Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why do they hate us

After 9-11 commies stood around in a self righteous furor and asked why do Muslims hate us. Of course they used this opportunity to stab America in the back once again and form and rationalize behavior that is barbaric.

Our response to the far left is.

You have earned the hatred of the American people and should really consider emigration. Your death cult values and amoral rationalizations are an affront to our American values.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, when are you moving to Israel? Take Pam Geller and the other insane haters with you.

Ducky's here said...

Probably because fascist Kahanist followers of "the Doctor is a friend" Yeagley harm the nation.

Is the matter of your own educational shortcomings the reason you are so attracted to the "Dr.'s" supposed degrees?

Ducky's here said...

Beak, you work for Homeland Security, right? Here's a tip for the suggestion box that should get you a nice award.

Dear Boss,

Someone should tell President Obama that he can solve the immigration problem and boost the economy by bombing anything that moves on the border with predator drone patrols.

Yours truly,
The Beak

beakerkin said...


Lets start this slowly because as a commie your IQ is too limited to
grasp rational thought.

1) You have highlighted typical Communist bigotry quite well. You are echoing the Nazi rhetoric of your allies Hezbollah about getting all dem Jooos in one place for extermination.

Unlike you I am described as a patriot. You should be encouraged to join your crack addicted narco terrorist dimwit Hugo Chavez and risk your life for his crack pipe delusions.

2) My education is quite fine and I was hired as a scholar. Any degree awarded outside of a business program or the hard sciences is useless given the malfeasence of commies in academia.

Stick with doodling and maybe you can teach fun with silly putty next.

beakerkin said...

3) Beck is about 50% correct in that Obama is a Liberation Theology
Marxist. He is also a useless University style Marxist and as such is incapable of governance.

A better idea is to get rid of Obama in 2012 and denaturalize and deport Commies like yourself to North Korea where you can remain ignorant and starve to death by your own idiocy.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, a C average associates degree from the local junior college explains why you don't have what it takes to figure out a white supremacist like Yeagley.

"Doctor Yeagley is a brilliant man and my friend". Wear it for life.

beakerkin said...


Lets see your precious Ivy Institutions of Bolshevik Bufoonery awarded the man a Doctorate.Now unless you are prepared to admit the Beakster is correct and Afirmative Action produced worthless degrees at the Doctorate Level you are off base.

You seem to be under some delusion that your communism is less offensive than Yeagley's mental illness. Yeagley has a biological problem that can be treated by a professional. Frankly, as a commie you are a political criminal and certified imbecile.

Yeagley was a friend and I have zero regrets about my friendship with a man who has lapsed into mental illness. The truth is Mac and the others moderated much of what you see today by keeping the racists at bay for years.

Sorry Duncy I was hired under a scholars program that did not accept associates. Moreover, unlike useless social science degrees that are awarded to lackeys business degrees are earned.

Now tell us as a doodler what can you do with silly putty and a slinky.

The_Editrix said...

Beak, Yeagley is no more "ill" than you are. Stop using LEFTIST speak and pathologizing plain old evil. You are trying to exculpate yourself by this strategy, no doubt subconsciously, but, in effect, that's what you are doing. Neither Mac, 'gator nor I have ever tried to find excuses for once finding him interesting and worth discussing. Just admit, like we did, that you made a mistake and stop excusing the unexcusable.

For a man who denounces "leftists" at any possible and impossible occasion, you are frighteningly into politically correct, leftist topoi, and not just in this case.