Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The wrong people are thinking about renouncing their citizenship

According to Drudge there has been an large group of Americans considering surrendering their US Citizenship. The reason for people denaturalizing themselves is the excessive tax burdens placed on them by the Marxist Obama administration. These are not the people the US government should be encouraging to emigrate. The article deals mainly with people who work abroad long term in productive jobs.

The USA should be encouraging Communists like to emigrate. The Duck is a couch potato communist who appears more ignorant and obnoxious than dangerous. The constitutional guarantees to intellectual freedom do not include taking subsidized travel from narco terrorist states or being a spokesman for rouge regimes. Any person who is on the payroll or has worked with the government of Venezuela should be denaturalized and deported there. There is no need to waste time and jail space when history has shown that commies get social justice ( death) when they are deported to live under communism.

Obama is sinking in the polls with every group other than African Americans. The next administration will be decidedly more hostile to Marxists in Latin America and in the USA. It is time to drain the swamps in big education and eliminate student loans unless universities agree
to alter their staffing models which have created Bolshevik gulags and alter the core curriculum
to include business courses and eliminate social science. This is not to say the Universities can not have commie or two on staff, but whole departments staffed by Marxists should be a thing of the past.

Of course graduates who are able to pass two accounting classes as opposed to Marx, Menchu, Fannon and Chomsky are employable.


Always On Watch said...

Obama is sinking in the polls with every group other than African Americans.

And why "other than African Americans"? Racism?


Ducky's here said...

So you're going to get involved in a jungle war in South America. Good luck you fool. I'm sure you'll be the first to volunteer.

No, you're too valuable to waste. We need someone to tell the younger "officers"(LMAO) which forms to fill out.

Ducky's here said...

Hey Beak, check out Your friend Yeagley, a great scholar, got a nice writeup.

beakerkin said...


Remember a loon is a type of Duck

The_Editrix said...

"Remember a loon is a type of Duck"

MWAAHAHAHAHAHA ... I had no idea. Indeed! Thank you! They are cute. I imagine the duck to look more like that.

beakerkin said...


One of the things I regret about my time in VT is that I did not make an effort to find Loons in VT where they can be found easily. I did see the elegant Wood Duck and made several trips.

You probably can see them in a major zoo. I saw them with a friend near the mouth of the Winooski. They are amazing in the wild.