Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lets Build a Gay Community Center next to the Ground Zero Mosque

The reality is that gays outnumber Muslims three to one. Unlike Muslims who are more apt to commit a hate crime than to be a victim of one gays in the area really do need a community center. The community center can also house Lamda Legal so that the victims of these hate crimes and gay immigrants from Jim Crow ethnically cleansed homophobic states can get legal services.

Let the arrogance of the ground zero mosque sponsors and supporters be heard in congress.

1) Elimination of foreign funding for tax exempt structures.
2) Denaturalization and deportation for immigrants found to have practiced polygamy.
3) Elimination of foreign subsidized professorships from countries that restrict the free practice of religion.
4) Foreign Students arrested for any reason including at political demonstrations get deported and barred from the USA for five years.
5) Students found to have collaborated with terrorists are barred from student loans, research grants and Federal Employment for life.


The_Editrix said...

Why do homosexuals need a community center? Will they have a dark room and other swinish installations there? A glory hole maybe? (Yes, don't they all just want to marry a one and only beloved and raise a family?) There are already plenty of homosexual community centers. They are called "gay bars". A community center is not a brothel. They are free to use any sex-neutral community center.

The_Editrix said...

I forgot, Beak! You are taking off from the wrong premise altogether. Gays get on famously with Muslims. Why? Because homosexuality is as strongly tabooed as widely practised in Muslim countries. Except sex with pre-pubescent boys, that is widely practised but not even tabooed. Ever heard of the dancing boys of Afghanistan, Beak? And no, that is not an isolated case. Do yourself a favour, go to Google Trends and search for "sex boys".

The Arab culture makes no distinction between sex with a woman and sex with a boy. In fact, Arabic knows no word for same-sex intercourse. Sex in Middle Eastern societies articulates social hierarchies, dominant and subordinate social positions. Adult men on top, women, boys and slaves below. Having pure, raw sex with another man and being the active partner "doesn’t make a man gay". Just because one has sex with another man doesn't mean one is "gay", it just means that one is engaging in homosexual activity.

Yes, that is hypocritical.

So rest assured, a "gay community center" near the Ground Zero mosque wouldn't have the effect you have in mind.

Homosexuals are anything BUT "gay".

beakerkin said...


I am aware of the situation in Afghanistan and I think it is even
referenced by Michener in Caravans.
However, the Iranians and Saudis do have severe penalties for this sort of activity.

Oddly even places where one would not think of as anti gay in fact have some problems notably Jamaica.

Justin said...

I agree with your support of a Gay Bar next to or in the vicentity of the Mosque but, as I am sure you are aware supporters of the Center have already expressed that a Gay Bar in the area would be insensitive and disrespectful to the Muslims. I mean really now how dare we be insensitive and disrespectful to them after all the sensitivity and respect they have chosen to show us.

I think that there should be a Protestant Community Center on the right side, a Jewish Community Center on the left side and a Catholic Community Center directly across the street with a huge Cross and the Saints adorning the building and include an enormous Knights Templar banner hanging on it.

I think we should just dedicate the entire block to Community Centers of learning. We could build a Buddha community center, a Hindu community center and the Gay community center.

Ducky's here said...

Hard to tell where the fascination with homosexuality comes from. Editrix may be a misguided Puritan in need of her daily nice tight bowel movement. Beak, hard to say.

I think Beaks fascination with students and professors is due to his own failure to manage a degree. At any rate we can be sure that Officer Paper Pusher is reacting to his own insecurities and identity issues.

beakerkin said...


I do get a shocking amount of asylum cases from Gay men fleeing the West Indies. Gays really do need a local community center.

I would like to place a battered womens shelter for all the wives of this group that are battered. Polygamy in NYC is almost entirely African and mostly Muslim.

Gays outnumber Muslims 3 to 1 in that area and do not have a community center near by.

The self righteous Duck is true to form. He is aware that I work with
asylum seekers and people fleeing Communism, gays fleeing persecution and religious minorities fleeing Islam are also

Note to the Duck I haven't had many cases with Lamda legal. However, they do enjoy my I really wish there was no need for your services attitude. Abusing people for a private matter is disgusting.

As for his speculation about my education I was hired as a scholar.
This requires a real degree and a decent GPA.

The doodling teacher who has never done a days work forgets that lawyers address me as sir. Not that I need that and am quite content with Officer or my first name off duty.

The_Editrix said...

"Editrix may be a misguided Puritan in need of her daily nice tight bowel movement."

That's funny, Duck. Seriously good try! I'm laughing, honestly. And now let's speculate why YOU are so fascinated with Yeagley's sexual proclivities. Apart from manipulating Beak to resume talking about him again, that is.