been banned four times at his site.

I've run out of IP's.

The_Editrix said...

Beak, Ray said everything that should be said about it already, just let me add a question: If homosexuality is not a bad thing, then why do you use it as an invective when you are talking to the Duck? And don't tell me that everybody knows that he is homosexual. Maybe, but that is not the point. My point is why, in your book, homosexuality turns suddenly into something negative depending on who is suspected to be homosexual.

Always On Watch said...

Beak: the alleged culturally sensitive Duck (not) has decided that Peter Pan is gay


Duck must be off his meds again.