Sunday, August 22, 2010

Obama a Muslim??????

There has been much made in the news about where polls have stated that about one in five of us thinks Obama is a Muslim. Now if Americans feel that the wool has been pulled over their eyes by the MSM, this is likely due to the smoke and mirrors games played by the MSM. The more American people learn about Obama, the more of us want him sent packing in 2012.

The truth is the Obama has unprecedented secrecy that is unthinkable in this age of internet information over load. Where are his transcripts and University applications? Perhaps Obama doesn't want us to know he benefited from affirmative action multiple times. Of course his failure to produce even the simplest records has fueled the birther movement.

Obama is a beneficiary of the Old Bolshevik movement. His campaign was fond of pointing to his Kansas roots. This is quite amusing in that his mother was a freakazoid leftist further left than Castro and his Grandparents were just slightly more moderate. Obama was given Communist mentors sent to elite private schools likely
on the basis of scholarships that his grades did not earn. Obama likely continued to be rewarded for sucking up to Marxist throughout college and law school. Obama gave them a student who repeated what they wished to hear. Once out of college he fails to do real work becomes a "community organizer", attends a racist anti semitic communist church led by a crack pot pastor and spends his free time socializing with
communist terrorists and a far left Palestinian professor.

The media decided early on that Obama was their savior. They turned on Hillary who at least had some intelligence and lousy ideas. Obama was a stealth Marxist who was to deliver America to post racial America. Obama picked the second dumbest man in the Senate to make himself look brighter. He could have picked Bernie Sanders but his Marxist cover would have been blown.

Obama's two decades long membership in the racist Marxist antisemitic church is something far more odious than being Muslims or a visit to Bob Jones University. He was allowed to feign ignorance of the toxic hate and communist garbage spewed by Pastor Wright. In the case of the intellectually limited Obama, this might be true but not what you want in a President.

Once in office his Bolshevik minions wanted America to surrender in the war on terror and nationalize everything on the planet. Obama insisted on pushing an unwanted socialized health care debacle to please his faculty room allies. He passed more money for his Marxist henchmen in big academia and watched the economy burn.
The American people called out to him to respect American values and our founding documents and get the economy moving. Obama merely pushed idiotic cost ineffective green jobs and sent his henchmen out to cry racism at any criticism.

We seldom see the real Barak Obama and when America sees it he falls in the polls.
We saw his contempt for the American people in his infamous "God Gays and Guns" quote that could have been written by the bird brained Marxist Duck. We see it in his arrogant answer to Joe the Plumber. We see the real Obama in the choice of a Pastor that says "God Damned America" and accuses the US government of creating Aids. We see it in the snide remarks of his wife who says that "this is the first time she has been proud of America".

The reality of what Obama is and the vulgar views of his Pastor are far worse than traditional Islam.


The_Editrix said...

"The reality of what Obama is and the vulgar views of his Pastor are far worse than traditional Islam."

Beak, you have NO IDEA about what you are talking. I am sure I can convince a friend to let you for free a flat (that's what Americans call an apartment) in one of the lesser neighbourhoods in the Ruhr region with a population between 10 and 30% Muslims. 2 months will be enough. Believe me, it will make a better man of you!

This and this is what TRADITIONAL Islam does to people.

Or what about that: Try to enter a TRADITIONAL Muslim country with your passport which shows, if I remember correctly, a typical Jewish name. Just try it.

beakerkin said...

I am departing for a remote section of Guyana soon. The population is around 30% Muslim. However, I will be with locals and family of people that know me for twenty years.

I have no fear as I enter the region.For security reasons I will be at a local resort. The locals have a mixed opinion on the safety of the area. Then again due to the nature of my work I do not expect peace in that region.

At some point in the future I may be eligible for Guyanese citizenship. I could do as you say with little scrutiny. However, I want to spend more time enjoying my adopted country. I will stay far from the Venezuelan border unless I am armed.

The Venezuelan border is far from where I am going. A nice river cruise and some fishing and photos of over sized reptiles will be in order. I will see if the locals know how to cook the Caimans. The Black Caiman tops out at 18 ft. It could feed me for a day or two and make a decent pair of shoes and wallet.

I will have to borrow the Mr. Beamish survival cook book for my trip to Guyana. Enjoying nature with hot sauce, garlic and a cold draft 400 pages 24.99 at Amazon.

beamish said...


I do not put garlic in anything I plan on eating. Garlic tastes like shit.

Ducky's here said...

Beamish a Roman Catholic?

Beak a Jehovah's Witness?

I heard it on Sean Inannity's show.

beamish said...


I am not a Catholic. I'm a Christian. The difference is that I'm not a polytheist and my ecclesiology traces back to an apostle of Christ, not a Roman emperor.