Saturday, August 28, 2010

More divided than ever

The far left dreamed of Obama as the messiah. We were all supposed to live in a post racial America where race is nothing more than shoe size. Of course this would be possible is we elected a man like JC Watts who respects our traditions and values and was a decent football player.

The problem with Obama is that he doesn't understand America because he is a product of an off the map planet far left Old Bolshevik Club. Obama's mother is not discussed much because her politics and bio are not mainstream. If fact she was a bug eyed far leftist who would be an embarrassment. His grandparents were also very far to the left but more grounded. Naming your daughter Stanley should have gotten them some sort of abuse, but when the daughter becomes a cartoon leftist the score is even.

Obama has a well known communist mentor in his youth. He passes from one elite private school to the next. We can not see his admission or grades so suspicion that he was socially promoted by fellow leftists and affirmative action is certainly warranted.

Obama has only looked bright by standing next to Joe Biden who is clearly a moron of unusual talent. Obama should have selected Col. Bernie Sanders and would look more intelligent and coherent than the clown from NYC who would be selling Jerry Springer CDS on the street if he remained in NYC.

Pretty much if you object to Obama's policy the left cries racism. If you want existing immigration laws enforced the left will cry racism. If you think placing a Mosque near a site of the greatest war crime in American history with fishy funding you are a racist. When you point out Muslims are not racial the left says "duhhhhhh I meant hominid er duhhh Claustrophobe err Islamohobe".

Of course when you point out to these dull leftists that running around talking about Joooish conspiracies to run DC or 9-11 conspiracy talk is highly bigoted they scream about McCarthyism and being silenced.

Obama has performed the following miracles

He has made me nostalgic for Bill Clintoon who at least had a clue how to govern and a few brain cells leftover from pot binges.

He has gotten more Jews to register Republican or identify as independents.

He has gotten Conservatives and Independents off the sofa and into the street protesting his warped policies.

He has even made many lefties miss George W Bush. They could complain about his every imagined action, but Obama shows what happens when mindless lefties get into power.

Beamish in 12

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